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America on Trial A Defense of the Founding
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    America on TrialA Defense of the FoundingBy: Robert ReillyThe Founding of the American Republic is on trial. Critics say it was a poison pill with a time-release formula; we are its victims. Its principles are responsible for the country's moral and social disintegration because they were based on the Enlightenment falsehood of radical individual autonomy. In this well-researched book, Robert Reilly declares: not guilty. To prove his case, he traces the lineage of the ideas that made the...

    Angels and Demons: What Do We Really Know about Them? By: Peter Kreeft
    Price: $16.95
    Item #: 80621 -

      In response to actual questions many people have asked him about angels and demons, well-known author and philosophy professor Peter Kreeft separates fact from fantasy and myth from reality as he answers 100 common questions about these spiritual beings. Based on a very popular college course he teaches on this subject, this book responds to the incredible amount of interest in angelic beings and attempts to clear up some of the misinformation abounding in the numerous books today on what we...

      Angels And Their Mission According To The Fathers Of The Church
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        Fr. Jean Danielou discusses the mission of the angels by following a historical order, looking at guardian angels, the angels and the sacraments, the spiritual life, death, and the Second Coming.

        Ask Peter Kreeft The 100 Most Interesting Questions Hes Ever Been Asked by Dr. Peter Kreeft
        Price: $18.95
        Item #: 115156 -

          I’ve given thousands of lectures around the country to engaged, thoughtful, curious university and church audiences and have always made it a practice to allow for as many questions as possible. Here are the most interesting ones I’ve been asked, and the answers I gave. Of course, as real questions from real people, they’re an eclectic mix, ranging from questions about God and sex and sin and suffering to those about heaven, my favorite movies, even surfing! Some of the questions and answers...

          Barstool Theology: Crafting the Good Life   Trevor Gundlach
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            Barstool Theology: Crafting the Good Life  Trevor Gundlach There are typically two sides to the beer coaster: “Alcohol is the anesthesia by which we endure the operation of life.” — George Bernard Shaw “Here’s to alcohol, the rose colored glasses of life.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald Drink to feel nothing, or drink to feel something. Both are widely practiced. But both fall flat. As a Catholic, you want to live a full life, with intention and purpose. You think beer, wine, and liquor can be...

            Because of Our Fathers Twenty-Three Catholics Tell How Their Fathers Led Them to Christ By: Tyler Rowley
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              Because of Our Fathers Twenty-Three Catholics Tell How Their Fathers Led Them to Christ By: Tyler Rowley A father—the head of the household, as Saint Paul says—has a crucial role and responsibility in his family, not only materially, but spiritually. This is no outdated biblical cliché, but a biological, sociological, and metaphysical reality that we too often fail to recognize. The example of a father can leave an indelible imprint on the character of his children. In Because of Our Fathers,...

              Bread That is Broken Paperback
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                Bread That Is Broken By: Fr. Wilfrid Stinissen The Holy Eucharist is the Church's most precious treasure, the source and summit of her worship and life. The Church is built upon and around the Eucharist. In this book, a renowned spiritual writer and Carmelite priest shows how receiving the Lord in the Eucharist has profound consequences, because the Eucharist is not only the great Sacrament that brings about oneness with Christ and with the faithful but also the foundational norm for Christian...

                Breath of God; Living a Life Led by the Holy Spirit
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                  Breath of God; Living a Life Led by the Holy Spirit by Dave Pivonka, T.O.R.Drawing on more than thirty years of ministry experience, Father Dave Pivonka, T.O.R., walks readers through a new way of relating to the Holy Spirit by sharing personal encounters, including an experience that changed his life. What he learned along the way will lead readers to have their own unique encounter and discover the joy of living a life moved by the Spirit.Catholics know God as their father and Jesus as their...

                  Called to Be the Children of God: The Catholic Theology of Human Deification by Carl E. Olson, David Meconi
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                    Called to Be the Children of God: The Catholic Theology of Human Deification by Carl E. Olson, David MeconiThis book gathers fourteen Catholic scholars to present, examine, and explain the often misunderstood process of "deification". The fifteen chapters show what "becoming God" meant for the early Church, for St. Thomas Aquinas and the greatest Dominicans, and for St. Francis and the early Franciscans. This book explains how this understanding of salvation played out during the Protestant...

                    Can You Drink the Cup? Author: Henri J. M. Nouwen Foreword by: Ron Hansen
                    Price: $12.95
                    Item #: 81996 -

                      Can You Drink the Cup? Author: Henri J. M. Nouwen Foreword by: Ron HansenThe last book published before Henri Nouwen's death in 1996, Can You Drink the Cup? has been translated into ten languages and sold more than 140,000 copies. Exploring the deep spiritual impact of the question Jesus asked his friends James and John, Nouwen reflects upon the metaphor of the cup, using the images of holding, lifting, and drinking to articulate the basics of the spiritual life. Written with the profound...

                      Catholic Deliverance Manual
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                        As our world grows more indifferent to spiritual matters and the battle for lost souls intensifies, the devil and his vast army of fallen angels have devised a plan to use cleverly crafted agreements to prevent our friends and family members from entering into an authentic relationship with the Blessed Trinity. Because the outcome of this spiritual battle will determine every person’s eternal destiny, the Catholic Deliverance Manual is an essential resource that will help you identify the...

                        Catholic Dictionary, Revised
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                          Easy-to-use pronunciation guide and complete history of Catholic terminology in a handy pocket size. Has more than 3,000 entries with concise definitions. Includes specialized terms and foreign phrases. 800 pages.

                          Catholic Hipster: The Next Level How Some Awesomely Obscure Stuff Helps Us Live Our Faith with Passion Author: Tommy Tighe
                          Price: $15.95
                          Item #: 115532 -

                            Do you have what it takes to become a next-level Catholic hipster? Building on the overwhelming popularity of The Catholic Hipster Handbook, Tommy Tighe is back with a new cast of fellow hipsters—including Haley Stewart, Samantha Povlock, Matthew Sewell, Fr. Damian Ferrence, and Patrick Neve—to share overlooked saints, forgotten prayers, and profound practices that define the countercultural Catholic lifestyle, inspiring you to live your faith in radical ways. The Catholic Hipster Handbook...

                            Catholics in America Religious Identity and Cultural Assimilation from John Carroll to Flannery OConnor By: Russell Shaw
                            Price: $15.95
                            Item #: 103818 -

                              Catholics in America Religious Identity and Cultural Assimilation from John Carroll to Flannery O'Connor By: Russell Shaw This book is a collection of popularly written profiles of some of the leading figures in American Catholic history. The group includes Archbishop John Carroll, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, Orestes Brownson, Cardinal James Gibbons, Al Smith, Dorothy Day, Cardinal Francis Spellman, President John F. Kennedy, and others. Collectively, these individuals tell the story of the...

                              Celebration: The Magic of The Cardinals in the 1980s
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                                Title: Celebration: The Magic of the Cardinals in the 1980sAuthor: Dan O'NeillSize: 11.5 x 9 Binding: HardcoverPages: 200ISBN: 9781681061771 Cardinals baseball has become more than a pastime in St. Louis. The association with baseball and all things red is a regional identification, a rite of summer, a �best baseball town� way of life. The phenomenon is rooted in nearly 130 years of history, unforgettable eras and legendary players. From the �Gas House Gang� of the 1930s, the �Swifties� of the...

                                Conquering Coronavirus: How Faith Can Put Your Fears to Rest
                                Price: $14.95
                                Item #: 116719 -

                                  Conquering Coronavirus How Faith Can Put Your Fears to Rest by Teresa Tomeo Whether the coronavirus still threatens you, your friends, and your family or has harmed someone you love, these pages will ease your fears, heal your wounds, quench your sorrow, and bring you the consolation God provides to all who seek Him in pestilential times like these — times that are, in fact, not foreign to our ancient Faith. For in Christianity’s two-thousand-year history, cruel persecutions and sudden,...

                                  Credo The Catholic Faith Explained
                                  Price: $6.95
                                  Item #: 87831 -

                                    Beautifully illustrated pocket introduction to the Catholic Faithby Holden , Fr Marcus / Pinsent, Fr AndrewThis new, illustrated, pocket catechism offers a succinct and reliable introduction into the fullness of the Catholic faith. Drawing on Scripture and Tradition, and fully cross-referenced to the Catechism and Compendium. Paperback.

                                    Doers Of The Word
                                    Price: $10.95
                                    Item #: 82151 -

                                      Whether you are surrounded by the peaceful tranquility of an empty chapel or the anxiety-driven mad dash of the New York City rush hour, God is always there.He's there in the stillness. He's there in the chaos. Our call is to seek Him, find Him, and serve Him.As Archbishop of New York, Timothy Dolan knows only too well the many faces of Christ. Known for his devotion, dedication, and sense of humor, Dolan uses Doers of the Word to share a unique combination of simplicity, practicality, and...

                                      Elwood: The Story of a Catholic World War II Hero
                                      Price: $17.95
                                      Item #: 121163 -

                                        Elwood Euart was born in 1914 in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, the second of seven children in a faithful Catholic family. Athletic, responsible, and likeable, Elwood was just an ordinary guy growing up in the 1920s and ’30s. He had his share of victories and defeats, accomplishments and setbacks, joys and heartaches. He went to Mass, helped his family, went to college, embarked on a military career, and advanced to the rank of captain in the U.S. Army. On October 26, 1942, in the South West...

                                        Essentials Of Catholic Spirituality
                                        Price: $12.95
                                        Item #: 84030 -

                                          What are the essentials of Roman Catholic doctrine and spirituality? This work takes a detailed look at the most relevant facets and dynamics of such subjects as liturgy, the Mass, prayer, the saints, angels, demons, the Blessed Mother, the Church calendar, the liturgical seasons, apparitions, the supernatural, the "faith and works" argument, the specifics of spiritual warfare, sacramentals, indulgences, and much, much more. What is just as important, the author writes in much the same way as...

                                          Faith of Our Fathers: A History of True England
                                          Price: $19.95
                                          Item #: 122357 -

                                            The Catholic Church has been a part of English history since the arrival of Christian missionaries to Roman Britain in the first century AD. England was evangelized in these early centuries to such an extent that, by the time the Romans withdrew in the fifth century, the Celtic population was largely Catholic. Anglo-Saxon England has rightly been considered a land of saints. From St. Bede's account of the history of the early Church to the reign of the holy king, St. Edward the Confessor,...

                                            False Mercy: Recent Heresies Distorting Catholic Truth by Christopher Malloy
                                            Price: $19.95
                                            Item #: 120902 -

                                              The faithful have had a growing sense that something is not quite right in the life of the Catholic Church. Confusion abounds as doctrinal rebellion spreads with impunity. The proponents of this rebellion have foisted their errors upon others by deceptively twisting certain friendly communications strategies of the recent Magisterium. The rebels have even caught unsuspecting believers in the undertow. Hence the confusion: Has the Catholic Faith changed? In this masterful book, Christopher...

                                              Flunking Sainthood: A Year of Breaking the Sabbath, Forgetting to Pray and Still Loving My Neighbor
                                              Price: $17.99
                                              Item #: 77089 -

                                                This wry memoir tackles twelve different spiritual practices in a quest to become more saintly, including fasting, fixed-hour prayer, the Jesus Prayer, gratitude, Sabbath-keeping, and generosity. Although Reiss begins with great plans for success ("Really, how hard could that be?" she asks blithely at the start of her saint-making year), she finds to her growing humiliation that she is failing - not just at some of the practices, but at every single one. What emerges is a funny yet vulnerable...

                                                Forty Reasons I Am a Catholic
                                                Price: $14.95
                                                Item #: 111237 -

                                                  My title explains itself. But it’s misleading. There are more than 40 reasons. In fact, there are at least ten to the 82nd power, which, I am told, is the number of atoms in the universe. And that’s just in ordinary matter, which makes up only 4.9% of the universe, the rest being dark matter and dark energy. Each of my reasons is an independent point, so I have not organized this book by a succession of chapters or headings. After all, most readers only remember a few big ideas or separate...

                                                  Fragments of Your Ancient Name 365 Glimpses of the Divine for Daily Meditation Author: Joyce Rupp
                                                  Price: $22.95
                                                  Item #: 84531 -

                                                    With more than a million books sold in her career, Joyce Rupp presents her newest undertaking: a unique collection of daily meditations that draw from Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and other sources, offering wisdom and insight about the God who is beyond all names. Bestselling author Joyce Rupp once again proves herself a wise and gentle spiritual midwife, drawing forth 365 names of God from the world’s spiritual treasury. Fragments of Your Ancient Name—whose title comes from a poem by...

                                                    Further Up & Further In: Understanding Narnia Joseph Pearce
                                                    Price: $24.95
                                                    Item #: 111728 -

                                                      Further Up & Further In: Understanding Narnia Joseph Pearce Further Up & Further In: Understanding Narnia by acclaimed Catholic author Joseph Pearce invites readers to return with the eyes of an adult to C.S. Lewis’ magical land entered through that most important wardrobe in literary history. Beloved by generations of readers, The Chronicles of Narnia are thought, erroneously, by some to be “mere children’s stories.” In this volume, Pearce thoroughly debunks the error as he skillfully...

                                                      Galileo Revisited
                                                      Price: $18.95
                                                      Item #: 109078 -

                                                        Galileo Revisited The Galileo Affair in Context By: Dom Paschal Scotti No other work on Galileo Galilei has brought together such a complete description of the historical context in its political, cultural, philosophical, religious, scientific, and personal aspects as this volume has done. In addition to covering the whole of Galileo's life, it focuses on those things that are most pertinent to the Galileo Affair, which culminated in his condemnation by the Inquisition in 1633. It also...

                                                        Grandma: Her Stories. Her Word personalized gift, personalized book, moms, mothers day, mom gift, mother gift, mom memories,grandmother, grandma, mama, nana journal, personal journal, 4567
                                                        Price: $10.95
                                                        Item #: 98173 -

                                                          Within each family lies a treasure of memories and experiences. Things that define who Grandma is. That reflect the love she shares. Discover together the stories she holds close to her heart with these pages, filled with meaningful questions to answer. Invite her to speak from the heart, in her own words—it doesn’t need to be formal or complex. Because when she is finished, she will create a priceless keepsake for generations to come. My Grandma can be a gift for her to fill out or a...

                                                          Hell: A Guide
                                                          Price: $25.99
                                                          Item #: 117515 -

                                                            From bestselling author Anthony DeStefano comes an exploration of what we know--and what we cannot know--about the most misunderstood and most controversial subject in Christianity. About the Book “The best book on hell ever written”. - Dr. Eastman, founding member and president, America’s National Prayer Committee Anthony DeStefano, the bestselling author of A Travel Guide to Heaven, takes us on an exploration of hell, the devil, demons, and evil itself. Written with clarity, logic, and vivid...

                                                            History Of The Catholic Church
                                                            Price: $29.95
                                                            Item #: 80683 -

                                                              History of the Catholic Church From the Apostolic Age to the Third Millennium By: James Hitchcock The Catholic Church is the longest-enduring institution in the world. Beginning with the first Christians and continuing in our present day, the Church has been planted in every nation on earth. The Catholic Church claims Jesus Christ himself as her founder, and in spite of heresy from within and hostility from without, she remains in the twenty-first century the steadfast guardian of belief in...

                                                              How Can You Still be Catholic? 50 Answers to a Good Question
                                                              Price: $16.95
                                                              Item #: 108992 -

                                                                "How can you still be Catholic?" Cradle Catholic Christopher Sparks takes the question head on, addressing an array of controversial issues and offering the same answer given by St. Peter 2,000 years ago.

                                                                Imitation Of Christ (Abridged Edition)
                                                                Price: $11.00
                                                                Item #: 96363 -

                                                                  Adapted by Sister Halcon J. Fisk, this Abridged Edition of the Imitation of Christ is designed specifically for contemporary readers. Second only to the Bible in popularity, the Imitation of Christ is Thomas � Kempis's masterwork on Jesus, and this Abridged Edition makes it accessible to all readers. With a brown vinyl cover and appropriately sized for easy and frequent use, this 160-page volume captures the spirit and meaning of the original classic. Author: THOMAS A. KEMPIS, ADAPTED BY...

                                                                  In the School of the Holy Spirit Jacques Philippe 9781594170539
                                                                  Price: $12.95
                                                                  Item #: 88792 -

                                                                    PAPERBACK By Fr. Jacques Philippe In the prayer lives of many Christians there is one person of the Trinity that often goes overlooked - The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is no less involved in our lives than the Father and the Son, yet many are unaware of this. Jesus said about the Holy Spirit, "If I go, I will send you another Comforter." But are we aware of the Holy Spirit in our lives?In the School of the Holy Spirit, by retreat master Jacques Philippe, will lead you to be more attentive to...

                                                                    Inspiration From Pope Francis
                                                                    Price: $10.95
                                                                    Item #: 80012 -

                                                                      As the first pope to be a member of the Jesuit religious order, to come from Latin America, and to take the papal name in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi, Pope Francis made history. The whole world watched as he bowed from the balcony in Saint Peter's Square, chose to reside in the Vatican guesthouse rather than the Papal Palace, hugged a disabled boy at Easter Mass, and washed the feet of inmates at a juvenile detention center during Holy Week. From these publicized events, we are already...

                                                                      Jesus Calling (Womens Edition)
                                                                      Price: $19.99
                                                                      Item #: 82352 -

                                                                        Jesus Calling (Women's Edition)by Sarah YoungLeatherette cover, same best selling book. Daily devotions to read and inspire.

                                                                        Jesus Calling: Devotions for Every Day of the Year
                                                                        Price: $16.99
                                                                        Item #: 81238 -

                                                                          Jesus Calling: Devotions for Every Dayby Sarah YoungAfter many years of writing her own words in her prayer journal, missionary Sarah Young decided to be more attentive to the Savior's voice and begin listening for what He was saying. So with pen in hand, she embarked on a journey that forever changed her and many others around the world. In these powerful pages are the words and Scriptures Jesus lovingly laid on her heart. Words of reassurance, comfort, and hope. Words that have made her...

                                                                          Last Book Of Catholic Jokes
                                                                          Price: $10.95
                                                                          Item #: 89640 -

                                                                            Subtitle: Satis Satis Est (Enough is Enough) Author: Tom Sheridan Paperback: 85 PAGES With encouragement from not one but two pontiffs, we offer The Last Book of Catholic Jokes, written and chosen by Deacon Tom Sheridan, former editor of the newspaper of the Archdiocese of Chicago, with a Foreword by Sr. Kathleen Glavich, SND. Popes, bishops, priest, deacons, sisters, brothers, lay ministers, laypeople of all ages, good Catholics, lukewarm Catholics, bad Catholics, conservatives, liberals, the...

                                                                            Letting Go and Letting God 21 Centuries Of Faith
                                                                            Price: $14.99
                                                                            Item #: 80901 -

                                                                              Letting Go and Letting God 21 Centuries Of Faith KATHLEEN ATKINSON, OSB Our lives are weaved together by God. Throughout the centuries, saints have responded to God's call, and they continue to serve as models for us as we strive to be faithful disciples of Jesus. In Letting Go and Letting God, Kathleen Atkinson features one person from each century who attempted to listen to the still, small voice of God. Atkinson tells us that "some periods of history were flourishing times for mystics,...

                                                                              Live Not by Lies A MANUAL FOR CHRISTIAN DISSIDENTS By ROD DREHER
                                                                              Price: $27.00
                                                                              Item #: 118410 -

                                                                                The New York Times bestselling author of The Benedict Option draws on the wisdom of Christian survivors of Soviet persecution to warn American Christians of approaching dangers.For years, émigrés from the former Soviet bloc have been telling Rod Dreher they see telltale signs of “soft” totalitarianism cropping up in America–something more Brave New World than Nineteen Eighty-Four. Identity politics are beginning to encroach on every aspect of life. Civil liberties are increasingly seen as a...

                                                                                Mending the Heart A Catholic Annulment Companion   Lisa Duffy
                                                                                Price: $13.95
                                                                                Item #: 111698 -

                                                                                  Mending the Heart A Catholic Annulment Companion Lisa Duffy Dear friend: If you are seeking answers about the Catholic annulment process after having gone through the pain of divorce, my heart is with you. While you certainly want technical answers to questions about the “process,” you’re probably searching even more for answers to the aching questions that weigh heavy on your heart: How in the world did I end up here? How could God allow my marriage to end in divorce? Am I still accepted in...

                                                                                  MertonS Palace Of Nowhere By James Finley New Revised Ed
                                                                                  Price: $16.95
                                                                                  Item #: 84688 -

                                                                                    Merton's Palace Of Nowhere By James Finley New Revised Ed Format: Paperback Pages: 160 Trim size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches For forty years, James Finley’s Merton's Palace of Nowhere has been the standard text for exploring, reflecting on, and understanding the rich vein of Thomas Merton's thought. Spiritual identity is the quest to know who we are, to find meaning, to overcome that sense of “Is this all there is?” Merton’s message cuts to the heart of this universal quest, and Finley illuminates that...

                                                                                    Missouri Legends: Famous People from the Show-Me State, Second Edition Author: John W. Brown
                                                                                    Price: $22.50
                                                                                    Item #: 120932 -

                                                                                      by John BrownWalt Disney, Brad Pitt, Jack Dorsey, Payne Stewart. Josephine Baker. Samuel Clemens. George Washington Carver. What do these icons have in common? They were all raised in the Show-Me State.Missouri Legends, 2nd Edition brings renowned politicians, authors, artists, athletes, performers, and historical figures to life. The book profiles more than 200 famous Missourians with dozens of new entries. Each profile includes a brief account of their formative years in Missouri and how...

                                                                                      Monuments, Marvels, and Miracles: A Travelers Guide to Catholic America Marion Amberg
                                                                                      Price: $27.95
                                                                                      Item #: 115918 -

                                                                                        America’s got faith! You’ll find it in every state — in grand cathedrals and tiny chapels, in miracle shrines and underwater statues, and even in blessed dirt. Finding these sacred places hasn’t been easy, until now! Monuments, Marvels, and Miracles: A Traveler's Guide to Catholic America takes you to more than 500 of the country’s most intriguing holy sites, each with a riveting story to tell. Stories about: architecture (the interior of Guardian Angels Cathedral in Las Vegas resembles angel...

                                                                                        Music and Meaning in the Mass
                                                                                        Price: $14.95
                                                                                        Item #: 117399 -

                                                                                          As musicians, we routinely witness — and personally experience — the powerful influence music has over our bodies, emotions, and minds. As parish musicians, our task is to wield this power in service of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus on the altar. Indeed, your music, by speaking to humanity in a language deeper than words, can save our world by drawing souls to Christ where He most longs to encounter them — in the Eucharist. Nothing can spark and fan the flames of desire — of longing, love,...

                                                                                          On the Other Side of the River: After Your Retreat, Whats Next?
                                                                                          Price: $8.50
                                                                                          Item #: 84858 -

                                                                                            by P. J. King (Author) Finally a book specifically for Catholic retreats highlighting: the Sacramental life, prayer books, spiritual reading, conferences, pilgrimages, Bible studies, devotions, websites, plus more. This is a quick up to date read and a useful guide for someone coming off a retreat wanting to continue their faith formation. After your retreat, what's next? points to the myriad of resources in the Church that inspire and teach the Word of God. Continued faith formation is...