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Douay-Rheims Bible
Price: $29.95
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    The Douay-Rheims Version of the Holy Bible, translated between the years 1582 and 1610 and revised by Bishop Richard Challoner from 1749-1752, is the most accurate English translation of the Bible available today. It was the only Catholic translation of Scripture commonly in use for over 200 years and we maintain that it is still the best and safest version of the Bible in English. Translated with profound respect for every word, the beautiful style of the Douay-Rheims Bible will instill in...

    Pray Always: A Catholic Childs First Prayer Book
    Price: $14.95
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      The Ideal Gift for Reconciliation or First Communion Pray Always is the perfect gift for any child. Whether for their first Reconciliation, Communion, or even just a birthday, this little prayer book will make a lasting impact on the child closest to you. Along with the basic prayers that every child should know, Pray Always features prayers for every time - every moment - of the day. Accompanied by original, vibrant illustrations, this book is sure to lift the hearts and minds of children to...

      101 Surprising Facts About Church History Fr. David Vincent Meconi, S.J.
      Price: $16.95
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        Think you really know Church History? Think AgainThe Catholic Church is the longest-standing and the most universal of all institutions. The contributions made by Catholic men and women over the past 2000 years are most impressive, from a properly functioning calendar to the inventions of many things that we all take for granted today.In 101 Surprising Facts About Church History, Fr. Meconi, SJ walks readers through the most amazing achievements of Christ's Body on earth. From economic and...

        St. Benedict  The Story of the Father of the Western Monks
        Price: $11.95
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        Item #: 80942 -

          By: Mary Fabyan WindeattThe famous life and great miracles of St. Benedict, for all children 10 and up. The story of poisoned wine, saving a body from drowning, raising one from the dead, plus, how he founded the Benedictine Order, his sister, St. Scholastica, etc.Paperback.

          The Catechism of Hockey
          Price: $19.95
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          Item #: 114938 -

            The Catechism of HockeyWhy does hockey have so many rules? Do we still need to have penalty boxes? Can�t we get rid of off side? And why is practice so important? What�s the big deal with the Commissioner? And coaches? And referees? Why can�t they just let us play? Anyone involved in hockey�players, parents, fans�would never take any of these questions seriously. Without the rules, there would be no hockey. And without the drills there would be no thrills. And yet Catholics ask similar...

            St. Joseph, Fatima & Fatherhood
            Price: $4.95
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