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Rejoice and Be Glad (Gaudete et Exsultate)
Price: $7.95
Item #: 111719 -

    Gaudete et Exsultate teaches that: No matter where grace finds you today, holiness is within reach! Chapter One clearly shows how we can all live our daily lives with simplicity, beauty, and holiness. Two subtle enemies of holiness are still with us: Gnosticism and Pelagianism. Chapter Two shows how to spot the contemporary manifestations of these two ancient heresies. The beatitudes run counter to the way our world typically does things. Three offers a fresh perspective on the beatitudes,...

    One  Minute Devotions Girls
    Price: $9.99
    Item #: 46500 -

      One-Minute Devotions for Girls is authored by a renown writer of Christian books for youth. For every day of the year, Scripture verse is combined with a child-oriented, real life situational explanation and a simple prayer. Your favorite girls will be enchanted with this "girly" volume - all pink & pastel with glittery, silver gilt-edged pages.

      One Minute Devotions Boys
      Price: $9.99
      Item #: 46501 -

        One Minute Devotions Boys One-Minute Devotions for Boys presents daily lessons by monthly theme, for a more thorough exploration of God's word and wishes. For January, he'll learn, "What Smart People Do (Wisdom from Proverbs), and in May, he will learn to take comfort in "Talking To God (Prayer)". Each of the 366 devotions include a Scripture verse, a real-life story, with an explanation of the message, and a short prayer. The tone in this volume is winsome and conversational and, though...

        One Year Mother- Daughter Devo
        Price: $14.99
        Item #: 81517 -

          THE ONE YEAR MOTHER-DAUGHTER DEVOby Dannah Gresh "The One Year Mother-Daughter Devo" is designed to be used by a mother and her tween daughter; both can read and understand the same devotion and share in the "girl gab" section to discuss their understanding of Scripture and their relationship with God. Paperback. Ages 8-12.

          Open Our Hearts Cycle C/Pb
          Price: $5.95
          Item #: 89553 -

            A Small-Group Guide for an Active Lent (Cycle C) Lectionary-based and action-oriented, Open Our Hearts: A Small-Group Guide for an Active Lent (Cycle C) is a dynamic six-week Lenten program that links Catholics more deeply to the traditions of the Church and to their fellow parishioners. The pastoral expertise of Sr. Donna Ciangio, O.P., and Fr. Thomas Iwanowski enables Catholics to connect what they hear on Sunday to their daily activities during the rest of the week. Guide your parishioners...

            Order of Christian Funerals
            Price: $32.00
            Item #: 88869 -

              The Order of Christian Funerals (with Cremation Rite) contains texts for The Vigil and related rites and prayers, the Funeral Liturgy, Rite of Committal, Funeral Rites for Children, as well as texts for Scripture Readings, the Office for the Dead, and additional texts. This liturgical book for Catholic funerals also includes the material from Appendix 2: Cremation (except for "Reflection"), approved and published in 1997. The Order of Christian Funerals (with Cremation Rite) is attractively...

              Order of Christian Funerals, Ritual Edition:Hardcover
              Price: $79.95
              Item #: 82457 -

                The design of this beautifully bound, gold-stamped ritual book displays the ritual and Scripture texts with dignity and clarity for those who proclaim them. This ritual book contains: � large, easy-to-read type printed in two colors � a design that eliminates page-turns wherever possible � acid-free paper to eliminate discoloration � cover material for durability � three ribbons to mark pages with ease and dignity � six beautiful wood block prints by Br. Martin Erspamer, OSB ...

                Our Father: Reflections on The Lords Prayer
                Price: $21.00
                Item #: 110706 -

                  Pope Francis provides new insights into the most popular prayer in Christianity, offering readers a guide to living a life of meaning, purpose and strength.This new work by Pope Francis illuminates the most important prayer in all of Christianity, verse by verse, in conversation with Father Marco Pozza, a theologian and a prison chaplain in Padua, Italy. Here Francis offers unprecedented insight on Jesus's most profound words, while exploring the importance of social justice, benevolence, and...

                  Our Heavenly Friends Vol 1 Coloring and Activity Book
                  Price: $2.79
                  Item #: 20318 -

                    The Mysteries of the Rosary Coloring BookIt's fun to learn about our saints! In this fun, new coloring book series, each saint has a full coloring page with his picture and also a coloring page with things to know and learn about them. In this volume: -Saint Francis of Assisi -Saint Michael the Archangel -Blessed Imelda Lambertini -Saint Martin de Porres -Saint Paul -Saint Joan of Arc -Saint Nicholas This book contains 16 high-quality coloring pages. Printed in the USA. ...

                    Our Holy Father, The Pope
                    Price: $14.95
                    Item #: 86114 -

                      by Don R. CafferyWho was the first pope? Who is the pope today? What does he do? And why do we need one anyway? The answers to these questions and more can be found in this beautifully illustrated book for children. Our Holy Father, the Pope takes us back to the time of Jesus so that we can learn about the origins and role of the Papacy.The storybook format begins with the Gospels: Jesus calling Simon, Jesus renaming him Peter, meaning "rock", and giving him the keys to the kingdom, and...

                      Padded Cover Childrens Bible
                      Price: $13.95
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                        Palm Sunday Bulletin
                        Price: $8.95
                        Item #: 81138 -

                          Parenting by the Book
                          Price: $15.99
                          Item #: 80077 -

                            by John RosemondPicture respectful, responsible, obedient children who entertain themselves without television or video games, do their own homework, and have impeccable manners. A pie-in-the-sky fantasy? Not so, says family psychologist and bestselling author John Rosemond. Any parent who so desires can grow children who fit that description -- happy, emotionally healthy children who honor their parents and their families with good behavior and do their best in school. In the 1960s,...

                            Pastoral Care of the Sick (BILINGUAL EDITION)
                            Price: $16.00
                            Item #: 82454 -

                              This handy-sized edition of Pastoral Care of the Sick contains the abridged Rites of Anointing and Viaticum in English and Spanish for personal use. Includes Communion of the Sick, Anointing of the Sick under various circumstances, and Pastoral Care of the Dying (Viaticum within and outside Mass, Commendation of the Dying, Prayers for the Dead, and Rites for Exceptional Circumstances). This edition of Pastoral Care of the Sick/ Cuidado Pastoral de los Enfermos also features a convenient...

                              Pastoral Care of the Sick (Large)
                              Price: $22.00
                              Item #: 86017 -

                                The Large Edition of Pastoral Care of the Sick contains the complete texts of the official Rites, including Communion of the Sick, Anointing of the Sick under various circumstances, and Pastoral Care of the Dying (Viaticum within and outside Mass, Commendation of the Dying, Prayers for the Dead, and Rites for Exceptional Circumstances). Printed in two colors and in large type, the Large Edition of Pastoral Care of the Sick also includes a ribbon marker and is durably bound in a green cloth...

                                Pink Bible Cover with Cross, Large
                                Price: $9.99
                                Item #: 46528 -

                                  Pink Bible Cover with Cross, LargePremium polyester construction Spine handle Front slip pocket Back zippered pocket Mesh zip pocket & pen loop inside Double zip closure Silver engraved cross zipper pulls Silver cross embellishment ...

                                  Poems & Prayers For Easter
                                  Price: $14.99
                                  Item #: 85206 -

                                    A thoughtful gift for children this Easter This collection of poems and prayers celebrates the great themes of Easter: faith, love, hope…and all the joy of new life in springtime. A beautifully designed keepsake, Poems & Prayers for Easter is a whimsical companion for any child to read on their own, featuring Easter-themed prayers, classic poems by William Blake, Emily Dickinson, and Langston Hughes…and reflections for this special season. Pages: 40Size: 7 x 5.5 ...

                                    Pope Francis The Pope From The End of the Earth
                                    Price: $22.95
                                    Item #: 81852 -

                                      Thomas J. Craughwell " You know that the work of the conclave is to give a bishop to Rome," the new Pontiff said. "It seems as if my brother cardinals went to find him from the end of the earth, but here we are. Thank you for the welcome." These words encapsulate the humility, gentleness, and humor of the Church's newest pontiff. In Pope Francis: The Pope from the End of the Earth, best-selling author Thomas J. Craughwell

                                      Pope Francis, The Complete Encyclicals, Bulls, and Apostolic Exhortations
                                      Price: $27.95
                                      Item #: 105899 -

                                        Volume 1 includes:Lumen Fidei, June 29, 2013: The Light of Faith is an encyclical on the centrality of faith, the relationship between reason and faith, the Church�s role in the transmission of faith, and how faith results in redeeming the world.Evangelii Gaudium, Nov. 24, 2013: The apostolic exhortation The Joy of the Gospel has been called Pope Francis�s manifesto. It challenges all Christians to approach evangelization anew and overcome complacency in order to fulfill Christ�s great...

                                        Pope Francis: In His Own Words
                                        Price: $12.95
                                        Item #: 81997 -

                                          The moment the identity of the newly elected 266th pontiff was revealed, it was clear to the thousands gathered in St. Peter�s Square, and to the watching world, that this pope was different in fascinating and exciting ways � the first from Latin America, the first Jesuit, and the first to take the name Francis, in honor of St. Francis of Assisi.When Pope Francis, formerly Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, spoke from the balcony of St. Peter�s Basilica, he greeted his audience...

                                          Pope John Paul II Biography Card
                                          Price: $1.20
                                          Item #: 500-060 -

                                            Lives of Saints, 2 page Biography, Name meaning, Paton Attributes, Prayer to Saint, and Feast Day

                                            Pray For Me: The Life And Spiritual Vision of Pope Francis, First Pope From the Americans
                                            Price: $19.99
                                            Item #: 80873 -

                                              On March 13, 2013, in Rome, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, Argentina, was elected pope. Chosen by the cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church to be the 266th successor of the apostle Peter, he is 76 years old, the first Latin American pope and the first pope from the Jesuit order.Now that the white smoke has cleared and the jubilation in St. Peter�s Square has settled, Catholics, Christians, and people everywhere are asking, who is Jorge Mario Bergoglio and what will his...

                                              Pray Like a Gourmet, Creative Ways to Feed your Soul
                                              Price: $18.99
                                              Item #: 98031 -

                                                Imagine that prayer could be like savoring a fine French meal�a flow of engaging courses featuring creative recipes, infusing all your senses, and enticing a return for more. Is it possible? Yes! David Brazzeal stirs together a love of French dining and his innovative prayer practices with a dash of international adventure to concoct an inspiring, reinvigorating prayer experience. Fun, yet profound, from confession to meditation, from observing to lamenting to praising, this book is full of...

                                                Pray The Rosary With Scripture Readings
                                                Price: $2.95
                                                Item #: 85166 -

                                                  This new and expanded version of the ever-popular Pray the Rosary provides the traditional shorter devotion as well as a longer devotion, which includes Scriptural texts that give a fuller context within which to pray the Mysteries of our Blessed Mother and her Son. The Additional or Alternative Text for each Mystery is a deeper reminder of what is being celebrated. Illustrated. Size 4-1/8 x 5-7/8".Format: PaperbackPages: 112Language: English ...

                                                  Prayers For Married Couples
                                                  Price: $8.99
                                                  Item #: 94308 -

                                                    Prayers For My Baby Boy
                                                    Price: $12.99
                                                    Item #: 80574 -

                                                      Bestselling author Angela Thomas is an adoring mom whose prayers, presented as letters to God, celebrate a mom�s delight in everyday moments with a newborn boy. Each expression of hope, gratitude, and purpose is beautifully bundled with Julie Johnson�s heartwarming photos of sweet babies that are sure to spark smiles for everyone who has loved a little boy.From the very first page, readers are reminded of the many joys and privileges of raising a child and will be led to times of prayer and...

                                                      Prayers For My Baby Girl
                                                      Price: $12.99
                                                      Item #: 80575 -

                                                        Bestselling author Angela Thomas is a sought-after speaker, gifted story-teller, and adoring mom. Her prayers, presented as letters to God, beautifully reflect a mom�s gratitude for the everyday moments with a newborn daughter. These universal expressions of love and the desire to be a good mom are bundled with Julie Johnson�s heartwarming photos of sweet babies that are sure to spark smiles for everyone who has loved a little girl.From the very first page, readers are reminded of the many...

                                                        Prayers of the Faithful
                                                        Price: $21.00
                                                        Item #: 81220 -

                                                          This new edition of Prayers of the Faithful reflects the themes of both Pope John Paul II and the vision of Pope Benedict XVI. The style of the prayer anticipates the dignity, accuracy, and quality of the new ICEL translation of the Roman Missal. Edited by Bishop Peter J. Elliott, Prayers of the Faithful contains Intercessions for all Sundays, solemnities, major feasts, and other occasions along with valuable supplementary material, including an Introduction explaining the history,...

                                                          Prayers with Purpose for Women
                                                          Price: $4.99
                                                          Item #: 113701 -

                                                            Looking for a fresh perspective on prayer? Want to revitalize your prayer life? Prayers with Purpose for Women will strengthen your connection with God through specific prayer starters for 21 key areas of life. Inside, you’ll find relevant prayers for your marriage, family, emotions, home, fears, work, finances, church, nation, and much more! This practical but powerful prayer guide will strengthen the connection between your heart and God’s. ...

                                                            Praying for Our Adult Sons and Daughters
                                                            Price: $11.95
                                                            Item #: 80384 -

                                                              When our children become adults, we can�t hold them on our laps and protect them like we used to. We need new strategies for caring for them. And the most important strategy of all is to lift up our adult sons and daughters in prayer and place them in the heart of God. When we do so, God�s love is unleashed�in them and in us. God can replace our worries and discouragement with refreshment and hope. Our Father moves mountains of worry and discouragement, leaving new refreshment and delight in...

                                                              Praying Our Goodbyes: A Spiritual Companion Through Lifes Losses and Sorrows ?Author: Joyce Rupp
                                                              Price: $16.95
                                                              Item #: 80036 -

                                                                Praying Our Goodbyes: A Spiritual Companion Through Life's Losses and SorrowsAuthor: Joyce Rupp With 250,000 copies sold, this new edition of Joyce Rupp’s most popular book offers a fresh opportunity for readers to reflect, ritualize, and reorient themselves as they navigate life’s inevitable changes. Everyone has unique goodbyes—times of losing someone or something that has given life meaning and value. With the touch of a poet, Joyce Rupp offers her wisdom on "these experiences of leaving...

                                                                Praying with My Fingers: An Easy Way to Talk with God
                                                                Price: $7.99
                                                                Item #: 86515 -

                                                                  Inspired by Pope Francis Thank you God for loving me...thank you that you hear me when I pray. This creative form of prayer has been around for a long time, and is often credited, especially today, to Pope Francis when he was the Archbishop of Argentina. Regardless of its origins, it is a powerful way to teach our children to pray that the Holy Father has often utilized in his ministry. 16 page boardbook for Children.

                                                                  Praying With Your Five Fingers Laminated Card
                                                                  Price: $3.25
                                                                  Item #: 76543 -

                                                                    Introducing our new 8 1/2 x 11, laminated prayer card, designed for pre-kindergarten through 2nd grade children, to help them learn the prayer method taught by Pope Francis. Each finger on their hand represents a people to pray for - from family and friends, to world leaders and those who are ill. This creative form of prayer has been around for a long time, and is often credited, especially today, to Pope Francis when he was the Archbishop of Argentina. Perhaps it even existed prior to Pope...

                                                                    Pronunciation Guide for the Lectionary A Comprehensive Resource for Proclaimers of the Word, Second Edition 978-1-61671-374-4
                                                                    Price: $5.00
                                                                    Item #: 96117 -

                                                                      Pronunciation Guide for the Lectionary A Comprehensive Resource for Proclaimers of the Word, Second Edition Compiled by Michael R. Prendergast, Susan E. Myers, Timothy M. MilinovichAnyone called upon to read from the Lectionary at Mass will appreciate this Pronunciation Guide for the Lectionary. Like the first edition, it includes words from the full Lectionary for Mass-- Sundays, weekdays, ritual, and votive Masses. Added to this second edition the names of recently canonized saints for...

                                                                      Querida Amazonia: The Beloved Amazon
                                                                      Price: $9.95
                                                                      Item #: 116369 -

                                                                        Querida Amazonia: The Beloved AmazonBy Pope Francis“Everything that the Church has to offer must become incarnate in a distinctive way in each part of the world, so that the Bride of Christ can take on a variety of faces that better manifest the inexhaustible riches of God’s grace.” – Pope Francis, Querida Amazonia: Post-Synodal Exhortation to the People of God and to All Persons of Good Will In his new apostolic exhortation, Querida Amazonia, Pope Francis offers a response to the Synod of...

                                                                        Real Men Pray the Rosary: A Practical Guide to a Powerful Prayer
                                                                        Price: $14.95
                                                                        Item #: 80919 -

                                                                          In Real Men Pray the Rosary: A Practical Guide to a Powerful Prayer, a powerful story of a vital prayer movement that is igniting men's hearts, David N. Calvillo narrates his own life-changing experience of the Rosary, presents a comprehensive guide to the Rosary, and offers a 33-Day Rosary Challenge."The Rosary is for old ladies and funerals." Or is it? In David N. Calvillo's debut book, he reveals how each week, thousands of men of all ages and backgrounds join together in the Real Men Pray...

                                                                          Reconciliation Certificate with Envelope
                                                                          Price: $0.55
                                                                          Item #: 51090 -

                                                                            From original oil painting 8" X 10" paper. Includes envelope, sold individually.

                                                                            Reimagining the Ignatian Examen: Fresh Ways to Pray from Your Day
                                                                            Price: $9.95
                                                                            Item #: 104646 -

                                                                              Following the example of St. Ignatius, we believe that praying the Examen will lead to a better life. The 500-year-old daily practice of honest self-assessment and reflection is a founding principle of Ignatian spirituality. What we don’t know is if St. Ignatius ever felt like changing it up a bit. Jesuit speaker and author Mark Thibodeaux, SJ, is confident that St. Ignatius wouldn’t mind a little flexibility in his prayer. Join Thibodeaux as he guides you through new and unique versions of...

                                                                              Rhyme Bible Story Book
                                                                              Price: $17.99
                                                                              Item #: 96535 -

                                                                                Boys and girls -- even toddlers -- can enjoy delightful, classic Bible stories from the Old and New Testament retold in lilting verse and rollicking, read-aloud rhyme in The Rhyme Bible Storybook.

                                                                                Risen Christ In Eastertime
                                                                                Price: $12.95
                                                                                Item #: 97319 -

                                                                                  In his other books for Advent, Christmas, and Lent published by The Liturgical Press, Father Brown has made the rich insights of modern biblical exegesis conveniently available for reflection during the great feasts of the liturgical year. Here he does the same for the Easter season by commenting on the Gospel stories of the risen Christ. Rather than focusing on the differences between the evangelists' accounts of the resurrection, Father Brown instead concentrates on how each treatment of the...

                                                                                  Rite of Christian Initiation Adults
                                                                                  Price: $33.00
                                                                                  Item #: 84316 -

                                                                                    The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults contains the latest translation of the Rite of Christian Initiation by the International Commission on English in the Liturgy plus the additional sections inserted by the United States Bishops: includes Appendices with acclamations, hymns, and songs, and the National Statutes for the Catechumenate. The format and presentation of each of the rites have been arranged for the convenience of the celebrant, with two-color printing and highly readable...

                                                                                    Rite of Penance
                                                                                    Price: $28.00
                                                                                    Item #: 81491 -

                                                                                      The Rite of Penance includes the complete biblical readings from the revised Lectionary for Mass as well as emendations made in accord with the 1983 Code of Canon Law. Each page in this new, larger size volume of the Rite of Penance is formatted to allow for easy reading and to avoid unnecessary page-turning, and the entire volume is set in a specially selected typeface outstanding for its readability. Rubrics in the Rite of Penance are clearly indicated in red type, and two-color liturgical...

                                                                                      Roman Missal, Altar Edition
                                                                                      Price: $169.00
                                                                                      Item #: 84008 -

                                                                                        The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has designed a reverent book to engage the congregation to fully participate in the Mass. The Altar Edition of the Roman Missal, Third Edition preserves the same expert quality, design, and affordability of previous liturgical ritual books. Produced with high quality materials, manufacturing expertise and bound for enduring continuous use, the Altar Edition features a leather cover, gold-gilded pages, strong end sheets, and lasting tabs...

                                                                                        Roman Missal, Classic Edition
                                                                                        Price: $350.00
                                                                                        Item #: 84007 -

                                                                                          The pages of the Classic Edition are Smyth-sewn and bound with reinforced end sheets inside a durable cover of soft and rich, faux leather. The cover is gold-stamped with an image of Christ Pantocrator on the front and Chi-Rho on the back. The 8.5� x 11� pages are an august cream color with gilded edges; the 60-gsm weight of the paper allows the book to be light while providing good opacity, and 100-gsm paper is used for sections of the missal that need to hold up to more frequent use....

                                                                                           Roman Missal, Regal Edition
                                                                                          Price: $500.00
                                                                                          Item #: 84005 -

                                                                                            Roman Missal, Regal Edition Midwest Theological Forum has designed the Regal Edition of the Roman Missal, Third Edition to ensure that every element is durable and practical yet dignified, beautiful, and suitable for divine worship. The instruction concerning an altar missal from the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments states it should be marked by such a dignity that the exterior appearance of the book itself will lead the faithful to a greater reverence for...