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The Collected Letters of St. Teresa of Avila, Vol. 2
Price: $14.95
Item #: 81121 -

    This second and final volume of St. Teresa's correspondence begins with the year 1578, a most troubling time for Teresa. A keen observer of the reality around her as well as within, Teresa in these letters focuses light on many of the struggles in both the Carmelite order and the church of sixteenth-century Spain. She introduces us to major personalities who have left their mark on history.Through her letters historians gain a better knowledge of the chronology of events in Teresa's life and...

    The Collected Works of St. Teresa of Avila, vol. 2
    Price: $19.95
    Item #: 81357 -

      This volume contains two of Teresa's most popular works: The Way of Perfection and The Interior Castle.Shortly after writing The Book of Her Life for her confessor, St. Teresa wrote The Way of Perfection at the request of her nuns who were eager to learn about prayer and contemplation. Throughout this work she teaches her nuns about prayer and also teaches us. The Interior Castle is considered St. Teresa of Avila’s masterpiece. She wrote this last work in just a few months in 1577, five years...

      The Complete Julian of Norwich
      Price: $29.99
      Item #: 114544 -

        The Complete Julian of NorwichThe most engaging and complete collection available of this 14th century English mysticThe Revelations of Julian of Norwich is the first book written in English by a woman – in this case, by a 14th century recluse who recounts the poignant, subtle, and radical insights granted to her in sixteen visions of the crucified Christ as she lay on what was believed to be her deathbed. Julian’s miraculous recovery from that illness then led to twenty more years of...

        The Complete Therese of Lisieux Translated by Robert Edmonson
        Price: $29.99
        Item #: 89524 -

          Format: Paperback The most complete and engaging one-volume introduction to the “Little Flower” Following a thorough introduction to the saint’s life, The Complete Therese presents her classic, The Story of a Soul, in complete and unabridged form. Then, unique to this edition is a portion of the original edition rarely seen, describing the saint’s final days as seen through the eyes of the Sisters of the Lisieux Carmel; plus a poignant collection of over seventy firsthand anecdotes about...

          The Devil in the Castle St. Teresa of Avila, Spiritual Warfare, and the Progress of the Soul by Dan Burke
          Price: $21.95
          Item #: 122094 -

            We often think of demons appearing only in extravagant and extraordinary manifestations or working only through “bad” people. But the truth is more frightening than that. Most demonic activity takes place undetected, under the radar, and can even be hidden in our own prayer lives and in the churches where we attend Mass. Subtlety, illusion, and deceit are the preferred tactics of Satan’s army of fallen angels, and they are waging an invisible battle for souls — right now — within and around us...

            The Devout Life A Modern Guide to Practical Holiness with St. Francis de Sales BY MATTHEW NEWSOME
            Price: $18.95
            Item #: 126985 -

              One of the greatest spiritual classics of all time is Introduction to the Devout Life, the St. Francis de Sales masterpiece written in the seventeenth century. Deacon Matthew Newsome breaks open this divine guide from one of the most sought-after spiritual counselors in history and helps you apply it to your life today. In these pages, you will find the direction you need to grow closer to God and practice Christian discipleship regardless of your vocation. De Sales insisted that devotion is...

              The Early Church (33–313) St. Peter, the Apostles, and Martyrs Author: James L. Papandrea
              Price: $16.95
              Item #: 119743 -

                Winner of a 2020 Catholic Press Association book award (first place, best new religious book series). The first three centuries of the Christian faith were a period of missionary zeal, deep thought, and tribulation. In The Early Church (33–313): St. Peter, the Apostles, and Martyrs, Catholic historian and biblical expert James Papandrea dispels what he calls common “mythconceptions” about the early years of Christianity. Tracking the challenges of heresy and persecution throughout the period,...

                The Great Discovery Paperback
                Price: $17.95
                Item #: 112856 -

                  The Great Discovery Our Journey to the Catholic Church By: Ulf Ekman, Birgitta Ekman Ulf and Birgitta Ekman are no strangers to controversy. As a Lutheran priest at Uppsala University in the 1980s, Ulf was a leader of a student revival that resulted in his very public separation from the Church of Sweden. With his wife, Birgitta, he founded Word of Life, a large Pentecostal church that attracted thousands of members and planted churches and Bible schools around the world. Word of Life became...

                  The Ignatian Adventure: Experiencing the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius in Daily Life By: Kevin OBrien, SJ
                  Price: $17.99
                  Item #: 120520 -

                    There is no better guide than St. Ignatius Loyola if one desires to discover how faith and everyday life can thrive together. In The Ignatian Adventure, Kevin O'Brien, SJ, follows St. Ignatius's lead and offers today's time-strapped individual a unique way of "making" the Spiritual Exercises in daily life. The first part of O'Brien's book provides helpful background information, including a brief history of St. Ignatius, an explanation of the Spiritual Exercises and their purpose, and a...

                    The Incorruptibles: A Study of Incorruption in the Bodies of Various Saints and Beati
                    Price: $16.95
                    Item #: 85046 -

                      Continuously popular since it first appeared in 1977, The Incorruptibles remains the acknowledged classic on the bodies of Saints that did not undergo decomposition after death, many remaining fresh and flexible for years, or even centuries. After explaining both natural and artificial mummification, the author shows that the incorruption of the Saints bodies fits into neither category but constitutes a much greater phenomenon which is unexplained by modern science even to this day. The author...

                      The Innocents and Other Stories Paperback
                      Price: $14.95
                      Item #: 115129 -

                        The Innocents and Other Stories By: Gertrud Von Le Fort Newly translated into English for the first time, these four novellas from the acclaimed German writer Gertrud von le Fort are from her later works of historical fiction. Ominous and mysterious, these page-turning stories bring to life momentous chapters in from the past. The Innocents, set in Germany after the Second World War, is a poignant family drama about the horrors of war, the suffering of the innocent, and the demands of justice....

                        The Life And Glories Of Saint Joseph Author: Edward Healy Thompson
                        Price: $16.95
                        Item #: 118792 -

                          No words of St. Joseph are recorded In Scripture. In fact. little mention is made of him there. Yet. despite these seeming limitations. the Church nonetheless possesses an indescribably rich knowledge of St. Joseph and of his cultus. This book will astound most readers both with its scope and with its profundity. Based mainly on Scripture. but supported also by Tradition and the depositions of saints. it is a carefully reasoned analysis of the entirety of that great saint's role in the history...

                          The Life of St. Catherine of Siena: The Classic on Her Life and Accomplishments as Recorded by Her Spiritual Director
                          Price: $19.95
                          Item #: 80680 -

                            This is the classic life of St Catherine by her spiritual director. He tells of her only what he experienced firsthand, or of what he learned firsthand from her mother, her sisters, her family members and friends. An incredible life, told simply and straightforwardly, without embellishment and without dodging her many miracles, and miraculous conversions. This book puts you squarely in the presence of one of Holy Mother Church's greatest saints.

                            The Life of St. Francis of Assisi
                            Price: $14.95
                            Item #: 85256 -

                              "Francis, go and build up My house, which thou seest, is falling into ruin." To fulfill this command of Our Lord, St Francis of Assisi (1181-1226) began by restoring physical churches and continued by building up the spiritual Church in souls. Francis' humility, purity, and true joy inspired many to conversion and a deeper faith. Never ordained a priest, St. Francis nonetheless was a preacher and a miracle-worker of the first order - curing, prophesying, casting out devils, turning water into...

                              The Life of St. Thérèse of Lisieux The Original Biography Commissioned by Her Sister Author: August Pierre Laveille Foreword by: Susan Muto Translated by: Michael Fitzsimons, O.M.I.
                              Price: $18.95
                              Item #: 107489 -

                                The Life of St. Thérèse of Lisieux The Original Biography Commissioned by Her Sister Author: August Pierre Laveille Foreword by: Susan Muto This remarkable biography of Thérèse of Lisieux, one of the most popular Catholic saints of all time, was commissioned by her sister and religious superior and was the first published in English in 1928. Msgr. August Pierre Laveille was able to portray Thérèse, as well as her parents Zélie and Louis who were canonized in 2015, with exquisite detail, having...

                                The Little Flower Prayerbook: A Carmelite Manual of Prayer
                                Price: $32.95
                                Item #: 84606 -

                                  The Little Flower Prayerbook: A Carmelite Manual of Prayer The Little Flower Prayerbook is a vintage manual of prayers combined with a treasury of St. Thérèse's spiritual writings that showcases the wisdom and contemplation she achieved in her short lifetime.Originally published in 1926 and faithfully re-typeset by TAN Books, The Little Flower Prayerbook: A Carmelite Manual of Prayers is an introduction to the time-honored Carmelite prayers and devotions that St. Thérèse herself practiced...

                                  The Little Flower A Parable of St. Therese of Lisieux   Becky Arganbright
                                  Price: $11.95
                                  Item #: 114919 -

                                    The Little Flower A Parable of St. Therese of Lisieux Becky Arganbright Young Thérèse Martin loved Jesus so much, she wanted to do something great for him. But she was too little to do big things for Jesus…or was she? In The Little Flower: A Parable of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux is the delightful story of how St. Thérèse learned to be the "little flower" in God's garden, and that even the smallest thing, when done with great love, is precious in God's eyes. This is the perfect introduction to...

                                    The Little Flowers of Saint Francis of Assisi
                                    Price: $10.95
                                    Item #: 115926 -

                                      The Little Flowers of Saint Francis of Assisi St. Francis said, "Jesus wants you to love him most of all." Children will be delighted by this wonderfully illustrated book. Each of the twenty-four short stories tells of an event in the beloved saint's life. Along the way, children will learn about virtue, the Faith, and love of God and neighbor. Each story includes a prayer written for children, asking God to help them imitate St. Francis and grow in their own faith. 64 pages, paperback ...

                                      The Medal or Cross of St. Benedict Booklet
                                      Price: $9.95
                                      Item #: 108791 -

                                        The history and essential facts about Saint Benedict and his medal. Booklet measures 5" x 8" and is 45 pages. Soft Cover.

                                        The Road To Assisi: The Essential Biography Of St. Francis
                                        Price: $17.99
                                        Item #: 88504 -

                                          The Road To Assisi: The Essential Biography Of St. FrancisPortrays a fully human Francis, with insecurities and fear, but also a gentle mystic and passionate reformer who desired to live as Jesus taught his disciples, supplemented with insights from scholars and writers including Bonaventure, Dante, G.K Chesterson and Umberto Eco. Reissue.

                                          The Rule Of Benedict For Beginners Spirituality for Daily Life Wil Derkse; Martin Kessler, Translator
                                          Price: $19.95
                                          Item #: 83033 -

                                            The Rule Of Benedict For Beginners Spirituality for Daily Life Wil Derkse; Martin Kessler, TranslatorBenedictine spirituality is simple and down to earth. Not only does the Benedictine lifestyle fit well within the walls of the monastery, its interpretation of life is also suitable to other forms of society. In The Rule of Benedict for Beginners, Wil Derkse reveals how elements from Benedictine spirituality and the Benedictine lifestyle may be fruitful outside the monastery to strengthen the...

                                            The Saints Are Watching Over Me Board Book
                                            Price: $10.95
                                            Item #: 115741 -

                                              The Saints Are Watching Over Me Board BookIn this special book from the creators of Tiny Saints® young readers get the chance to experience the saints in a new and vibrant way. Featured are: Saint Michael the Archangel, Saint Peter, Saint Mary Magdalene, Saint Juan Diego, Saint John the Baptist, Saint Moses the Black, Saint Therese of Lisieux, Saint Florian, Saint George, Saint Joan of Arc, Saint Joseph, Saint Gianna, Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint John Paul II, Saint...

                                              The Saints Chronicles Collection 2
                                              Price: $14.95
                                              Item #: 113306 -

                                                In this handsome graphic novel, you’ll join some of the world’s greatest saints in their inspiring – and often exciting and even dangerous – quests for holiness. These thrilling stories and stunning images found here will captivate you and fascinate readers of all ages. Here you’ll meet: St. Nicholas, the orphaned boy who generously ministered to the sick and the poor, and eventually became the wise and just bishop of Myra.St. Francis of Assisi, the rough soldier who put down his weapons,...

                                                The Saints Chronicles: Collections 1
                                                Price: $14.95
                                                Item #: 113085 -

                                                  The Saints Chronicles bring vividly to life the stories of courageous Christians from the earliest days of Christianity to modern times. All four volumes of this Graphic Novel Series are packed with engaging texts and dramatic images that captivate and inspire readers of all ages. In this first volume, you’ll dive into the life of Christianity’s boldest heroes of the Faith, including: St. Patrick, a young boy captured by Irish pirates and made a slave, only to escape and later return to...

                                                  The Saints Devotional Bible, NABRE
                                                  Price: $39.95
                                                  Item #: 103636 -

                                                    The Saints Devotional Bible, NABRESince the early days of the church, believers have looked to the saints as examples and guides to living holy lives pleasing to God. Now the saints help illuminate Holy Scripture in The Saints Devotional Bible, NABRE version. In this incredible resource you will find: The accuracy of the new NABRE translationOver 200 readings from the saints, including their own reflections, prayers, letters, and moreThe saints' reflections broaden appreciation and...

                                                    Dvd-The Saints
                                                    Price: $13.99
                                                    Item #: 40506 -

                                                      Join Brother Francis as he introduces children to their heavenly friends, the saints! Learn about the wonderful comfort, encouragement, and help given through those that serve God in His heavenly Kingdom. This episode includes: "The Story of Saint John Bosco" - The inspiring account of the devoted saint whose dedication to God and his calling resulted in a multitude of children whose lives were changed forever."I Will Do My Best for Jesus" - A musical reminder to do our best for God and others...

                                                      The September Pope The Final Days of John Paul I   Stefania Falasca Foreword by Cardinal Pietro Parolin
                                                      Price: $24.95
                                                      Item #: 121366 -

                                                        The sudden and unexpected death of John Paul I in the papal apartments on the evening of September 28, 1978 — after a pontificate of a little more than a month — has given rise over the decades to myriad suspicions, assumptions, and conspiracy theories. After so many unsubstantiated claims and unconfirmed rumors, we now know what happened in the last hours of the life of “the smiling pope.” Finally, here is an accurate account, backed by in-depth research and previously unpublished...

                                                        The Shadow of His Wings: A Graphic Biography of Fr. Gereon Goldmann By: Fr. Gereon Goldmann, Max Temesou
                                                        Price: $14.95
                                                        Item #: 121335 -

                                                          Here is the astonishing true story of the harrowing experiences of a young German seminarian drafted into Hitler's dreaded SS at the onset of World War II. Without betraying his Christian ideals, against all odds, and in the face of Evil, Gereon Goldmann was able to complete his priestly training, be ordained, and secretly minister to German Catholic soldiers and innocent civilian victims caught up in the horrors of war. How it all came to pass will astound you. Father Goldmann tells of his...

                                                          The Shadow Of His Wings Paperback
                                                          Price: $18.95
                                                          Item #: 82422 -

                                                            The Shadow of His Wings The True Story of Fr. Gereon Goldmann By: Fr. Gereon Goldmann If you can only buy one book this season, this must be the one. Here is the astonishing true story of the harrowing experiences of a young German seminarian drafted into Hitler's dreaded SS at the onset of World War II. Without betraying his Christian ideals, against all odds, and in the face of Evil, Gereon Goldmann was able to complete his priestly training, be ordained, and secretly minister to German...

                                                            The Shadow of the Father by Jan Dobraczynski
                                                            Price: $28.00
                                                            Item #: 119223 -

                                                              PAPERBACK, 396 PAGES "The Shadow of the Father" - one of the most important books of Jan Dobraczynski, is based on the record of the Gospel, the evangelical text. It shows Joseph, the guardian of the Holy Family as a human being subjected to obedience to God and his intentions, a man who must understand and accept his part of being a shadow of the true Father of Jesus who will be born by his Miriam-chosen to him by God. Joseph, a native of Bethlehem, heir to the heritage of kings David and...

                                                              The Silent Knight: A History of St Joseph as Depicted in Art
                                                              Price: $18.95
                                                              Item #: 121885 -

                                                                Images of St Joseph are ubiquitous in the modern Catholic devotional landscape with his statues and figurines standing sentinel in every church and creche, but this was not always the case. The husband of Mary and foster father of Jesus spent the first centuries of Christian art as a great absentee, unaccounted for in visual representations of Christ’s birth and infancy. The Silent Knight explores and chronicles the remarkable rise of Joseph’s iconography through masterpieces by some of...

                                                                The Spirit of Hiawatha By: Demi
                                                                Price: $15.99
                                                                Item #: 117694 -

                                                                  To restore peace and to unify his people, the great leader of the Iroquois, Hiawatha, brought the Iroquois tribes together in a federation. They named it the "League of Five Nations". Hiawatha, a peacemaker ahead of his time, inspired many legends as he prepared the way for the Gospel to spread in North America. An engaging, colorful story that sets the scene for the missionary work of the heroic Jesuits of the 17th century! Demi's vibrant artwork combines delicate mixed media—watercolor, ink,...

                                                                  The St. Francis Prayer Book: A Guide to Deepen Your Spiritual Life
                                                                  Price: $16.99
                                                                  Item #: 88505 -

                                                                    The St. Francis Prayer Book: A Guide to Deepen Your Spiritual Life This warm-hearted little book is a window into the soul of St. Francis, one of the most passionate and inspiring followers of Jesus. "Prayer was to Francis as play is to a child: natural, easy, creative, and joyful," author Jon Sweeney tells us. "Before it became common to speak in personal terms of a relationship with God, Francis did so and made it seem natural." With this guide, readers will: Pray the words that Francis...

                                                                    The St. Teresa of Avila Prayer Book
                                                                    Price: $17.99
                                                                    Item #: 102977 -

                                                                      paperback Teresa of Avila articulated for all of us the wondrous interior landscape of prayer. Journey with her through a week of prayer and meditation. Pray the psalms and confessions Teresa prayed. Use her words for meditation, and become acquainted with the wisdom of the saints who made such an impact on Teresa's spiritual growth and practice. Each day of the week includes morning and evening prayer, and there is a topic for every day, based on themes that emerge from Teresa's life and...

                                                                      The Story of a Soul: The Autobiography of the Little Flower
                                                                      Price: $19.95
                                                                      Item #: 84607 -

                                                                        The Story of a Soul: The Autobiography of the Little FlowerThe Story of a Soul conveys St. Thérèse of Liseux's "Little Way" of spiritual childhood - her "elevator" to Heaven, as she called it. This method was approved by Pope Pius XI as a way for all to grow in holiness through unfailing confidence and childlike delight in God's merciful love.Again and again in this book, St. Thérèse shows us how her "Little Way" of love and trust comes straight from Sacred Scripture. This book belongs in...

                                                                        The Venerable Bede On Song of Sons & Selected Writings by Rev Arthur G. Holder, PhD
                                                                        Price: $29.95
                                                                        Item #: 103202 -

                                                                          The first English translation of Bede's allegorical commentary On the Song Songs, along with selections from his homilies and the Ecclesiastical History, an introduction to his spirituality, and notes.

                                                                          The Women Doctors of the Church   Colleen Pressprich Illustrated by Adalee Hude
                                                                          Price: $16.95
                                                                          Item #: 124732 -

                                                                            The Women Doctors of the Church is a beautifully illustrated introduction for children to four extraordinary women who have helped shape the Church. Saint Hildegard of Bingen, Saint Teresa of Ávila, Saint Catherine of Siena, and Saint Thérèse of Lisieux all faced unique challenges in their lives but fixed their identities firmly in Christ and became incredible examples of holiness. These women — called Doctors of the Church for their intellectual and spiritual impact — show us what it means to...

                                                                            Thérèse of Lisieux Loving is Giving Everything Away by Coline Dupuy, Davide Perconti, Francesco Rizzato
                                                                            Price: $17.95
                                                                            Item #: 122093 -

                                                                              Thérèse of Lisieux Loving is Giving Everything Away by Coline Dupuy, Davide Perconti, Francesco Rizzato In this colorful and vibrant graphic novel, St. Thérèse of Lisieux reveals to children the story of her soul and her secret to holiness: “To love is to give everything and to give yourself.” Children will come to understand that the “Little Way” of St. Thérèse consists of trust, love, and generosity, and they will learn how to abandon themselves in the arms of Jesus like the Little Flower....

                                                                              They Might Be Saints On the Path to Sainthood in America by Michael O’Neill
                                                                              Price: $19.95
                                                                              Item #: 121173 -

                                                                                Fundamental to the rapid growth of the Church in America are these exceptionally inspired men and women, not yet canonized, who lived heroic virtue and thereby changed the face of our country. Author Michael O’Neill unveils 24 of America’s greatest “blesseds” and “venerables,” whose causes for canonization are already underway. You’ll meet young Europeans who gave up secure lives for the wilderness of America—knowing they would never see their families again. You’ll meet the husband and wife...

                                                                                Thomas Aquinas A Historical, Theological, and Environmental Portrait Donald S. Prudlo
                                                                                Price: $39.95
                                                                                Item #: 116794 -

                                                                                  Thomas Aquinas A Historical, Theological, and Environmental Portrait by Donald S. Prudlo Using the most recent scholarship on the thirteenth century, on the Dominican order, and on sainthood, this groundbreaking biography embeds Thomas in the lived context of his time and place. It approaches Thomas as an imperial aristocrat, as a poor mendicant, as a promising student, and as a religious. While Thomas's brilliance is clear, it is contrasted by the massive upheaval brought both by his...

                                                                                  Through the Heart of St. Joseph
                                                                                  Price: $17.95
                                                                                  Item #: 119178 -

                                                                                    224 PAGES, PAPERBACK Though he speaks no words in Scripture, St. Joseph's message to us is resounding: he wants to lead us to Jesus. In Through the Heart of St. Joseph, Fr. Boniface Hicks reveals the path St. Joseph has laid. Discover how St. Joseph's vulnerability, littleness, silence, and hiddenness can transform and heal us. Fr. Hicks also looks to the saints who lived the "Joseph Option" to show how we too can embrace a life of humble trust and steadfast courage. Through the Heart of St....

                                                                                    Two Sisters in the Spirit Therese of Lisieux and Elizabeth of the Trinity By: Fr. Hans Urs Von Balthasar
                                                                                    Price: $19.95
                                                                                    Item #: 85647 -

                                                                                      Two Sisters in the Spirit Therese of Lisieux and Elizabeth of the Trinity By: Fr. Hans Urs Von BalthasarBalthasar's unique volume on Thérèse of Lisieux and Elizabeth of the Trinity presents a theological biography of each of these holy Carmelite sisters which gives profound insights into their spirituality, showing that their differences actually complement one another. Balthasar probes the depths of the contemplative mission of each of these young Carmelites who both died in their twenties,...

                                                                                      Understanding Divine Mercy
                                                                                      Price: $16.95
                                                                                      Item #: 119166 -

                                                                                        Finally, the entire Divine Mercy message and devotion is summarized in one, easy-to-read book! Explaining the teaching of Jesus Christ as given to St. Faustina, Understanding Divine Mercy by Fr. Chris Alar, MIC, has it all. Written in his highly conversational and energetic style, this first book in his Explaining the Faith series will deepen your love for God and help you understand why Jesus Called Divine Mercy "mankind's last hope of salvation."Pope St. John Paul II said there is nothing...

                                                                                        Unleashing Hope The Biography of Venerable Maria Luisa Josefa of the Most Blessed Sacrament by Sister Timothy Marie Kennedy, O.C.D.
                                                                                        Price: $18.95
                                                                                        Item #: 123496 -

                                                                                          Unleashing Hope draws you into the powerful life of Luisa de Ia Peña Navarro (1886-1937), "Mother Luisita," a petite woman from a small town in Jalisco, Mexico, who devoted her entire life to serving the poor, the sick, and especially the children. She established schools, hospitals, and orphanages at a time when it was against the law to even be a Catholic. Gripping historical events including revolution, religious persecution, and the Cristiada reveal her as a spiritual mother who brought...

                                                                                          Visions and Revelations by Fr. Gabriel Of St. Mary Magdalen, O.C.D.
                                                                                          Price: $14.95
                                                                                          Item #: 123038 -

                                                                                            Many Catholics feel deficient, if not hopeless, when they read of the many saints who experienced visions and revelations — mystical phenomena that seem so distant from their own experience. Or worse, those who do experience such visions and consolations can come to feel that they are especially favored by God and consequently become overly confident in their spiritual progress. This is the book that explains everything you need to know about true Catholic mysticism. Spiritual master Fr....

                                                                                            Walking with Wisdoms Daughters: Twelve Celebrations and Stories of Women of Passion and Faith by Gloria Ulterino
                                                                                            Price: $19.95
                                                                                            Item #: 82029 -

                                                                                              Walking with Wisdom's Daughters: Twelve Celebrations and Stories of Women of Passion and Faith by Gloria UlterinoIn the author's contribution to women's spirituality, readers re-discover women of faith from the New Testament, Old Testament, Christian tradition and modern times who have been forgotten, overlooked, or misinterpreted.

                                                                                              What Would Monica Do? by Patti Maguire Armstrong and Roxane Beauclair Salonen
                                                                                              Price: $19.95
                                                                                              Item #: 124860 -

                                                                                                Hope and healing for those with a loved one who has left the Faith.St. Monica was the loving mother of St. Augustine, Catholic theologian and Doctor of the Church.While St. Augustine became one of the most influential theologians of the Catholic Faith, he spent a period of time running from God. During this period, his mother prayed continuously for his conversion. God answered her prayers!In What Would Monica Do?, two mothers, authors, and lovers of St. Monica offer guidance, practical...

                                                                                                When Saint Francis Saved the Church How a Converted Medieval Troubadour Created a Spiritual Vision for the Ages Author: Jon M. Sweeney
                                                                                                Price: $22.00
                                                                                                Item #: 80021 -

                                                                                                  When Saint Francis Saved the Church How a Converted Medieval Troubadour Created a Spiritual Vision for the Ages  Author: Jon M. Sweeney Jon M. Sweeney, author of numerous popular books on St. Francis as well as the recent bestseller The Pope Who Quit, offers a surprising new look at the world’s most popular saint, showing how this beloved, but often-mythologized character created a spiritual vision for the ages and may very well have rescued the Christian faith. In When Saint Francis...