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Book Of Saints - Part 5
Price: $2.95
Item #: 87085 -

    Lives of fifteen well-known Saints. Illustrated in full color. Pages: 32 Author: REV. LAWRENCE G. LOVASIK, S.V.D. Size: 5 1/2 X 7 3/8 Color: ILLUSTRATED Binding: PAPERBACK

    Book Of Saints - Part 6
    Price: $2.95
    Item #: 87086 -

      Lives of fifteen well-known Saints. Illustrated in full color. Pages: 32 Author: REV. LAWRENCE G. LOVASIK, S.V.D. Size: 5 1/2 X 7 3/8 Color: ILLUSTRATED Binding: PAPERBACK

      Book Of Saints - Part 8
      Price: $2.95
      Item #: 95223 -

        Lives of fifteen well-known Saints, illustrated in full color. Pages: 32 Author: REV. LAWRENCE G. LOVASIK, S.V.D. Size: 5 1/2 X 7 3/8 Color: ILLUSTRATED Binding: PAPERBACK

        Book of Saints for Catholic Children: 96 Illustrated Stories
        Price: $14.95
        Item #: 83254 -

          One of the most popular children saint books in the industry. Our 'Book of Saints for Catholic Children' is packed with 96 illustrated and inspirational stories on many popular saints, totaling 192 pages of biographies and information. This light blue hardcover saint book is beautifully-illustrated by the world-famous Italian 'Bonella' art collection in full-color. Great book to have in your library at school, CCD, church, prayer group, or home. Makes a perfect gift for many occasions, such...

          Book Of Saints Part 11
          Price: $2.95
          Item #: 85902 -

            Lives of fifteen well-known Saints, illustrated in full color. Pages: 32 Author: REV. LAWRENCE G. LOVASIK, S.V.D. Size: 5 1/2 X 7 3/8 Color: ILLUSTRATED Binding: PAPERBACK

            Brigid and the Butter: The Legend About St. Brigid of Ireland
            Price: $14.95
            Item #: 107024 -

              A young girl opens her heart with generosity and love. Brigid is captivated by the story Bishop Patrick tells her village about Jesus feeding many hungry people with five loaves and two fishes. She wants to feed many hungry people, but she is often hungry herself. She and her mother work hard each day on their master's farm. Many days they have only bread and butter for dinner. When a beggar woman asks for the only food Brigid has-a dish of butter-she knows she can feed the person in front of...

              Brother Francis of Assisi By: Tomie DePaola
              Price: $14.99
              Item #: 116671 -

                Brother Francis of Assisi By: Tomie DePaola A new edition of a beloved book on Brother Francis of Assisi by internationally acclaimed illustrator and author of children's books, Tomie dePaola. Among his many wonderful books on saints, this one fulfilled his lifelong ambition to bring the story of St. Francis to people of all ages and cultures. Drawing on his extensive artistic background, primary source material, and two trips to Assisi, he has made this dream come true with this volume. While...

                Carlo Acutis: The First Millennial Saint
                Price: $14.95
                Item #: 119937 -

                  Carlo Acutis, born May 3, 1991, fully embraced the gift of life. Known as a computer whiz, he also liked to play soccer, video games, and the saxophone. He enjoyed watching his favorite police dramas and making short films with his star cast of cats and dogs. He had many friends and enjoyed spending time with them. Yet Carlo was a little “different” at school, in the pizzerias, and on the soccer field. What set Carlo apart was his constant pursuit of holiness. In addition to his fun hobbies,...

                  Carmelite Spirituality The Way of Carmelite Prayer and Contemplation
                  Price: $14.95
                  Item #: 116788 -

                    Carmelite Spirituality The Way of Carmelite Prayer and Contemplation by Cardinal Anders Arborelius, O.C.D. Centered on prayer and contemplation, Carmelite spirituality seeks to awaken in its practitioners an intense thirst for an immediate and direct experience of God, from which can grow a deep and loving friendship with Him.Most fully developed by St. John of the Cross (d. 1591) and St. Teresa of Avila (d. 1582) and then further enriched by St. Thérèse of Lisieux (d. 1897), Carmelite...

                    Casting Nets with the Saints Learn from the Best How to Share the Faith Chris Stewart
                    Price: $15.95
                    Item #: 108852 -

                      “This is the secret of the Saints: abiding in Christ, joined to him like branches to the vine, in order to bear much fruit.” Pope Francis We have an obligation as Christians to share the Gospel of Christ. But many are at a loss as to how to fulfill this commission. Good news – we have a clear path we can follow, trod by holy men and women who have successfully brought millions of souls to Christ, the saints! In his newest book, Casting Nets with the Saints, author and speaker Chris Stewart...

                      Celtic Saints and Animal Stories A Spiritual Kinship Edward C. Sellner
                      Price: $19.95
                      Item #: 116799 -

                        Celtic Saints and Animal Stories A Spiritual Kinship by Edward C. SellnerPAPERBACK The lives of the Celtic saints constitute the largest body of hagiographies of any group in Christian history to have so many creature stories included in them, revealing early and medieval Irish as true lovers of animals, with the saints sharing this quality to the full. While Native American and Hawaiian peoples, as well as certain Asian spiritual traditions such as Hinduism, Zen Buddhism, and Taoism have...

                        Charles de Foucauld, Second Edition
                        Price: $19.95
                        Item #: 122260 -

                          The popularity of Charles de Foucauld continues to spread around the globe as time goes on. Unknown during his lifetime as a solitary monk in the Sahara Desert, and assassinated by bandits in 1916, this former French playboy had a radical conversion to Christ that compelled him to live a deeply ascetical religious life that has had a great impact on the world since his death. He will be officially canonized a saint by Pope Francis on May 15, 2022. This definitive biography by Jean-Jacques...

                          ChildrenS Book Of Saints /Hb Louis M Savary 9780882711300
                          Price: $12.95
                          Item #: 88606 -

                            This best-selling and beautifully illustrated book has sold more than 500,000 copies and includes the lives of 52 saints. For children ages 5-8. Hardcover.Pages: 112 Author: LOUIS M. SAVARY Size: 5 X 7 1/4 Color: ILLUSTRATED Binding: HARDCOVER

                            Christopher, the Holy Giant Author: Tomie DePaola
                            Price: $14.99
                            Item #: 126065 -

                              "A long time ago, in the land of Canaan, there lived a giant known as Reprobus. Because he was so big and strong, Reprobus wished to serve the greatest and most powerful king in all the world. So he set off to find him…" For hundreds of years Catholics honored Christopher as the patron saint of travelers. But when he came to be seen as more mythical than historical, the Church discouraged devotion to him. Wanting to preserve the legend of the giant who carried the Christ Child, Tomie dePaola...

                              The Confessions: Saint Augustine of Hippo (Ignatius Critical Editions)
                              Price: $14.95
                              Item #: 80497 -

                                The Confessions of Saint Augustine is considered one of the greatest Christian classics of all time. It is an extended poetic, passionate, intimate prayer that Augustine wrote as an autobiography sometime after his conversion, to confess his sins and proclaim God's goodness. Just as his first hearers were captivated by his powerful conversion story, so also have many millions been over the following sixteen centuries. His experience of God speaks to us across time with little need of...

                                Consecration to St. Joseph: The Wonders of Our Spiritual Father
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                                Price: $16.95
                                Item #: 116357 -

                                  In the midst of crisis, confusion, and a world at war with the Church, it's time to come home again to our spiritual father, St. Joseph. In this richly researched and lovingly presented program of consecration to St. Joseph, Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC, brings to life the wonders, the power, and the ceaseless love of St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church and the Terror of Demons.Drawing on the wealth of the Church's living tradition, Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC, calls on all of us to turn to...

                                  Cultivating Virtue: Self-Mastery with the Saints
                                  Price: $39.95
                                  Item #: 114230 -

                                    Cultivating Virtue: Self-Mastery with the SaintsOn every page Cultivating Virtue imparts the true spirit of the Catholic Faith. This book takes 12 Christian virtues—one for each month, with a reading for each day of the year—and shows you how to master each one. Featuring episodes and sayings from the lives of the Saints, it covers Perfection, Humility, Mortification, Patience, Meekness, Confidence, Charity, among others.Master the virtues and set out on your road to becoming a saint by learning...

                                    Dark Night of the Soul St. John of the Cross
                                    Price: $19.95
                                    Item #: 81117 -

                                      In Dark Night of the Soul, Saint John of the Cross presents for us a portrait painted from his own experience of one who advances successfully through the struggles of the spiritual life. The dark night that St John describes is not abandonment by God but special consideration from Him for those who desire to purify and perfect their souls. With a soul purified from earthly attachments, we can advance through the much quoted but oft misunderstood dark night of the souls into unity with God. By...

                                      Day by Day with Saint Benedict Terrence G. Kardong, OSB
                                      Price: $29.95
                                      Item #: 87305 -

                                        Day by Day with Saint Benedict Terrence G. Kardong, OSB Reflecting on years of living the Benedictine life and of scholarly work on the Rule of Saint Benedict, monk and priest Terrence Kardong offers his wisdom in Day by Day with Saint Benedict. These short, daily reflections on quotations from the Rule are accessible to lay people and religious alike and they will help the reader to incorporate Benedictine values in his or her own life. Day by Day with Saint Benedict includes 366 meditations,...

                                        Day by Day with Saint Faustina 365 Reflections by Susan Tassone
                                        Price: $16.95
                                        Item #: 114537 -

                                          These pages bring you a beautiful collection of spiritual treasures drawn from the celebrated Diary of Catholic visionary and mystic, St. Faustina Kowalska (1905-1938). Arranged by award-winning and best-selling Catholic author Susan Tassone into a handy, day-by-day form, these selections from Faustina’s writings on Divine Mercy – revealed to her over the years in mystical conversations with Jesus himself – will help you do what Jesus told Faustina he wants you to do: trust completely in His...

                                          Day by Day with Saint Augustine Donald X. Burt, OSA
                                          Price: $29.95
                                          Item #: 84978 -

                                            Before he was a famous saint, Augustine was a notorious sinner. He wandered from the faith and, after a dramatic spiritual transformation in his thirties, returned to become a bishop and theologian in the early church. The short, daily meditations in Day by Day with Saint Augustine are candid reflections on the challenges to living a life of faith from someone who experienced the pitfalls. His wisdom is timeless, his words are profound, and his message ever relevant. Day by Day with Saint...

                                            Day by Day with St. Francis
                                            Price: $10.95
                                            Item #: 103701 -

                                              Day by Day with St. Francis This Spiritual Life Series title offers minute meditations for each day of the year. Each daily entry provides a quote on the life and legacy of St. Francis from the writings of either the Saint himself or one of his early brothers or from the Papal Bull Mira Circa Nos of Pope Gregory IX, which proclaimed the canonization of St. Francis; a reflection; and a scriptural prayer. Pages: 192 Author: PETER A. GIERSCH Size: 4 X 6 1/4 Color: BROWN Binding: DURA-LUX

                                              Divine Mercy In My Soul, Paperback Diary Of St. Faustina
                                              Price: $17.95
                                              Item #: 92982 -

                                                Divine Mercy In My Soul, Paperback Diary Of St. Faustina Paperback 699 pagesFaustina Kowalska; Marians of the Immaculate Conception Congregation;This is the book that sparked the Divine Mercy movement, one of the fastest growing movements in the Catholic Church. Chronicling Sr. Fausina's great experience of Divine Mercy in her soul and her mission to share that mercy with the world, this amazing narrative will stir readers' hearts and souls as it shares the experience of a simple Polish...

                                                DIARY OF SAINT MARIA FAUSTINA KOWALSKA, SPANISH
                                                Price: $17.95
                                                Item #: 80203 -

                                                  The Book That Sparked the Divine Mercy Movement The Diary chronicles God's message given through St. Faustina to the world to turn to His mercy. In it, we are reminded to trust the Divine Mercy in Jesus and seek His forgiveness. And as Christ is merciful, so, too, are we instructed to be merciful to others. The message of Divine Mercy has become an integral part of Catholic faith, including the celebration of the Feast of Divine Mercy on the Sunday after Easter. ...

                                                  Dictionary Of Saints
                                                  Price: $16.99
                                                  Item #: 91365 -

                                                    The preeminent resource guide for more than twenty years, this one-of-a-kind book, now available in paperback, has been updated to include those recently canonized and beatified.Since its original publication in 1980, John J. Delaney’s Dictionary of Saints (more than 200,000 copies sold) has become the leading reference book for the scholar and general reader alike. With more than five thousand biographies of the saints—from the well known to the obscure—this new edition brings to life the...

                                                    Divine Mercy for Moms Sharing the Lessons of St. Faustina Author: Michele Faehnle Author: Emily Jaminet Foreword by: Fr. Michael E. Gaitley, MIC
                                                    Price: $14.95
                                                    Item #: 102568 -

                                                      Originating in the early twentieth century, the Divine Mercy devotion of St. Faustina Kowalska is one of the most celebrated of all Catholic devotions. In this, their first book, Catholic bloggers and speakers Michele Faehnle and Emily Jaminet break open the history, practices, and prayers associated with the devotion, guiding busy moms to receive God’s message of Divine Mercy and pass it on to others through their words, deeds, and prayers. In her famous Diary: Divine Mercy in My Soul, St....

                                                      Dorothy Day, Thomas Merton and the Greatest Commandment
                                                      Price: $29.95
                                                      Item #: 116810 -

                                                        Dorothy Day, Thomas Merton and the Greatest CommandmentRadical Love in Times of Crisis by Julie Leininger Pycior, PaperbackDorothy Day and Thomas Merton together made history with their radical witness to love of God and neighbor. Even so, this evocative saga has not come center stage—until now. The first-ever pairing of their personal journals reveals that Merton drew great inspiration from Dorothy Day’s devotion to prayer, peace, and privileging “the least,” while she wrote, “I must...

                                                        Elwood: The Story of a Catholic World War II Hero
                                                        Price: $18.95
                                                        Item #: 121163 -

                                                          Elwood Euart was born in 1914 in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, the second of seven children in a faithful Catholic family. Athletic, responsible, and likeable, Elwood was just an ordinary guy growing up in the 1920s and ’30s. He had his share of victories and defeats, accomplishments and setbacks, joys and heartaches. He went to Mass, helped his family, went to college, embarked on a military career, and advanced to the rank of captain in the U.S. Army. On October 26, 1942, in the South West...

                                                          Eucharistic Miracles: And Eucharistic Phenomenon In The Lives Of The Saints
                                                          Price: $16.95
                                                          Item #: 90591 -

                                                            On many occasions throughout the history of the Catholic Church, God has provided visible proof of the invisible reality of the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist.In her book, Eucharistic Miracles, Joan Carroll Cruz documents 36 such miracles which occurred from 800 AD to the present day. This book tells of consecrated Hosts which have visibly turned to human flesh, have bled, levitated, and which have become hard as flint when received by a person in mortal sin. It details...

                                                            Every Day with Saint Joseph
                                                            Price: $20.95
                                                            Item #: 121326 -

                                                              Every Day with Saint Joseph Mary Amore, Editor As Guardian of the Holy Family and Patron of the Universal Church, Saint Joseph is a model and friend for all of us. Building a personal relationship with Joseph can have a profound impact on our spiritual life, for Saint Joseph always leads us to Jesus. Every Day with Saint Joseph is the perfect place to start building that relationship. With a timely and relevant meditation for each day of the year, this book will help you connect with Joseph...

                                                              Family Consecration to Jesus through Mary 33 Days of Preparation with Saint Louis Marie de Montfort
                                                              Price: $18.95
                                                              Item #: 116787 -

                                                                Family Consecration to Jesus through Mary 33 Days of Preparation with Saint Louis Marie de Montfort by Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle Saint Faustina warned parents that praying for their children is not enough. That’s why so many conscientious parents take the further step of consecrating their children to Jesus through Mary, thereby defending them from evil and paving their way to Heaven. This book walks you through the simple process of doing just that. Its informed pages give you detailed...

                                                                Father of Mercy: The True Story of Blessed Don Carlo Gnocchi DVD
                                                                Price: $17.95
                                                                Item #: 119749 -

                                                                  This powerful epic film depicts the life of Blessed Carlo Gnocchi, an Italian priest who labored heroically to minister to the wounded and dying soldiers during World War II, and later to children victims of the war on the home front. While teaching students at the Gonzaga Institute in Milan, Fr. Gnocchi volunteered to be the military chaplain on the war front. After witnessing the horrors of the war, helping many suffering and dying soldiers, and miraculously escaping death himself, he...

                                                                  Father Solanus Casey, Revised and Updated
                                                                  Price: $20.95
                                                                  Item #: 109391 -

                                                                    Father Solanus Casey, Revised and Updated “What does it matter where we go? Wherever we go, won’t we be serving God there?” Father Solanus Casey (1870–1957) — Wisconsin native, Capuchin friar, and miracle-worker — lived this motto throughout his life. By his gentle, cheerful example, he taught others to have that same trust in God. Wherever he was sent — whether to parishes in New York City or monasteries in Detroit and tiny Huntington, Indiana — Father Casey was widely sought after for his...

                                                                    Fathers of the Faith: Saint Augustine
                                                                    Price: $14.95
                                                                    Item #: 122258 -

                                                                      In this volume from the Fathers of the Faith series, you’ll be introduced to Saint Augustine of Hippo. Who was he? What did he teach? Where and when did he live? Why is he an important figure in the history of the Church? In this accessible, bite-sized introduction, renowned author, speaker, and television host Mike Aquilina gives an overview of Augustine’s life as a proud North African in the fourth and fifth century. His conversion from sinful young man to Catholic priest and bishop is well...

                                                                      Fathers of the Faith: Saint Irenaeus
                                                                      Price: $14.95
                                                                      Item #: 122176 -

                                                                        PAPERBACK In this volume from the Fathers of the Faith series, you'll be introduced to Saint Irenaeus of Lyons. Who was he? What did he teach? Where and when did he live? Why is he an important figure in the history of the Church? In this accessible, bite-sized introduction, renowned author, speaker, and television host Mike Aquilina gives an overview of Irenaeus's life as a second-century Greek and the historical surroundings that affected his life and thought. A friend of Saint Polycarp from...

                                                                        FAUSTINA: THE MYSTIC AND HER MESSAGE
                                                                        Price: $29.95
                                                                        Item #: 89346 -

                                                                          Follow the path of Faustina on her journey to sainthood. Award-winning author and historian Dr. Ewa Czaczkowska tenaciously pursued Faustina to ultimately produce a biography that masterfully tracks this mystic's riveting life and her unique call from Jesus. More than 70,000 copies of the original Polish edition were sold within three months of its release. Now licensed for English distribution exclusively through Marian Press, Faustina: The Mystic and Her Message provides new details about...

                                                                          Finding Frassati: And Following His Path to Holiness
                                                                          Price: $18.95
                                                                          Item #: 120472 -

                                                                            His friends called him an explosion of joy. Mountain climbing, music, practical jokes and political debates were among his many passions. With film star looks, common sense intelligence, and amazing athleticism, Pier Giorgio Frassati had every reason to pursue worldly success. He chose to focus on higher goals instead. Identified as “The Man of the Eight Beatitudes” and recognized as one of the most fascinating and relatable saintly examples of the 20th century, he was devoted to the Eucharist...

                                                                            Finding God in All Things A Companion to the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Author: William A. Barry, S.J.
                                                                            Price: $13.95
                                                                            Item #: 98480 -

                                                                              Finding God in All Things A Companion to the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Author: William A. Barry, S.J. Dispelling the myth that spiritual retreats are only for those who can get away for an extended time, seasoned spiritual director William Barry, S.J., shares his unique understanding of the Spiritual Exercises and demonstrates how they can benefit the ordinary person's relationship with God. Finding God in All Things gives new life to the spirituality of St. Ignatius and illuminates...

                                                                              Fire Within Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross and the Gospel on Prayer By: Fr. Thomas Dubay S.M.
                                                                              Price: $19.95
                                                                              Item #: 94340 -

                                                                                Fire Within Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross and the Gospel on Prayer By: Fr. Thomas Dubay S.M. This book is the fruit of Fr. Dubay's many years of study and experience in spiritual direction and in it he synthesizes the teachings on prayer of the two great doctors of the Church on prayer--St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila--and the teaching of Sacred Scripture.But the teaching that Fr. Dubay synthesized is not collected from Teresa and John for contemplatives alone. It is meant...

                                                                                Flowers for Jesus: A Story of Therese of Lisieux as a Young Girl by Becky Arganbright
                                                                                Price: $12.95
                                                                                Item #: 114923 -

                                                                                  Little Thérèse Martin could be a very stubborn young girl. All too often, if someone wanted her to say "yes," she wanted to say "no"! But then, as she is preparing for her First Communion, Thérèse discovers a way to turn her everyday trials and tribulations into something beautiful for Jesus. Join Thérèse (and her family) as she learns to “gather roses from amid thorns.”

                                                                                  DVD Footprint of God: Elijah & Elisha Conscience of the Kingdom
                                                                                  Price: $24.95
                                                                                  Item #: 112103 -

                                                                                    Footprints of God: Elijah & Elisha Conscience of the Kingdom Director: Stephen K. Ray Shunning comforts and risking their lives, the great prophets Elijah and Elisha stood fearlessly against pagan priests and kings who opposed the God of Israel. The Israelites fell into gross idolatry with sensuous fertility cults. With fiery words and powerful miracles the prophets were the voice of God. Join the adventure as Stephen Ray, best-selling author and popular Bible teacher takes you on an exciting...

                                                                                    Four More Witnesses Further Testimony from Christians Before Constantine By: Rod Bennett
                                                                                    Price: $16.95
                                                                                    Item #: 120967 -

                                                                                      Here is the long-awaited sequel to Rod Bennett's Four Witnesses: The Early Church in Her Own Words, a page-turning spiritual adventure following the lives and words of Clement of Rome, Ignatius of Antioch, Justin Martyr, and Irenaeus of Lyons. Four More Witnesses invites readers to enter again the world of the early, influential Christian writers, this time meeting Hermas, Clement of Alexandria, Hippolytus, and Origen. What did these witnesses have to say on the necessity of baptism? What did...

                                                                                      Frances de Sales, Introduction to the Devout Life
                                                                                      Price: $29.95
                                                                                      Item #: 112902 -

                                                                                        Frances de Sales, Introduction to the Devout Life As Bishop of Geneva in the first quarter of the 17th century, Francis de Sales saw to the spiritual needs of everyone. The desire to be closer to God that he found in people led him to compile these instructions on how to live in Christ. Francis’s compassionate Introduction to the Devout Life leads you through practical ways of attaining a devout life without renouncing the world and offers prayers and meditations to strengthen devotion in the...

                                                                                        Francis And Clare The Complete Works
                                                                                        Price: $24.95
                                                                                        Item #: 82056 -

                                                                                          Francis (c. 1182-1226), "The Little Poor Man" of Assisi, and Clare (c.1193-1254), "The Clear One," the woman who lived out his vision with heroic simplicity, together shaped the spirituality of early thirteenth-century Europe. Each gathered communities of like-minded persons to live out a radical commitment to the Gospel message of poverty and in the process left a legacy that has captured the imagination of both believer and nonbeliever throughout the ages.Here for the first time in English...

                                                                                          Francis: Pope of a New World
                                                                                          Price: $19.95
                                                                                          Item #: 80874 -

                                                                                            by Andrea Tornielli In the words, the ideas, and the personal recollections of Pope Francis--including material up to the final hours before his election--the most highly regarded Vatican observer on the international scene reveals the personality of this man of God, gentle and humble. The son of Italian immigrants to Argentina, he made radically following Christ and the way of non-violence the pillars of his pastoral ministry in a country, continually tormented by social and economic...

                                                                                            From Islam to Christ
                                                                                            Price: $16.95
                                                                                            Item #: 108589 -

                                                                                              From Islam to Christ One Woman's Path through the Riddles of God By: Derya Little Born and raised in Muslim Turkey, Derya Little wandered far and wide in search of her true home. After her parents' divorce, she rejected her family's Islamic faith and became an atheist. During her stormy adolescence, she tried to convince a Christian missionary that there is no God but was converted to Christ instead. Her winding path through the riddles of God was not over, however. While attending a Turkish...

                                                                                              The Garden of Wonders Author: Judith Bouilloc Illustrator: Sara Ugolotti
                                                                                              Price: $16.99
                                                                                              Item #: 126064 -

                                                                                                Rica is sick and needs an operation. Through her relationship with her grandmother and a mysterious encounter with Saint Hildegard of Bingen, she sees the beauty of the world and the gift of life in a new light. Based on the writings of Saint Hildegard, this book for young people is a meditation on the wonders of creation and the Creator, who makes and loves all things.27 PAGES, HARDCOVER

                                                                                                Gianna Berretta Molla : Wife, Mother, and Doctor
                                                                                                Price: $7.49
                                                                                                Item #: 81781 -

                                                                                                  by Barbara Yoffie, Illustrated by Katherine A. BorgattiSaints are real-life heroes and heroines of faith who inspire us by their virtues to become more like Christ. In this series of beautifully illustrated early reader books, these real stories come to life and connect with today�s children, ages 4 to 9. St. Gianna Beretta Molla was a doctor, a wife and mother. She loved her own little family dearly. Like the Holy Family, Gianna�s family gives us an example of Christian love and...