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A Catholic Childs First Communion Bible-Blessings - Boy
Price: $19.95
Item #: 81263 -

    A Catholic Child's First Communion Bible-Blessings - Boy This edition comes with a padded simulated leather cover, gold stamping, gold edges, and Communion certificate pages. Gift boxed. Blessings edition-boy.Pages: 96Author: Ruth Hannon & Rev. Victor Hoagland, C.P.Size: 4 1/4 X 6Binding: PADDEDPreview the inside pages ? ...

    American Priest
    Price: $28.00
    Item #: 114802 -

      A provocative new biography probes deeply into the storied life of Father Ted Hesburgh, the well-loved but often controversial president of Notre Dame University. Considered for many decades to be the most influential priest in America, Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, played what many consider pivotal roles in higher education, the Catholic Church, and national and international affairs. American Priest examines his life and his many and varied engagements�from the university he led for thirty-five...

      Baptism: Understanding the Sacraments
      Price: $2.00
      Item #: 117833 -

        Sacraments are at the heart of our lives as Catholics, the way we celebrate together our continuing conversion and encounter with God. Sacramental preparation is essential if we are to experience the fullness of our life in community and in Christ. Ever conscious of the complex history of the church and its dynamic relationship to ritual, Father Lawrence Mick provides these booklets based on his popular Understanding the Sacraments Today’as a companion to the ongoing and repeated practices...

        Book of Blessings
        Price: $45.00
        Item #: 94366 -

          This liturgical book contains the blessings of the Roman Ritual for the Universal Church as well as additional proper blessings for use in the United States. The volume is set in highly readable 14 pt. type. Brown Hardcover. 896 pages.

          Book of Gospels
          Price: $89.00
          Item #: 89775 -

            The Book of the Gospels contains the new edition of the Gospel Readings approved by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops for the new Lectionary for Mass. Includes Proper of Seasons (Sunday Gospels), Solemnities and Feasts of the Lord and Saints, and 17 Ritual Masses. This edition of The Book of the Gospels is printed in two colors in extra-large type in practical sense-line format. With gold-edged pages and durable red, gold-stamped cloth cover, The Book of the Gospels is a magnificent book...

            Catholic Childs Prayer Book
            Price: $1.95
            Item #: 82161 -

              Catholic Child's Prayer Book contains all the best-known traditional Catholic prayers along with the Mass, prayers to and of the Saints, selected favorite psalms, and Stations of the Cross. This beautifully illustrated, pocket-size book is perfect for smaller hands and allows children to carry some of the best-loved prayers with them wherever they go.By Rev. Thomas J. Donaghy64 pages / 2.5" x 3.75"

              Catholic Childrens Bible
              Price: $15.95
              Item #: 16880 -

                Catholic Children's Bible A perennial bestseller, The Catholic Children's Bible is one of the best selling titles in the children's market. It has sold well over 1.5 million copies and will be treasured by Catholic children of all ages. Pages: 320Author: MARY THEOLA ZIMMERMANSize: 5 3/4 x 8 3/4Color: ILLUSTRATEDBinding: HARDCOVER Preview the inside pages ? ...

                Catholic Youth Bible NABRE 4th Edition
                Price: $29.95
                Item #: 111615 -

                  The Catholic Youth Bible still features elements you know and love Catholic Connection articles that provide a more complete presentation of scripturally-based Catholic beliefs and practices, and address the principles of Catholic social teaching. Introductions to the major sections of the Bible and all the books of the Bible. Did You Know? insights into how the Church has interpreted key Scripture passages throughout history. Being Catholic guides to core beliefs, attitudes, practices, and...

                  Douay-Rheims Bible (Burgundy Premium UltraSoft)
                  Price: $49.95
                  Item #: 115152 -

                    Douay-Rheims Bible (Burgundy Premium UltraSoft) Translated between the years 1582 and 1610 and revised by Bishop Richard Challoner, this is the most accurate English translation of the Bible available today. It was the only Catholic translation of Scripture commonly in use for over 200 years and we maintain that it is still the best and safest version of the Bible in English. Translated with profound respect for every word, the beautiful style of the Douay-Rheims Bible will instill in the...

                    Embracing Motherhood
                    Price: $13.99
                    Item #: 107729 -

                      Popular author Donna-Marie Cooper OBoyle is back, this time with a book that addresses the vocation of motherhood, with all its joys and challenges. Using personal recollections, stories, Scripture, papal writings, and quotes from the saints, Donna-Marie encourages women to fully embrace their calling as mothers. The book takes an honest look at family planning, raising sons and daughters in our media age, overcoming perfectionism, single parenting, and dealing with the tough issues todays...

                      Favorite Catholic Novenas This prayer book features 10 of the most popular Catholic Novenas, including Novenas to Saint Joseph, Saint Peregrine, the Infant of Prague, and Saint Jude. Softcover. 96 pages.
                      Price: $5.95
                      Item #: 81013 -

                        Favorite Catholic Novenas This prayer book features 10 of the most popular Catholic Novenas, including Novenas to Saint Joseph, Saint Peregrine, the Infant of Prague, and Saint Jude. Softcover. 96 pages.

                        First Communion Certificate
                        Price: $6.25
                        Item #: 52440 -

                          6"x9" Heavy Ledger paper, Pad of 50

                          Guide for Liturgy of the Hours
                          Price: $2.50
                          Item #: PT400G -

                            Handy guide that facilitates use of THE LITURGY OF THE HOURS by providing clear, accurate references for each day of the period specified. Paperback; 48pgs.

                            Infiltration The Plot to Destroy the Church from Within
                            Price: $24.95
                            Item #: 114993 -

                              Infiltration: The Plot to Destroy the Church from Withinby Dr. Taylor Reed Marshall It took nearly two millennia for the enemies of the Catholic Church to realize they could not successfully attack the Church from the outside. Indeed, countless nemeses from Nero to Napoleon succeeded only in creating sympathy and martyrs for our Catholic Faith. That all changed in the mid-19th century, when clandestine societies populated by Modernists and Marxists hatched a plan to subvert the Catholic Church...

                              Jesus Calling Deluxe Edition, Large Print
                              Price: $24.99
                              Item #: 108660 -

                                Jesus Calling Deluxe Edition, Large PrintExperience a deeper relationship with Jesus as you savor the presence of the One who understands you perfectly and loves you forever. This edition is sure to be a favorite in the popular Jesus Calling line.

                                Lectionary - Sunday Mass (Chapel) 3-Year Cycle Volume I: Sundays, Solemnities, Feasts Of The Lord And The Saints
                                Price: $59.00
                                Item #: 91354 -

                                  The Lectionary for Sunday Mass (Chapel Edition) from contains the approved English translation of the liturgical Lectionary for the United States that went into use on November 29, 1998. Includes all the Lectionary readings for Cycles A, B, and C complete in one volume. Printed in two colors in large 12-pt. type and set out in sense lines, the Lectionary for Sunday Mass is formatted to make it as pastoral, practicable, and functional as possible. This magnificently illustrated Lectionary from...

                                  Lectionary Weekday Mass (Vol. III)
                                  Price: $99.00
                                  Item #: 92251 -

                                    Vol. III of the Lectionary for Weekday Masses Pulpit Edition contains the complete Weekday Lectionary for Year II and the Proper and Common of Saints for liturgical use in the Catholic Church. This magnificently illustrated volume of the Weekday Lectionary is printed in large, bold, easy-to-read type. A user-friendly layout that eliminates unnecessary page-turning and over 20 beautiful liturgical drawings providing a pictorial introduction to each main section make this Weekday Lectionary...

                                    Little Flowers of St. Francis Coloring Book
                                    Price: $9.95
                                    Item #: 104040 -

                                      Little Flowers of St. Francis Coloring Book, 32 pages.

                                      Liturgy of The Hours Case Set
                                      Price: $78.00
                                      Item #: 86003 -

                                        Crafted in rich, supple leather with a zipper closure, these durable and luxurious cases are worthy of holding and protecting the official prayer of the Church, the 4-volume LITURGY OF THE HOURS.

                                        Mass For Children
                                        Price: $1.95
                                        Item #: 94373 -

                                          The Mass for ChildrenThe Mass for Children is perfect for Sunday School and children getting ready for the sacrament of Holy Eucharist. A Simple explanation of the Mass. Full color picture book helps navigate even the youngest through the Mass. Mass prayers and instructions included, 32 pages paperback.

                                          Misal Romano (Deluxe Altar Edition)
                                          Price: $169.00
                                          Item #: 111008 -

                                            On May 1, 2018, Catholic Book will publish the Misal Romano, the first Spanish language translation of the Roman Missal approved for use in the United States by the USCCB and confirmed by the Apostolic See. The Misal Romano will be available in two editions. Staying true to our commitment of more than 107 years of publishing excellence, our editions of the Misal Romano are formatted nearly page for page as our editions of the Roman Missal. Users of our Roman Missal will feel at home with the...

                                            Misal Romano/Edicin para el altar
                                            Price: $169.95
                                            Item #: 109922 -

                                              Features: a rich, durable deep-red cloth cover embellished with Christ enthroned, rendered in a distinguished, bold style and foil stamped in gold and copper; interior adorned with eighteen beautiful and original illustrations, specially commissioned for this book, by the liturgical illustrator and artist Emanuel Franco-Gmez, OCarm.; prayer texts set in easy-to-proclaim type on natural ivory quality paper; five sturdy grosgrain ribbon bookmarks and a full complement of beautiful tabs to...

                                              ?Mothers Manual: Prayers and Advice for Catholic Mothers, Deluxe Hardcover
                                              Price: $12.95
                                              Item #: 89355 -

                                                Mother's Manual: Prayers and Advice for Catholic Mothers, Deluxe HardcoverPrayers and directives for the mother and the expectant mother. A true companion, inspiration and comfort in her joys, hopes, sorrows, loves and anxieties. 3.5" x 5.5" 218 Pages

                                                My Daily Catholic Bible, NABRE
                                                Price: $30.95
                                                Item #: 83869 -

                                                  My Daily Catholic Bible, Revised NAB Edition offers a reading plan that divides all of Sacred Scripture into 365 segments, one for each day of the year; features two small, manageable readings for each day, one from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament; offers an insightful quote from a saint for every day.There's never been an easier way to read the Bible. You don't have to start on January 1. Begin reading on any calendar date and twelve months later you'll have made your way...

                                                  Pockets of Learning My Quiet Book, Activity Busy Book for Toddlers and Children, Original Quiet Book
                                                  Price: $32.95
                                                  Item #: 25511 -

                                                    -TETHERED PIECES - All pieces are tethered to the book to reduce worry over lost pieces. -INTERACTIVE PLAY - Soft interactive pages keep children busy while increasing motor skills and cognitive learning. -EASY TO TRAVEL - Zippered interactive cloth book with padded handles makes take-along easy. -HANDMADE FOR OVER 30 YEARS - As one of the first classic handmade quiet books to enter the market over 30 years ago is now being enjoyed by a second generation. My Quiet Book is still handmade in the...

                                                    St. Joseph New Catholic Bible (Giant Type)
                                                    Price: $42.95
                                                    Item #: 94365 -

                                                      The Giant Type Edition of the St. Joseph New American (Catholic) Bible features the largest type of any Catholic Bible in a comparable size. Includes the complete Old and New Testaments in giant, easy-to-read 14-pt. type, notes at the end of each book, footnotes, and full-color Land of the Bible section. The focus in this edition of the St. Joseph New American Bible is placed on the text, which is arranged for easy reading. Other features in this giant type Bible include a Presentation Page...

                                                      Large Print New American Bible, Revised Edition
                                                      Price: $35.97
                                                      Item #: 91061 -

                                                        Page-edge indexing156-page Encyclopedic DictionaryDurable burgundy hardcover edition Catholic New American Bible Revised VersionFeatures include: Presentation Page; Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation; Origin, Inspiration and History of the Bible; Three Year Cycle of Readings; and Celebration of the EucharistSize: 6 3/4" X 9 1/2" X 1 1/2" Color: Burgundy ...

                                                        New American Bible- Deluxe Gift Edition
                                                        Price: $38.95
                                                        Item #: 609/13 -

                                                          The Medium-Size Deluxe Gift Edition of the St. Joseph New American (Catholic) Bible includes the complete Old and New Testaments in large, easy-to-read type. Many helpful aids for easy Bible reading include a valuable Bible Dictionary, self-explanatory maps, a doctrinal Bible Index, complete footnotes and cross-references, and over 30 full-color illustrations. Four-page presentation pages, 8-page Family Record, full-color Rosary and Stations, and handy edge-marking index. The Medium-Size...

                                                          Order Of Baptism Of Children (Bilingual Edition)
                                                          Price: $32.95
                                                          Item #: 80280 -

                                                            Order Of Baptism Of Children (Bilingual Edition) This Bilingual Edition of the Ritual Edition offers a harmony between the Spanish and English texts, including the Appendix, which has been added to the Spanish Second Typical Edition, first published in the United States in 2009. ?NDICE Cap?tulo I: Rito del Bautismo para varios ni?osCap?tulo II: Rito del Bautismo para un ni?oCap?tulo III: Rito del Bautismo para un gran n?mero de ni?osCap?tulo IV: Rito del Bautismo cuando bautiza un catequista...

                                                            Order of Christian Funerals, Ritual Edition:Hardcover
                                                            Price: $79.95
                                                            Item #: 82457 -

                                                              Order of Christian Funerals, Ritual Edition: Hardcover The Church calls each member of Christ s Body Priest, Deacon, layperson to participate in the ministry of consolation: to care for the dying, to pray for the dead, to comfort those who mourn (Order of Christian Funerals, 8). Revised and updated, this edition of the Order of Christian Funerals, Ritual Edition includes the ritual texts for the Vigil and related rites and prayers, the funeral liturgy, the Rite of Committal, and the funeral...

                                                              Pray The Rosary: Expanded Edition 9780882713076
                                                              Price: $2.95
                                                              Item #: 85988 -

                                                                This new, expanded version of the tremendously popular Pray the Rosary offers the traditional shorter devotion as well as a longer devotion which includes Scriptural texts. This extended edition of Pray the Rosary is designed to provide a greater context for praying the Mysteries of the Blessed Mother and Jesus, her Son. The additional text, which can also be used as alternative text, enhances the celebration of the Rosary by focusing more deeply on the Mysteries. This 64-page Pray the Rosary...

                                                                Preparing for the Coming Persecution
                                                                Price: $17.49
                                                                Item #: 104858 -

                                                                  Because of loss of faith and sinfulness of many of the members of the church, it is about to undergo a time of trial and testing. We are already experiencing a series of chastisements. Those reading this book will consider the “signs of the times” and should begin Preparing spiritually and psychologically for the very real possibility of religious persecution in the near future. “Preparing for the Coming Persecution’ By Rev. Joseph Esper is designed to help Catholics willing to make the...

                                                                  Rhyme Bible Story Book
                                                                  Price: $17.99
                                                                  Item #: 96535 -

                                                                    Boys and girls -- even toddlers -- can enjoy delightful, classic Bible stories from the Old and New Testament retold in lilting verse and rollicking, read-aloud rhyme in The Rhyme Bible Storybook.

                                                                    Roman Missal (Deluxe Altar Edition)
                                                                    Price: $179.00
                                                                    Item #: 80119 -

                                                                      The Roman Missal and its large, bold, easy-to-read type for Priest's text and music; doubly reinforced Smyth-sewn binding carefully crafted to ensure the highest standards; durable 80 lb. paper and sturdy, functional tabs for the Order of the Mass; gold-stamped and reinforced endsheets; and gold-embosse d foil stamping on front cover and spine combine to enhance the beauty and durability of this treasured edition. Five satin ribbon markers add a distinctive finishing touch. Over 300 full-color...

                                                                      Roman Missal-Altar Edition
                                                                      Price: $169.95
                                                                      Item #: 80112 -

                                                                        The full-sized Ritual Edition and the smaller Chapel Edition of the Roman Missal feature: A rich, durable deep-red cloth cover embellished with Christ enthroned, rendered in a distinguished, bold style and foil stamped in gold and copper. Interior adorned with fifteen beautiful illustrations by renowned liturgical illustrator and cover artist Br. Martin Erspamer, OSB. Prayer texts set in readable, easy-to-proclaim type on natural ivory quality paper. Five sturdy grosgrain ribbon bookmarks and...

                                                                        Roman Missal Chapel Size Catholic Book
                                                                        Price: $99.00
                                                                        Item #: 80117 -

                                                                          This volume (approx. 1500 pages) includes the enhanced features that celebrants have come to know and trust: * Highly readable type for Priest's text and music * Familiar, proven layout that respects functional page-turns * Over 300 full-color illustrations, including 25 full- page images, that enhance the sacredness and dignity of the text * As with the present Sacramentary, the white sheet provides the highest opacity and readability * As with the present Sacramentary,...

                                                                          Roman Missal, Altar Edition
                                                                          Price: $169.00
                                                                          Item #: 84008 -

                                                                            The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has designed a reverent book to engage the congregation to fully participate in the Mass. The Altar Edition of the Roman Missal, Third Edition preserves the same expert quality, design, and affordability of previous liturgical ritual books. Produced with high quality materials, manufacturing expertise and bound for enduring continuous use, the Altar Edition features a leather cover, gold-gilded pages, strong end sheets, and lasting tabs...

                                                                            St Joseph NABRE Confirmation Bible
                                                                            Price: $37.95
                                                                            Item #: 80980 -

                                                                              Supple material, blind embossing, foil stamping, precise stitching, and decorative gilding combine to provide an exquisite and unique package for the Word of God. The distinctive features of our St. Joseph Editions, including new maps and Confirmation Record, complete this handsome gift.Also Available Personalized! CLICK HERE! ...

                                                                              St. Joseph New American Bible-Personal Gift Size Edition
                                                                              Price: $33.00
                                                                              Item #: 90980 -

                                                                                The Personal-Size Gift Edition of the St. Joseph New American (Catholic) Bible includes the complete Old and New Testaments in compact easy-to-read type. Many helpful aids for easy Bible reading include a valuable Bible Dictionary, self-explanatory maps, a doctrinal Bible Index, complete footnotes and cross-references, and 32 full-color illustrations. Also contains 4-page presentation pages and an 8-page Family Record. The Personal-Size Gift Edition of the St. Joseph New American (Catholic)...

                                                                                The Easter Cave
                                                                                Price: $12.99
                                                                                Item #: 88930 -

                                                                                  This child-friendly book tells the story of Easter using the creative format of repetitive rhyming text. The book takes the reader from the cross to the resurrection using rhyme and images. Explore these important parts of the Easter story with your little ones: the caveChrist the Kingthe crown of thorns and the men who made itthe nailsthe women at the cavethe stone in front of the cavethe angelsthe friends who spread the Good News of Jesus' resurrection Hardback  32 Pages ...

                                                                                  The Easter Day Surprise, Hardcover
                                                                                  Price: $13.99
                                                                                  Item #: 98744 -

                                                                                    ISBN-13: 9780758614452Pages: 32Age range: 5 - 9 Years

                                                                                    The Little Flower Prayerbook: A Carmelite Manual of Prayer
                                                                                    Price: $32.95
                                                                                    Item #: 84606 -

                                                                                      The Little Flower Prayerbook: A Carmelite Manual of Prayer The Little Flower Prayerbook is a vintage manual of prayers combined with a treasury of St. Thérèse's spiritual writings that showcases the wisdom and contemplation she achieved in her short lifetime.Originally published in 1926 and faithfully re-typeset by TAN Books, The Little Flower Prayerbook: A Carmelite Manual of Prayers is an introduction to the time-honored Carmelite prayers and devotions that St. Thérèse herself practiced...

                                                                                      100 Extraordinary Stories for Courageous Girls
                                                                                      Price: $16.99
                                                                                      Item #: 114567 -

                                                                                        Girls are world-changers! And this deeply inspiring storybook proves it!Just for the girls in your life, ages 8 and up, this collection of 100 extraordinary stories of women of faith--from the Bible, history, and today--will empower them to know and understand how women have made a difference in the world and how much smaller our faith (and the biblical record) would be without them. Featuring full-page, colorful illustrations alongside the true stories of amazing women like Lydia, Naomi,...

                                                                                        A CATHOLIC CHILDS FIRST COMMUNION BIBLE-BLESSINGS-GIRL
                                                                                        Price: $19.95
                                                                                        Item #: 81262 -

                                                                                          A CATHOLIC CHILD'S FIRST COMMUNION BIBLE-BLESSINGS-GIRLThis edition comes with a padded simulated leather cover, gold stamping, gold edges, and Communion certificate pages. Gift boxed. Blessings edition-girl.Product Code: RG1400135ISBN: 9780882712208Pages: 96Author: REV. VICTOR HOAGLANDSize: 4 1/4 X 6Color: ILLUSTRATEDBinding: PADDED ...

                                                                                          Dvd A Childs First Communion: And So Much More! Joe Kempf
                                                                                          Price: $36.99
                                                                                          Item #: 71550 -

                                                                                            Dvd A Child's First Communion: And So Much More! Joe Kempf This new DVD featuring Fr. Joe Kempf contains two programs--one for children as they prepare for their first experience of the Eucharist and one for the adults guiding them along the way. For Children: Whether preparing for their 1st or 1500th Communion, children will be changed by the holiness, humor, and insight in a 4-part, 23-minute segment. Learning the fundamentals of our Catholic faith will inspire them to love the Mass, God,...

                                                                                            Baby Blessings Catholic Bible
                                                                                            Price: $14.95
                                                                                            Item #: 81280 -

                                                                                              Baby Blessings Catholic Bible gives parents and caregivers a positive and enjoyable way to teach children about the Bible. From Creation through Easter, some of the best loved stories from the Old Testament and New Testament are presented in delightful rhyme and illustrated in glowing color. There are special prayers and discussion questions, which makes it a rich, interactive experience for parents and children.

                                                                                              Baby Jesus is Born-Arch Books
                                                                                              Price: $2.99
                                                                                              Item #: 99916 -

                                                                                                by Gloria TruittThis is a presentation of the Christmas story (Luke 2:1-20). The Arch Books series tells popular Bible stories through fun-to-read rhymes and bright illustrations. This well-loved series captures the attention of children, telling scripturally sound stories that are enjoyable and easy to remember.

                                                                                                Baptism Certificate with Envelope
                                                                                                Price: $0.55
                                                                                                Item #: 51094 -