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Living Like a Lady When You Have Cancer paperback book, book, self help book, cancer book, gift, inspirational, 978-1-496-92-8993, 9781496928993
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    By Donna A Heckler Overview“When you have a cancer diagnosis, life goes on. I saw this with my teenager battling leukemia. She still had to go out in public and to school despite no hair and the roundness from her chemo. Little things can make a big difference in how you feel navigating the world looking so differently. Donna’s book has helpful perspective on how to do this, feeling and looking the best you can. It is a must read if you are living your life while battling for it.” — Cindy...

    Theres No Place Like Hope Cancer Encouragement Book book, inspirational book, happy book, inspiring journal, fight on book, strength, inner strength, cancer, healers, sickness strength, 1287
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      "Anyone who has been touched by cancer cannot help but be affected by Vickie Girard’s account…. She communicates the devastation caused by the diagnosis, engages the reader in each hurdle encountered, and shared the triumph with strength, humor and compassion.” —Susan Root, American Cancer Society“A very straightforward guide for cancer patients, their families and friends—a book that you can open at random, put a finger on a paragraph and gain encouragement and insight every day.” —Joel...