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Advent Family Prayers
Price: $1.79
Item #: 81335 -

    Perfect for uniting families in prayers of thanks and inspiration, this double-sided, table-tent prayer card offers families a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time of devotion together while celebrating the arrival of Jesus. This prayer card commemorates the reason God sent Jesus to earth, and in doing so, reveals the warmth and love that God freely gives to us all. 14" x 8-1/2" folded to 3-1/2" x 8-1/2" Double-sided

    Daybreaks: Daily Reflections Advent and Christmas
    Price: $2.99
    Item #: 81942 -

      Daybreaks: Daily Reflections Advent and Christmas by Fr. Mark G. Boyer48 page pamphlet

      Advent Deluxe Gift Set
      Price: $64.95
      Item #: 127560 -

        Back by popular demand! Advent is one of the most important seasons in the Christian calendar, and this special Advent Gift Set will help you celebrate it in a meaningful and refreshing way. INCLUDED IN YOUR ADVENT DELUXE GIFT SET: * Write the Word Advent Paperback Journal: Enjoy 28 newly-selected scriptures (different from last year!), with over 64 pages total, including 3 scripture art pages paired with themed journaling prompts. * Advent Conversation Card Set: The same conversation cards...

        Behold A Guided Advent Journal for Prayer and Meditation Author: Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT Illustrated by: Josiah Henley
        Price: $11.95
        Item #: 124316 -

          Behold A Guided Advent Journal for Prayer and Meditation Author: Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT Illustrated by: Josiah Henley Let the Holy Family be your light through Advent as you receive the healing power of Christ. In this beautiful guided journal for prayer and meditation, Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT—author of the bestselling book Restore—will walk with you as you explore familial wounds with the help of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Behold features stunning original art by Josiah Henley...

          Living Advent Cycle C: A Daily Companion to the Lectionary
          Price: $2.95
          Item #: 89932 -

            Engage your parish in active and prayerful reflection during this important Church season. It includes commentaries on Readings I and II, the Responsorial Psalm, the Gospels of the Sundays, and the daily Gospel readings of Advent for Cycle C. Suitable for both group and individual use, Living Advent is perfect for enriching the prayer experience. Booklet

            My Soul Waits Praying with the Psalms through Advent, Christmas & Epiphany By (author) Martin Shannon CJ
            Price: $14.99
            Item #: 109336 -

              For Advent, Christmas and Epiphany, this new devotional combines the words of the Psalms, meditations from the Church Fathers, and a prayer as a guide for the reader through the various twists and turns on the journey to our Lord’s Nativity. These beloved words from Scripture mirror our own thoughts and emotions—hope and expectation, suffering and patience, confession and healing—and are as relevant for the modern spiritual reader as when they were first sung in the Temple. Trim size: 5.5 x...

              Advent and Christmas with Mary
              Price: $3.95
              Item #: 109036 -

                Prepare for and celebrate Christ’s coming with brief daily meditations for the Advent and Christmas seasons. Scripture, personal reflection, a question to think about or act to consider, and a short prayer to Mary are sure to touch your heart and lead you to a deeper relationship with Jesus and his mother, Mary.

                Daybreaks: Daily Reflections for Advent and Christmas
                Price: $2.99
                Item #: 84401 -

                  Paula D'Arcy is a grief counselor and in this issue of Daybreaks she shows us how to truly approach this holiday season from the heart. She also describes what we can bring to Advent and Christmas to make them a more gratifying experience for ourselves and others. Each reflection--enhanced with full-color artwork--takes only a few moments but can help you enjoy the season in ways that will have a lasting impact all year long.

                  Every Day of Advent and Christmas, A Book of Activities for Children
                  Price: $4.99
                  Item #: PT10151 -

                    Children in grades 1, 2, and 3 will love the games, puzzles, mazes, and activities designed to help them focus on the themes and traditions of the Advent season. Packed with colorful illustrations, Every Day of Advent and Christmas includes an Advent calendar to help children focus day by day on the meaning of Advent and Christmas in a way they are sure to enjoy and remember. 32 page booklet; 8.5 x 11

                    Rejoicing in Our Hope: Meditations for the Advent and Christmas Seasons
                    Price: $17.95
                    Item #: 128284 -

                      In this enlightening and cathartic devotional, Bishop Baker shares stories and reflections on Sacred Scripture, the saints, popes, and other famous individuals that provide hope and inspiration for the Advent and Christmas seasons. “We Christians see Jesus as the hope of the world,” Bishop Baker says. “He is Emmanuel, God with us. No matter what our situation, no matter how bleak, God is with us, and He walks with us through the struggles and turmoil of life.” These brief, power-packed...

                      2024: A Book of Grace-Filled Days By: Joseph Durepos
                      Price: $17.99
                      Item #: 127189 -

                        2024: A Book of Grace-Filled Days By: Joseph Durepos Paperback | 408 pages A vibrant prayer life unfolds when we regularly open ourselves to inspiration and God's grace. 2024: A Book of Grace-Filled Days provides a daily prayer experience to help us build and nurture our faith. Beginning with the start of the church year in Advent 2023 and continuing through the 2024 calendar year, this daily devotional notes major feast days, saint commemorations, and holidays. Each page combines readings...

                        25 Days of Advent: A Daily Retelling of the Greatest Story of All Time
                        Price: $27.50
                        Item #: 127559 -

                          25 Days of Advent • Christmas Daily Devotional 25 Days of Advent is a daily December devotional that re-tells the entire story of the birth of Jesus in vibrant detail. Using Biblical cross-references and peeks into the original Greek and Hebrew word pictures as the literary groundwork, Jane paints a vivid picture of the months leading up to the birth of Christ, and the weeks immediately following His glorious arrival. Product Details • 6 x 9 inches • Hardcover linen wrap book • Foil stamping...

                          Adore: A Guided Advent Journal for Prayer and Meditation
                          Price: $10.95
                          Item #: 120815 -

                            Author: Fr. John Burns Illustrated by: Valerie Delgado You have a choice this Advent: Get caught up in the annual rush of shopping, decorating, and parties or slow down and take a few minutes each day to remember who this season is really about—Jesus. In Adore, popular author and speaker Fr. John Burns and illustrator Valerie Delgado of Pax.Valerie will help you reclaim the sacred sense of longing and joyful hope at the heart of Advent, focusing on a new theme each week—vigilance, preparation,...

                            Advent and Christmas Wisdom From Pope Francis
                            Price: $13.99
                            Item #: 81941 -

                              This Advent, prepare to celebrate Jesus' arrival as an infant in the small town of Bethlehem. Born into poverty, he brings us the good news that God loves us - and calls us to give of ourselves to others. Let the example of Pope Francis, as he models the humility and generosity of our Savior, inspire you. Reflect on the pope's teachings, accompanied by Scripture, prayer, and action. Then go out and share the message: Jesus Christ is born! 112pgs.

                              Advent and Christmas Wisdom From Pope John Paul II: Daily Scripture and Prayers Together With Pope John Paul IIs Own Words
                              Price: $13.99
                              Item #: 86708 -

                                Pope John Paul II continues to be remembered and loved for his closeness to all people around the world. In this book his own words lead readers to the holy season of Christmas. Reflections for each day--from the First Sunday of Advent until the end of the Christmas season--begin with selections from talks and statements of the late Holy Father, followed by Scripture, prayer, and a suggestion for an appropriate seasonal activity.

                                Advent and Christmas Wisdom From St. Thomas Aquinas
                                Price: $13.99
                                Item #: 85904 -

                                  The holy seasons of Advent and Christmas are a time to reflect on God's infinite love for us all and how through the birth of his son, Jesus Christ, Christianity was born. Advent and Christmas Wisdom from St. Thomas of Aquinas guides readers on their spiritual journey to be closer to God and understand how to live the life of a Christian.Offering daily selections from St. Thomas of Aquinas for meditation and prayer, this book is a wonderful way to examine your faith and feelings during Advent...

                                  Advent and Christmas Wisdom From St. Vincent de Paul
                                  Price: $13.99
                                  Item #: 86236 -

                                    St. Vincent de Paul was very faithful to meditation, which sets a good example for us in our busy world. Advent and Christmas Wisdom from St. Vincent de Paul endeavors to present his thoughts in a way that can help us to spend some quiet time meditating. His thoughtful words will lead to a deeper relationship with God, a better appreciation of our own Christian life, and greater love for all, especially the poor.

                                    Advent and Christmas with the Saints
                                    Price: $13.99
                                    Item #: 83314 -

                                      Advent and Christmas with the Saints offers spiritual sustenance from those holy men and women whom we honor because of their close spiritual relationship with God. Readers walk day-by-day with the saints, recalling the Scriptures they read, meditating on the thoughts they had, praying as they might have prayed, and talking openly with God. Christians looking for a way to re-spiritualize their Christmas practices, prayer groups, small-faith communities, Bible study classes, teachers, clergy,...

                                      All Creation Waits: The Advent Mystery of New Beginnings By (author) Gayle Boss  Illustrated by David G. Klein
                                      Price: $18.99
                                      Item #: 105724 -

                                        From the bestselling author of Wild Hope — a beautiful book for Advent.Open a window each day of Advent onto the natural world. Here are twenty-five fresh images of the foundational truth that lies beneath and within the Christ story. In twenty-five portraits depicting how wild animals of the northern hemisphere ingeniously adapt when darkness and cold descend, we see and hear as if for the first time the ancient wisdom of Advent: The dark is not an end but the way a new beginning comes.Short,...

                                        All Creation Waits — Childrens Edition The Advent Mystery of New Beginnings for Children By (author) Gayle Boss  Illustrated by Sharon Spitz
                                        Price: $20.99
                                        Item #: 127843 -

                                          From bestselling author Gayle Boss, a stunningly illustrated picture book edition of her beloved Advent book, All Creation Waits. Now young readers too will be caught up in the wonder of 24 woodland animals adapting to the season of dark and cold. Each day of Advent a different animal shows children its own amazing way to meet the dark and cold. Wood Frog freezes into a frog-shaped cube of ice! For six months Painted Turtle doesn’t breathe! Woodchuck can’t be wakened, even if shaken! With each...

                                          Daybreaks Daily Reflections For Advent And Christmas MITCH AND KATHY FINLEY
                                          Price: $2.99
                                          Item #: 85569 -

                                            Advent is a mystery, a deep and wonderful mystery of the Creator’s love for everything that is. During Advent we look forward to Christmas. But Advent brings into sharper focus, for a few weeks, the Christmas mystery we live with all the time, day by day. The mystery is, that in our midst and up ahead is the mother of all victories, our triumph over all darkness, pain, unhappiness, and suffering. These reflections were written to spark some new insights, inject some new life into the old,...

                                            Biblical Meditations For Advent and the Christmas Season
                                            Price: $11.95
                                            Item #: 81978 -

                                              Biblical Meditations For Advent and the Christmas Season by Carroll Stuhlmueller, C.P.

                                              Cardinal Zens Advent Reflections
                                              Price: $14.95
                                              Item #: 127445 -

                                                Joseph Cardinal Zen of Hong Kong offers these stirring, spiritually enriching meditations to lift the souls of Catholics worldwide to God this Advent season. From his place in retirement, this prince of the Church invites the wider world to wait with him for the coming of the Messiah to redeem humanity and restore all things to Himself. Collected from Cardinal Zen’s homilies and pastoral letters during a time of social and political tension, these reflections bring hope to Christians searching...

                                                Christmas Novena
                                                Price: $2.50
                                                Item #: 83325 -

                                                  Christmas holds a warm place in the heart as no other time of year. It is the joyful celebration of God's love in the birth of Jesus, the Word made flesh. The Christmas novena has long been one of the most cherished ways to prepare for the coming of the Messiah. Christmas Novena guides readers on a pilgrimage of the heart and is a spiritual treasure that you will want to make a part of your preparation for Christmas each year.Pages or Item Count32Size4.125" X 5.875" Inches ...

                                                  Countdown to Christmas 25 Stories & Family Activities for Advent  by Carol Garborg
                                                  Price: $15.00
                                                  Item #: 124165 -

                                                    by Carol Garborg Capture the excitement and joy of counting down the days until Christmas with this fun hands-on Advent activity book, perfect for kids ages 4-8!Countdown to Christmas is the perfect way to spend quality time with your family during the Advent season. Create significant and unforgettable memories through Scripture readings, questions, stories, and simple activities that will help your children grasp the true meaning of the holiday. Make a Christmas tree ornament on Day 7Read a...

                                                    Daybreaks: Daily Reflections for Advent and Christmas
                                                    Price: $2.99
                                                    Item #: 117454 -

                                                      BY PAULA D'ARCY Paula D'Arcy is a grief counselor and in this issue of Daybreaks she shows us how to truly approach this holiday season from the heart. She also describes what we can bring to Advent and Christmas to make them a more gratifying experience for ourselves and others. Each reflection--enhanced with full-color artwork--takes only a few moments but can help you enjoy the season in ways that will have a lasting impact all year long. Booklet ...

                                                      Daybreaks: Daily Reflections for Advent and Christmas
                                                      Price: $2.99
                                                      Item #: 84402 -

                                                        Advent and Christmas is the time we celebrate our Lord, Jesus Christ, and reflect upon the miracle of His birth. As Catholics, how can we truly reflect and be thankful for the glorious gift of salvation His birth gave to us? Daybreaks offers the faithful daily meditations and prayers that guide us to a quite, special place with God. Taking only a few moments each day, Daybreaks provides a way to renew our faith and become capable of seeing through the hectic pace of the holidays and...

                                                        Daybreaks: Daily Reflections on the Readings Advent and Christmas
                                                        Price: $2.99
                                                        Item #: 84394 -

                                                          Well-known writer and preacher on social-justice issues Father John Kavanaugh will lead readers on an Advent journey reflecting on the needs of God's created world and our responsibilities to our fellow human beings, who are members of the Body of Christ. Every day of Advent is a prayerful opportunity for spiritual growth with Daybreaks, a thought-provoking collection of fresh, lively Advent prayers and reflections that link the gospel to everyday life.Each page includes a list of...

                                                          Joyful Meditations for Every Day of Advent and the 12 Days of Christmas: Years A, B, & C
                                                          Price: $8.99
                                                          Item #: 81002 -

                                                            Opening each daily reflection is a Scripture quote from the day's readings. The reflection then reaches out to us in our busy lives to consider what God's Word has to offer us during the holidays. Next, a thought to ponder brings home the message for you-to really apply the reading and reflection to your life. Now say a Prayer, an offering and petition to the Lord in our anticipation of his arrival; finally a practice, a chance to change your daily routine in simple ways to bring God's love to...

                                                            Little Jesus, Born for Me Arch Book
                                                            Price: $3.49
                                                            Item #: 127394 -

                                                              From Matthew 1:18-25, Luke 1:26-35, Luke 2, and John 8:12, comes the latest children’s picture book on Jesus’ birth. The beautiful, full-page illustrations show the angel Gabriel appearing to Mary, Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem, and Jesus’ birth in the stable. The easy-to-read and rhyming language makes Little Jesus, Born for Me a fun read throughout the Advent season and year after year. 16 pages, paperback

                                                              Liturgical Advent Calendar with Stickers
                                                              Price: $12.99
                                                              Item #: 128051 -

                                                                This Advent Calendar follows the church calendar for the year 2023. It begins on December 3, the first Sunday of Advent, and goes through Christmas day. Decorate the living room with stickers that relate to the celebrated feast day. Each day has a suggestion for something to do that day to prepare for Christ's birth. Begin with a blank living room scene and decorate the space each day with stickers. The stickers are relevant for the different feast days throughout Advent. For example, an...

                                                                Living the Seasons Simple Ways to Celebrate the Beauty of Your Faith throughout the Year Author: Erica Tighe Campbell
                                                                Price: $34.95
                                                                Item #: 127463 -

                                                                  Erica Tighe Campbell, owner and designer of Be A Heart, created this stunning, full-color guide to creatively celebrating the faith throughout the year. Living the Seasons is brimming with clever, doable, and beautiful crafts and activities; vivid photographs; brief introductions to the seasons and the lives of the saints; heartfelt notes of encouragement from Campbell; and original Be A Heart illustrations. This gorgeous companion will become your favorite resource for living your faith at...

                                                                  The Advent Wreath: Blessings and Prayers for Families and Households Leaflet
                                                                  Price: $1.25
                                                                  Item #: 117190 -

                                                                    Blessings and Prayers for Families and Households Jay Cormier The Advent wreath symbolizes the passage of time during the four weeks leading to Christmas. Jay Cormier encourages individuals and families to not just admire their home wreath, but to pray together around the wreath throughout the season. This popular leaflet has been updated in full-color to include revised prayers and Scripture text from the New American Bible, Revised Edition. Three-minute prayer services for each week of...

                                                                    The Childrens Little Advent Book: Daily Reflections and Coloring Pages for Children Ages 4-7 by TJ Burdick
                                                                    Price: $11.95
                                                                    Item #: 115239 -

                                                                      The Children's Little Advent Book: Daily Reflections and Coloring Pages for Children Ages 4-7 by TJ BurdickThe Children’s Little Advent Book is designed to help parents with children ages 4-7 on a journey through Advent to Christmas. Each day’s entry includes a brief Scripture reading, a reflection, discussion questions, a brief prayer, and a simple coloring page for children to complete after praying with their families. With The Children’s Little Advent Book, parents have an Advent resource...

                                                                      The Essential Advent and Christmas Handbook: A Daily Companion
                                                                      Price: $15.99
                                                                      Item #: 84604 -

                                                                        This reader-friendly companion provides everything Catholics need for a richer experience of the Advent and Christmas seasons. Whether readers wish to follow a traditional, contemporary, or family program of devotion and prayer for Advent and Christmas, this all-in-one resource will be a treasured guidebook.The Essential Advent and Christmas Handbook covers a wide range of topics including:Morning and evening prayer servicesA short history of AdventThe preparatory nature of AdventTraditional...

                                                                        The Jesse Tree An Advent Devotion by Eric Sammons, Suzan M. Sammons
                                                                        Price: $17.95
                                                                        Item #: 124324 -

                                                                          This Advent, lead your family closer to Christ as you prepare for the Lord’s coming at Christmas. Engage with the Old Testament patriarchs and prophets who are the branches in Jesus’ family tree and come to understand fully how, in Christ, this family history becomes the history of our salvation. As you explore Jesus’ fascinating ancestry, you’ll see how God’s plan of salvation unfolds from Adam and Eve, through the Old Testament prophets, to the birth of Christ, the Holy Sacrifice of the...

                                                                          The Prince of Peace: Meditations for Advent and Christmas
                                                                          Price: $15.95
                                                                          Item #: 127674 -

                                                                            From prophecy to fulfillment, the Incarnation is the center of our holy Faith. This awe-inspiring classic will help you take a breath and ponder the hidden yet stupendous events surrounding this great mystery. You will be spiritually uplifted as you reflect upon insightful and stirring meditations — thirty each for Advent and Christmas. Although the short reflections may be read in less than ten minutes per day, you may wish to spend time contemplating the mysteries and allowing them to...

                                                                            The Unsheltered Heart An At-Home Advent Retreat (Cycle A) Author: Ronald Patrick Raab, C.S.C.
                                                                            Price: $5.95
                                                                            Item #: 124935 -

                                                                              Award-winning author Ronald Patrick Raab, C.S.C., makes Advent a transformative journey through spiritual direction within a daily pattern of prayer, reflection, and action in The Unsheltered Heart: An At-Home Advent Retreat (Cycle A). Raab draws on his life and ministry at the St. André Bessette Catholic Church in Portland, Oregon, where his daily encounters with people living with poverty, homelessness, addiction, and mental illness complicate the meaning of the Incarnation in a fractured...

                                                                              The Very First Christmas -Paperback
                                                                              Price: $9.99
                                                                              Item #: 84649 -

                                                                                by: Paul Maier Many children's Christmas books are long on fancy and short on fact. Most of them ignore the themes of the first Christmas and opt instead for fairy tale settings or winter tableaus. This beautifully illustrated book, a Gold Medallion Book Award winner, fills the gap by presenting fresh insights into the Christmas story from both the scriptural and secular context. The book tells the story of a young boy Christopher, who no longer wants to hear fairytales; he only wants real...

                                                                                The World Waits
                                                                                Price: $16.95
                                                                                Item #: 127442 -

                                                                                  CHILDREN'S BOOK FOR ADVENT There are many wonderful children’s picture books about Christmas, but few about the season of Advent. In The World Waits, Elizabeth Pham explores this period of anticipation through the eyes of an anthropomorphic Earth experiencing the progression of human history and its longing for a Messiah. We see the world first plunged in the darkness of pre-Christian times. Then we see the world uplifted by the coming of Christ (the world sees a star!). Then we see the world...

                                                                                  These Four Weeks Of Advent Elsie Hainz Mcgrath 0-7648-1049-9
                                                                                  WHILE THEY LAST!
                                                                                  Price: $1.00
                                                                                  Item #: 83321 -

                                                                                    These Four Weeks Of Advent by Elsie Hainz Mcgrath 0-7648-1049-9Although everyone understands Advent to be a time of preparation for Christmas, few understand that Advent is a time of change--a time when each person is called to change not only their own life, but also the lives of those around them. A sharp contrast is drawn between the rushed preparations for the material celebration of Christmas and the personal spiritual preparations that are the true hallmark of the season. Everyone who...

                                                                                    Toward the Light of Christmas Advent Calendar Author: Mathilde Ray Illustrator: Éric Puybaret
                                                                                    Price: $14.99
                                                                                    Item #: 128275 -

                                                                                      Magnificat for Kids Advent Calendar and Daily Prayer BookletOpen a new window each day of December until you reach the birth of Jesus on Christmas. Follow along with the booklet to hear the Word of God and to prepare with Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, and the people of Bethlehem for the coming of the Savior. 32 pages, paperback. Popular Collections > Magnificat Books For ChildrenAges > 3-12Subject-Category > Advent Christmas ...

                                                                                      Toward the Light: Cardinal Martini on Advent and Christmas
                                                                                      Price: $15.95
                                                                                      Item #: 117917 -

                                                                                        Here is a volume of relevant and beautiful reflections on the Advent and Christmas season by the late beloved Cardinal Carlo M. Martini."As bishop, Cardinal Martini was also able to cross the paths of many other men and women through his preaching the Word of God, a task he was very fond of. Among his many sermons and lectures, the ones that particularly stand out are those he prepared for the feasts dedicated to the manifestation of Christ, especially Christmas and the Epiphany. Going through...

                                                                                        Mary On the Mantel Full Set
                                                                                        Price: $81.95
                                                                                        Item #: 128052 -

                                                                                          Your new favorite family Advent tradition: a fun, interactive way to help kids prepare for the arrival of baby Jesus. Mary on the Mantel has everything you need to simplify your Advent without losing any of the meaning. The Mary on the Mantel Set includes:- A keepsake box for storing safely- A Mary rag doll (Medium skin tone)- A pregnant belly for Mary- A baby Jesus doll- A ring sling for Mary to carry the Jesus doll- A gorgeous children's book that explains how Mary is preparing to give birth...

                                                                                          Three Wise Women 40 Devotions Celebrating Advent with Mary, Elizabeth, and Anna By (author) Dandi Daley Mackall
                                                                                          Price: $18.99
                                                                                          Item #: 128202 -

                                                                                            You are invited to spend the 40 days of Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany in the company of Mary the mother of Jesus, Elizabeth the mother of John the Baptist, and Anna the prophetess at the temple in Jerusalem.Anticipate, celebrate, and marvel at Jesus' birth with Three Wise Women, a richly researched and faith-building new devotional by Dandi Daley Mackall. We don’t hear many details directly from these three women at the heart of the first Christmas, but Scripture, studies in biblical...

                                                                                            Catholic Supply of St. Louis, Inc. Advent Books - Prepare for Advent with daily devotionals