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365 Fun Facts for Catholic Kids
Price: $13.99
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    Got a minute? Good! That's all it will take to treat yourself to fun facts, daffy definitions and saintly surprises. Includes riddles, tongue twisters and answers to fun questions like "do you know which saint had a horse named Geraldine?" Filled with a new discovery for each day of the year.

    40 Ways for 40 Days: A Family Guide Through Lent | CATHOLIC CLOSEOUT
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      40 Ways for 40 Days: A Family Guide Through LentCelebrate the Lenten season with these activities, prayers and rituals that involve the entire familyGives families the chance to share and think about spiritual values while having fun with one another During Lent, it’s easy to get caught up in our personal sacrifices. We become so overwhelmed with surviving the 40-day marathon to Easter’s finish line, we often forget that Lent is a time of family faith renewal. With a focus on the traditional...

      5 Ribbon Replacement for Large Type Edition
      Price: $4.95
      Item #: 52874 -

        Five-ribbon replacement for the Large Type Edition of Christian Prayer . Color combination may vary

        61 Minutes to a Miracle Fulton Sheen and a True Story of the Impossible   Bonnie L. Engstrom
        Price: $13.95
        Item #: 115234 -

          61 Minutes to a Miracle Fulton Sheen and a True Story of the Impossible Bonnie L. Engstrom "You mean sixty-one seconds. You said sixty-one minutes, but you mean a little over one minute." "No," I said. "He didn’t have a pulse for over an hour." After a healthy pregnancy, on September 16, 2010, Bonnie L. Engstrom delivered a stillborn baby boy. After sixty-one minutes, just when the doctors were going to call a time of death, James Fulton’s heart began to beat. In that sixty-one minutes, the...

          67 Ways to Do the Works of Mercy with Your Kids   Heidi Indahl
          Price: $11.95
          Item #: 115237 -

            67 Ways to Do the Works of Mercy with Your Kids Heidi Indahl If you’ve always meant to do more Christian service with your kids, then this is the book for you. In 67 Ways to Do the Works of Mercy with Your Kids, Heidi Indahl provides parents with a roadmap for teaching kids the value (and rewards!) of Christian service by doing it with them. In these pages, you’ll find dozens of ideas for how families can serve others, organized by type of service and age appropriateness, with low-cost and...

            8X10 Hail Mary Lithographs, Set of 9
            Price: $14.95
            Item #: HI-POS-1472 -

              8" X 10" Full color lithographs, a MUST for every classroom. 9 prints per set.

              A Beginners Book of Prayer An Introduction to Traditional Catholic Prayers
              Price: $9.95
              Item #: 85163 -

                A Beginner's Book of Prayer An Introduction to Traditional Catholic Prayers Leatherette | 224 pages Learning to pray the Catholic way can be difficult for those who are new to the faith. What are the prayers? When do we pray them? Why do we pray them? In A Beginner's Book of Prayer, esteemed prayer-book author and editor William G. Storey provides nearly 200 prayers of the Catholic Church for anyone needing an introduction to traditional Catholic prayers. The prayers are frequently placed in...

                A Catholic Babys Record Book. A Beautiful Timeless Keepsake for the Catholic Baby. Forty Colorful Pages of Baby Treasured Events and Accomplishments. 8" x 10"
                Price: $15.95
                Item #: 35896 -

                  A Catholic Baby's Record Book. A Beautiful Timeless Keepsake for the Catholic Baby. Forty Colorful Pages of Baby Treasured Events and Accomplishments. 8" x 10"

                  A Catholic Childs Prayers
                  Price: $7.95
                  Item #: 105999 -

                    A Catholic Child's Prayers This board book�with bright, vibrant, and charming illustrations�introduces young children to traditional and new prayers. On each two-page spread, they will see a picture that they can then recreate, using the nine included blocks. Pages: 14 Author: CATHOLIC BOOK PUBLISHING CORP. Size: 10 5/8 X 7 Color: ILLUSTRATED Binding: BOARD BOOK

                    A Concise Theology of the New Testament by Frank J. Matera PAPERBACK
                    Price: $19.95
                    Item #: 116802 -

                      A Concise Theology of the New Testament  by Frank J. Matera  PAPERBACK The inaugural entry in the series Biblical Studies from the Catholic Biblical Association, A Concise Theology of the New Testament provides readers with an accessible introduction to the discipline of New Testament theology. Employing nontechnical language, it summarizes the major theologies of the New Testament and explains the contribution that New Testament theology makes to the life of the Church. ...

                      A Deeper Vision The Catholic Intellectual Tradition in the Twentieth Century By: Robert Royal
                      Price: $26.95
                      Item #: 83130 -

                        A Deeper Vision The Catholic Intellectual Tradition in the Twentieth Century By: Robert Royal In this wide-ranging and ambitious volume, Robert Royal, a prominent participant for many years in debates about religion and contemporary life, offers a comprehensive and balanced appraisal of the Catholic intellectual tradition in the twentieth century. The Catholic Church values both Faith and Reason, and Catholicism has given rise to extraordinary ideas and whole schools of remarkable thought, not...

                        A Family of Saints The Martins of Lisieux Saints Therese, Louis, and Zelie
                        Price: $22.95
                        Item #: 103766 -

                          A Family of Saints The Martins of Lisieux Saints Therese, Louis, and Zelie "God gave me a father and mother more worthy of heaven than of earth."—Saint Thérèse of Lisieux The recent, and unprecedented, canonization by Pope Francis of a husband and wife, Louis and Zélie Martin, the parents of Saint Thérèse, has stirred a great interest in this extraordinary family. This work, by the highly regarded expert on the Martin family, Father Stéphane-Joseph Piat, O.F.M, is the definitive biography of...

                          A God Who Questions  by Leonard J. DeLorenzo
                          Price: $12.95
                          Item #: 115487 -

                            A God Who Questions  by Leonard J. DeLorenzo "Where are you?" God called out to the first couple in the Garden of Eden. He never stops asking us the same question. The divine search for us continues in the person of Jesus Christ, the Word of God made flesh. When Jesus himself asks questions in the New Testament, he asks not because he needs an answer, but to draw us out of the shadows and into his presence. And he asks a lot of questions: "Do you want to be healed?" "Who do the crowds say...

                            A Handbook On Canon Law, Hardcover
                            Price: $25.00
                            Item #: 81544 -

                              A Handbook On Canon Law, HardcoverThis introduction to the law of the Church is intended for those approaching the subject for the first time. This book presents a panorama of Western canon law and is intended to assist in the study of juridical texts such as the Code of Canon Law. A Handbook on Canon Law follows the structure of the Code of Canon Law, with references to texts from the Second Vatican Council, the Holy See, and national bishops' conferences. It includes a basic bibliography of...

                              A KingS Story, Paperback by Kathryn Muehlheausler
                              Price: $10.95
                              Item #: 84820 -

                                by Kathryn MuehlheauslerThere were many other signs that Jesus worked...but, they are not recorded in this book. John: 20-30 Peopled with both historical and fictional characters who might have lived and acted the events of A King's Story, this novel provides a unique twist to events in the Bible. Gaspar, youngest of the Magi who followed the star to Bethlehem, and his servant Raheeb return to the area of the great adventure of their younger days. Their search is to find again the person,...

                                A Life of Conversion: Meeting Christ in the Gospels   by Derek Rotty
                                Price: $15.95
                                Item #: 115384 -

                                  A Life of Conversion: Meeting Christ in the Gospels by Derek Rotty “As Jesus passed on from there, he saw a man called Matthew sitting at the tax office; and he said to him, ‘Follow me.’ And he rose and followed him.” — Matthew 9:9 Conversion. The word is often associated with a one-time event, such as the call of Saint Matthew. But even for Matthew, that call was only the beginning, the moment when he started following Jesus. For Matthew, as for all the saints, his conversion lasted a...

                                  A Little Book of Manners
                                  Price: $14.99
                                  Item #: 80564 -

                                    Following in the footsteps of the popular Lets Have a Tea Party! Book, Emilie Barnes introduces children to good manners. Fascinating facts explain why we follow certain rules, and helpful hints demonstrate courtesy in a child-friendly way.

                                    A Missal for Little Ones
                                    Price: $12.99
                                    Item #: 103255 -

                                      This simple missal allows a young child to follow the prayers and actions of the holy Mass step by step. The prayers and colorful illustrations show a boy and a girl at Mass, what they say and what they do, as well as the words and actions of the priest. The mystery of Jesus, who died on the cross, rose from the dead, and opened the way to Heaven for us, is the essence of the holy Mass, which a child can enter into little by little with the help of this charming book. Color illustrations...

                                      A Newman Reader
                                      Price: $14.95
                                      Item #: 115486 -

                                        A Newman Reader Through his prolific writing, Cardinal John Henry Newman guided Catholics to a deeper understanding and love of the Faith, and his writings continue to move and inspire us today. He combined his profound intellect with the loving heart of a pastor, using both to help Christians enter into a relationship with God, opening their hearts to the love and mercy of the Father’s heart. Through this curated collection of essays, sermons, poems, hymns, and letters, you will not only be...

                                        A Once-and-Coming Spirit at Pentecost
                                        Price: $6.95
                                        Item #: 97406 -

                                          Father Brown completes his look at the great seasons of the liturgical year, making the rich insights of modern biblical exegesis conveniently available to all, with this volume for the season from Easter to Pentecost. During this season the Church reads consecutively from the Acts of the Apostles, recounting the external life of the Church after Pentecost. The accompanying readings from the Gospel according to John portray the internal life of Christian disciples and promise a coming...

                                          A Pocket Guide to Sacramental Reconciliation
                                          Price: $2.99
                                          Item #: 115992 -

                                            A Pocket Guide to Sacramental Reconciliation By Kevin and Mary O'Neill The Pocket Guide to Sacramental Reconciliation is designed to help children prepare for their first confession and includes an examination of conscience for ongoing use. With content drawn from the official Catechism of the Catholic Church, this pamphlet is colorfully illustrated with encouraging scenes taken directly from our Catechism of the Seven Sacraments and has received its imprimatur. Details: Eight-Page...

                                            A Prayer Book for Catholic Women: Traditional and Contemporary Prayers for Every Season of Life
                                            Price: $15.95
                                            Item #: 112369 -

                                              Meet Jesus in prayer. Prayer lifts us up and transforms our lives—and the lives of those we love. This beautiful prayer book is the perfect guide for women of all ages who want to deepen their personal relationship with the Lord. Through traditional and contemporary prayers, women will engage in conversation with a loving and compassionate God about their lives, their families, and the cares of their hearts.A beautiful resource. Beautifully designed and easy to use, this book is an ideal...

                                              A Rainbow of Friends
                                              Price: $5.99
                                              Item #: 103935 -

                                                This book reminds children to celebrate the differences that make each person so special. Softcover 8" X 8" 32pgs. Ages 3 to 6.

                                                A Ritual for Laypersons Rites for Holy Communion and the Pastoral Care of the Sick and Dying
                                                Price: $29.95
                                                Item #: 81464 -

                                                  A Ritual for Laypersons Rites for Holy Communion and the Pastoral Care of the Sick and Dying176 pgs , 4 1/2 x 6 3/4This book conveniently gathers in one place those rites at which a layperson may preside in the absence of a priest or deacon. Included are Holy Communion outside Mass; pastoral care of the sick; pastoral care of the dying; a selection of readings, responses, and verses from Sacred Scripture; and prayers for the dead and mourners. Now with changes to prayers as reflected in The...

                                                  A Storybook of Saints
                                                  Price: $18.95
                                                  Item #: 116702 -

                                                    A Storybook of Saints by Elizabeth Hanna Pham Paperback, 224 pages Written for children five to eight years old — but a delight for all readers — A Storybook of Saints relates inspiring stories about the world’s greatest heroes: the saints. Focusing less on historical details and more on memorable events in the lives of each, this indispensable book is not so much a collection of biographies as a delightful storybook. As such, the dozens of compact tales it comprises are not written primarily...

                                                    A Teens Game Plan For Life
                                                    Price: $11.95
                                                    Item #: 81520 -

                                                      by Lou Holtz With over 45,000 copies in print, this attractive new edition revives the motivational message of ESPN sports analyst and former head football coach of Notre Dame Lou Holtz. With over forty years of experience helping to mold teenagers into adults, Holtz shares his common-sense message with teensa game plan for life. His message is the blueprint, not only for teens striving for athletic success, but also for all teens who want to name their goals for life, and then go about...

                                                      A Time to Die Paperback
                                                      Price: $17.95
                                                      Item #: 115076 -

                                                        A Time to Die Monks on the Threshold of Eternal Life By: Nicolas Diat Foreword by: Cardinal Robert Sarah Behind monastery walls, men of God spend their lives preparing for the passage of death. Best-selling French author Nicolas Diat set out to find what their deaths can reveal about the greatest mystery faced by everyone—the end of life. How to die? How to respond to our fear of death? To answer these and other questions, Diat travelled to eight European monasteries including Solesmes Abbey...

                                                        A Treasury of Marian Prayers –A Handbook of Popular Devotions
                                                        Price: $9.95
                                                        Item #: 113322 -

                                                          Author: Sr. Janet Schaeffler, OP80 pages, 4” x 6”We are gifted with many ways to pray with and to Mary. This beautiful book contains all the traditional Marian prayers from the Angelus and Regina Coeli to the Rosary of the Seven Sorrows. Arranged by topic and with fascinating background information, it also includes litanies, prayers that honor Mary’s various titles, intercessory prayers, including the oldest known prayer to Mary, and many beloved prayers written by saints. A lovely book for...

                                                          A Treasury Of Prayers
                                                          Price: $1.50
                                                          Item #: 88551 -

                                                            A Treasury Of PrayersThis handy, pocket-size book has more than fifty devotional prayers for a variety of occasions: Prayer to Saint Joseph, Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi, Prayer in Time of Sickness, Prayer for a Family, Act of Contrition, Acts of Faith, Hope, and Love, Prayer after Confession, Prayer Before a Crucifix, Prayer for the Helpless Unborn, the Anima Christi Prayer of St. Ignatius, and many more.32 pgs , 3 1/2 x 5 1/4

                                                            A Way of The Cross For Seniors Large Print
                                                            Price: $2.50
                                                            Item #: 86488 -

                                                              Set in large print, this compassionate and inspiring deluxe pamphlet offers seniors a Way of the Cross to help them relate the later stages of life to Christ's journey to Calvary.

                                                              A Year of Daily Offerings Author: James Kubicki, S.J.
                                                              Price: $18.95
                                                              Item #: 105486 -

                                                                A Year of Daily Offerings is a prayerful 366-day experience immersed in the lives of the saints, the rhythm of the Church calendar, and the stories of ordinary people who lived the Eucharist in their daily lives. It will help you reorder not just your devotional life, but the entire way of looking at your day. This thoughtful, yearlong book of morning meditations from Rev. James Kubicki, S.J.—bestselling author of A Heart on Fire—provides a rich array of reflections based on Ignatian...

                                                                A4459 Christmas Bulletin
                                                                WHILE THEY LAST!
                                                                Price: $8.95
                                                                Item #: 81214 -

                                                                  A4459 Christmas Bulletin - Sold in Packages of 100

                                                                  ABCs of Healthy Grieving: A Companion for Everyday Coping by Harold Ivan Smith
                                                                  Price: $12.95
                                                                  Item #: 88885 -

                                                                    ABC's of Healthy Grieving: A Companion for Everyday Coping by Harold Ivan SmithNationally recognized grief educator Harold Ivan Smith brings over twenty-five years of professional experience in grief recovery to ABCs of Healthy Grieving. Seventy-two brief suggestions for healthy grieving, each two-pages in length and titled starting with a letter of the alphabet followed by an "I Can" statement, encourage those suffering the loss of a loved one to grow through grief spiritually and...

                                                                    Acceptance Therapy
                                                                    Price: $5.95
                                                                    Item #: 88771 -

                                                                      By Lisa EngelhardtFor those who have trouble letting go, for those who struggle to reconcile themselves to life's brokeness, here is a delightful, inspiring, liberating guide to spiritual and psychological wellness and serenity!Approx 80 pages; 4" x 6", perfect-bound paperback

                                                                      Administration of Communion to the Sick by Extraordinary Ministers
                                                                      Price: $0.95
                                                                      Item #: 84378 -

                                                                        A portable liturgical card for extraordinary ministers newly revised with text from The Roman Missal, Third Edition and printed in two colors on a heavy paper stock. 8 pgs.

                                                                        Adopted And Loved Forever
                                                                        Price: $14.99
                                                                        Item #: 97542 -

                                                                          When children have questions about adoption, adults want to give them truthful answers they can readily grasp. This book explains what adoption means and why adopted children are special. It offers the Christ-centered message that we are all adopted members of God's family. Adopted and Loved Forever assures adopted children that, just as God chooses them to be His children, their parents choose them specially. Colorful illustrations and child-friendly language make a potentially difficult...

                                                                          Adored 365 Devotions for Young Women
                                                                          Price: $15.99
                                                                          Item #: 110172 -

                                                                            In an ever-changing world, we can be certain of one thing: we are beloved by God. Adored: 365 Devotions for Young Women tackles tough topics girls face, from bullying and social media to friendships and dating, all the while showing readers how infinitely precious they are in Gods sight.Each day features an easy-to-read, relevant devotion paired with a scripture verse and journaling space to help readers reflect on the days message. With honest, poignant, and sometimes humorous text, every...

                                                                            Advent and Christmas Wisdom From Pope John Paul II: Daily Scripture and Prayers Together With Pope John Paul IIs Own Words
                                                                            Price: $11.99
                                                                            Item #: 86708 -

                                                                              Pope John Paul II continues to be remembered and loved for his closeness to all people around the world. In this book his own words lead readers to the holy season of Christmas. Reflections for each day--from the First Sunday of Advent until the end of the Christmas season--begin with selections from talks and statements of the late Holy Father, followed by Scripture, prayer, and a suggestion for an appropriate seasonal activity.

                                                                              Advent and Christmas Wisdom from St. Francis of Assisi
                                                                              Price: $11.99
                                                                              Item #: 86713 -

                                                                                It's easy to get lost in the bustle of Christmas shopping and holiday parties, losing sight of God. Advent and Christmas Wisdom from St. Francis of Assisi gives readers a momentary cease in the chaos, allowing daily meditation. It is essential in today's postmodern culture to remember the true purpose of Advent--the preparation for and celebration of the coming of Jesus.Each day's selection offers a new insight from one of the most beloved saints, St. Francis of Assisi. St. Francis serves as...

                                                                                Advent and Christmas Wisdom From St. Thomas Aquinas
                                                                                Price: $11.99
                                                                                Item #: 85904 -

                                                                                  The holy seasons of Advent and Christmas are a time to reflect on God's infinite love for us all and how through the birth of his son, Jesus Christ, Christianity was born. Advent and Christmas Wisdom from St. Thomas of Aquinas guides readers on their spiritual journey to be closer to God and understand how to live the life of a Christian.Offering daily selections from St. Thomas of Aquinas for meditation and prayer, this book is a wonderful way to examine your faith and feelings during Advent...

                                                                                  Advent and Christmas with Mary
                                                                                  Price: $3.95
                                                                                  Item #: 109036 -

                                                                                    Prepare for and celebrate Christ’s coming with brief daily meditations for the Advent and Christmas seasons. Scripture, personal reflection, a question to think about or act to consider, and a short prayer to Mary are sure to touch your heart and lead you to a deeper relationship with Jesus and his mother, Mary.

                                                                                    Advent Family Prayers
                                                                                    Price: $1.50
                                                                                    Item #: 81335 -

                                                                                      Perfect for uniting families in prayers of thanks and inspiration, this double-sided, table-tent prayer card offers families a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time of devotion together while celebrating the arrival of Jesus. This prayer card commemorates the reason God sent Jesus to earth, and in doing so, reveals the warmth and love that God freely gives to us all. 14" x 8-1/2" folded to 3-1/2" x 8-1/2" Double-sided

                                                                                      All Aboard With Noah
                                                                                      Price: $7.99
                                                                                      Item #: 95863 -

                                                                                        This Lift-a-Flap edition will keep children ages 6 and under busy for hours as they learn about Noahs ark and the flood. Featuring bestselling Beginners Bible artwork.

                                                                                        All Creatures Great And Small This padded board book features whimsical animals with easy-to-read text. Ideal for early readers. Pages: 10 Author: MAGGIE SWANSON Size: 6 1/4 X 7 1/4 Color: ILLUSTRATED Binding: PADDED
                                                                                        Price: $8.95
                                                                                        Item #: 88647 -

                                                                                          All Creatures Great And Small This padded board book features whimsical animals with easy-to-read text. Ideal for early readers. Pages: 10 Author: MAGGIE SWANSON Size: 6 1/4 X 7 1/4 Color: ILLUSTRATED Binding: PADDED

                                                                                          All In Why Belonging to the Catholic Church Matters Author: Pat Gohn
                                                                                          Price: $15.95
                                                                                          Item #: 107085 -

                                                                                            All In Why Belonging to the Catholic Church Matters Author: Pat Gohn In this passionate and unapologetic account of why her faith in Christ and the Catholic Church are the source of meaning and joy in her life, Pat Gohn—popular speaker, retreat leader, catechist, and author of Blessed, Beautiful, and Bodacious—invites you to become more confident in the power of the Catholic faith to transform your life as well. What’s the one thing that defines your life and brings you the most good, the most...

                                                                                            Alleluia to Amen The Prayer Book for Catholic Parishes   Author: Justin McClain  Foreword by: Timothy P. OMalley  Price: $19.95  Format: Paperback  Pages: 224  Trim size: 6 x 9 inches  ISBN: 978-1-59471-927-1
                                                                                            Price: $19.95
                                                                                            Item #: 116716 -

                                                                                              Alleluia to AmenThe Prayer Book for Catholic Parishes Author: Justin McClainForeword by: Timothy P. O'Malley Alleluia to Amen is an indispensable resource for parish leaders and volunteers looking for prayers to offer at gatherings outside of Mass. Justin McClain, author of Called to Pray and Called to Teach, provides busy leaders like you with original and traditional prayers to help you lead your faith community in prayer with confidence and ease. While Catholics regularly gather for...