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Demetz 42" Risen Christ, Carved in Lindenwood, Made in Italy art studio demetz
Was: $4,440.00
Sale: $3,500.00
Item #: 54658 -

    Handcarved in Lindenwood. Traditional painted finish.

    45" Painted Fiberglass Wall Crucifix
    Was: $395.00
    Sale: $179.00
    Item #: 53320 -

      45" Wall Crucifix Hand painted Fiberglas and resin Crucifix.

      Processional Cross "EVANGELIST" -with Free Base Processional Cross, Processional Crucifix, enamel cross, gold leafed processional cross, Italian processional cross, pro cross,
      Was: $2,100.00
      Sale: $1,850.00
      Item #: 56498 -

        Processional Cross - Evangelist Italian Crafted Processional Crucifix. Gold Leafed with fired blue enamel settings, cast aluminum Corpus and Evangelist. 92" Ht. (Top portion 25" x 16 1/2") FREE BASE IS INCLUDED - Verona Rosa Marble

        Silver Oxidized JPII Processional Crucifix with Base Processional cross, Processional crucifix, JPII cross, St John Paul, Saint John Paul II, silver processional cross
        Was: $1,295.00
        Sale: $995.00
        Item #: 51220 -

          Papal JPII Processional Crucifix with Base Silver Oxidized Processional Cross with matching base. 83" Ht. -Top Portion 18" x 9 1/2" Made in Italy

          4X10 Wrought Iron Processional Crucifix
          WHILE THEY LAST!
          Price: $700.00
          Item #: CON5014 -

            In-Store ConsignmentsDiscovering treasures among us!We are pleased to now offer in-store consignments of church furnishings through our main store and online!When a church remodels or repurposes a liturgical space, sometimes there are furnishings that are no longer needed in the new space. Therefore, we are starting in-store consignments to assist those parishes find new homes for their unneeded items. You know what they say, "One church's surplus, is another church's good fortune!"If you are...

            K860 Altar Crucifix
            Price: $495.00
            Item #: KO-K860 -

              K860 Altar Crucifix. Gold plated. 21 1/4"H., 6 1/4" base.

              K840 Altar Crucifix
              Was: $250.00
              Sale: $195.00
              Item #: 55840 -

                K840 Altar Crucifix Brass with Gold plate 10 3/4"H., 3 3/4" base.

                K11 Cross and Torch Holder
                Price: $55.00
                Item #: 50209 -

                  K11 Cross and Torch Holder. Stainless steel, extends 4" from wall. With hold 7/8" to 2" dia. shafts.

                  27" Alabaster and Wood Wall Crucifix
                  Price: $225.00
                  Item #: 33407 -

                    Imported from Italy!

                    389-133 Altar Crucifix
                    Price: $890.00
                    Item #: PB-389-133 -

                      389-133 Altar Crucifix by Excelsis�.12" H x 9" Base. High Polish Bronze. Oven Baked for Durability.

                      389-207 Processional Crucifix
                      Price: $2,745.00-$3,045.00
                      Item #: PB389-207 -

                        389-207 Processional Crucifix by Excelsis®.Hi Polish Bronze.Options:80" High, 16" Crucifix, 12" Base96" High, 20" Crucifix, 12" Base

                        389-210 Processional Cross
                        Price: $2,695.00
                        Item #: PB-389-210 -

                          389-210 Processional Cross by Excelsis�.High Polish Bronze - 96" high, 20" Cross, 12" Base.

                          389-25 Altar Crucifix
                          Price: $1,905.00-$2,160.00
                          Item #: PB389-25 -

                            389-25 Altar Crucifix by Excelsis�.Available Sizes:(A) 25" H with 9" Base(B) 30" H with 10 BaseHi Polish Bronze-Oven Baked for durability.

                            444-25 Altar Crucifix
                            Price: $625.00-$1,160.00
                            Item #: PB444-25 -

                              444-25 Excelsis Altar CrucifixMade of bronze, oven baked for durability. High polish finish, specify size.

                              49" Woodcarved Roman Crucifix from Italy
                              Price: $2,520.00
                              Item #: 24887 -

                                49" Woodcarved Roman Crucifix from Italy

                                96" Pisa Crucifix On Pedestal Color Wood Carved Made In Italy crucifix, altar cross, sanctuary crucifix, standing crucifix, wood carving, bergland, 6029
                                Was: $3,895.00
                                Sale: $3,450.00
                                Item #: 53412 -

                                  6029S Standing CrucifixPerfect for Good Friday! Traditional Italian wood carved corpus on dark wood with gold guilding.96" cross with 25" corpus.

                                  Josephs  Studio 72 inch Wall Crucifix
                                  Price: $500.00
                                  Item #: 109595 -

                                    From the popular Joseph's Studio collection of religious statuary!This 72 inch wall crucifix is made of a resin-stone mix and comes drop shipped from the manufacturer to your home.

                                    K1040 Processional Cross
                                    Price: $1,565.00
                                    Item #: KO-K1040 -

                                      K1040 Processional Cross. Celtic design with four ruby glass stones. Solid brass cross. Polished brass finish with oak wood insert. Breaks at center node. 82"H., 12" base, 13" x 18" cross, 44"L. carry section, wt. 5 lbs.

                                      K1050 Processional Cross
                                      Price: $1,695.00
                                      Item #: 55050 -

                                        K1050 Processional Cross. Fleur de lis design with oxidized silver corpus and 'INRI'. Solid brass cross. Polished brass finish with oak insert on shaft. Breaks at node. 82"H., 12" base, 13" x 19" cross, 44"L. carry section, wt. 6 lbs.

                                        K1060 Processional Cross
                                        Price: $1,675.00
                                        Item #: KO-K1060 -

                                          K1060 Processional Cross. Cross with budded ends, filigree on face and oxidized silver 'IHS'. Solid brass cross, two tone brass finish. Breaks at node. 82"H., 12" base, 13" x 18" cross. 44"L. carry section, wt. 5 lbs.

                                          K130 Processional Crucifix
                                          Price: $765.00
                                          Item #: KO-K130 -

                                            K130 Processional Crucifix. Combination oak and satin brass. 72"H., 10" sq. base. Antique silver corpus and I.N.R.I.

                                            K146 Altar Crucifix
                                            Price: $485.00
                                            Item #: KO-K146 -

                                              K146 Altar Crucifix. Solid brass, two tone finish, oxidized silver corpus. 15"H., 5" base.

                                              K17-C Altar Crucifix
                                              Price: $155.00
                                              Item #: KO-K17-C -

                                                K17-C Altar Crucifix. Brass, satin finish, oxidized silver corpus. 6 12"H., 2 1/2" x 2" base.

                                                K251 Altar Cross
                                                Price: $485.00
                                                Item #: KO-K251 -

                                                  K251 Altar Cross. Solid brass. 17"H., 5" base.

                                                  K27 Altar Crucifix
                                                  Price: $175.00
                                                  Item #: KO-K27 -

                                                    K27 Altar Crucifix. Solid brass. 2 3/4"H. overall, 6"H. cross.

                                                    K330 Processional Crucifix
                                                    Price: $925.00-$980.00
                                                    Item #: K330 -

                                                      K330 Processional Crucifix. Lightweight Aluminum Cross 10 1/2" x 17". Risen Christ. 78"H., 12" base.

                                                      K481 Altar Cross
                                                      Price: $625.00
                                                      Item #: KO-K481 -

                                                        K481 Altar Cross. 24"H., 7" base.

                                                        K490 Processional Cross
                                                        Price: $1,315.00
                                                        Item #: KO-K490 -

                                                          K490 Processional Cross. Solid brass with oak wood highly polished and clear lacquered. All separate at node for processional use. 78"H., 12" base.

                                                          K522 Altar Candlestick
                                                          Price: $135.00
                                                          Item #: KO-K522 -

                                                            K522 Altar Candlestick. Bronze, satin finish. 2 1/2"H., 5" base, 1 1/2" socket.

                                                            K525-AC Altar Crucifix
                                                            Price: $395.00
                                                            Item #: KO-K525-AC -

                                                              K525-AC Altar Crucifix. Brass, satin finish, oxidized silver corpus. 15"H., 5" base.

                                                              K535-AC Pope John Paul Altar Crucifix
                                                              Price: $485.00
                                                              Item #: KO-K535-AC -

                                                                K535-AC Pope John Paul Altar Crucifix. Bronze, satin finish, oxidized crucifix. 15"H., 5" base.

                                                                K544-AC Altar Crucifix
                                                                Price: $435.00
                                                                Item #: KO-K544-AC -

                                                                  K544-AC Altar Crucifix. Brass, satin finish, oxidized silver corpus, 15"H., 5" base.

                                                                  K630-W Processional Crucifix
                                                                  Price: $1,475.00
                                                                  Item #: KO-K630-W -

                                                                    K630 W Processional Crucifix. 78"H., 12" base, 12" bronze crucifix mounted on 20" walnut cross, with satin bronze tips. 12" walnut insert on staff. Satin bronze

                                                                    K730 Processional Crucifix
                                                                    Price: $1,325.00
                                                                    Item #: KO-K730 -

                                                                      K730 Processional Crucifix. 78"H., 12" base, 12" x 19" cross, 9 1/2" corpus. Oxidized silver, satin brass.

                                                                      K751 Altar Cross
                                                                      Price: $645.00-$785.00
                                                                      Item #: K751 -

                                                                        K751 Altar Cross. Brass and oak design. 24"H., 7" base.

                                                                        K757 Processional Cross
                                                                        Price: $1,495.00
                                                                        Item #: KO-K757 -

                                                                          K757 Processional Cross. Brass and oak design. 80"H., 12" base, 20" oak cross with brass tips, oxidized silver corpus.

                                                                          K820 Altar Crucifix
                                                                          Price: $795.00
                                                                          Item #: KO-K820 -

                                                                            K820 Altar Crucifix. Gold Plated. 16 H., 5 3/8 base.

                                                                            K830 Processional Crucifix
                                                                            Price: $995.00-$1,045.00
                                                                            Item #: K830 -

                                                                              K830 Processional Crucifix. 78"H., 10 1/2" base, 10" x 16" cross. Breaks at node for carrying. Weight of top 4 lbs.

                                                                              K850 Altar Crucifix
                                                                              Was: $390.00
                                                                              Sale: $325.00
                                                                              Item #: KO-K850 -

                                                                                K850 Altar Crucifix Brass Gold plate 17 1/2" H., 6" base.

                                                                                K930 Processional Crucifix
                                                                                Price: $1,465.00
                                                                                Item #: KO-K930 -

                                                                                  K930 Processional Crucifix. Stainless steel with 10" x 16" aluminum cross. Ideal for funeral liturgy. Top section 44" with 12" black delrin insert on shaft. 72"H., 10 1/2" base.

                                                                                  K932 Processional Crucifix
                                                                                  Price: $1,645.00
                                                                                  Item #: KO-K932 -

                                                                                    K932 Processional Crucifix. Stainless steel with 11" x 20" wood cross with stainless steel tips. Engraved black line on stainless steel tips and collars. Top section 45" with wood insert on staff. 79"H., 12" base.

                                                                                    K960 Processional Crucifix
                                                                                    Price: $1,425.00
                                                                                    Item #: KO-K960 -

                                                                                      K960 Processional Crucifix. Feather weight for procession. Hand carved 9" wood corpus. 72"H., 11" x 20" walnut cross, walnut insert on staff. Removable at 10 1/2" base

                                                                                      Large Wood Processional Crucifix with Base processional crucifix, processional cross, 6029, Bergland, wood carved crucifix, cathedral processional
                                                                                      Was: $2,495.00
                                                                                      Sale: $2,295.00
                                                                                      Item #: BG-6029EP1 -

                                                                                        Large Wood Carved Processional Crucifix with Base Italian wood carved, gold leafed Processional Crucifix. Perfect for a Cathedral or large church. Overall Ht. 105". Top Portion 40" x 22" (Corpus 15"). Light weight. Base included - Heavy 15" Diameter