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4067 Silver Plated Tabernacle - Wall Mount  4067, tabernacle, silver tabernacle, wall mount tabernacle, safe, Molina, artistic silver,
Was: $11,995.00
Sale: $9,950.00
Item #: 58839 -

    Silver Plated Tabernacle - Wall mount Safe Grape and Wheat Motif AureoleGold Lined interior22.5" Ht, 25.25" Wide Safe 11.25" H, 13.25" W, 9.25" DSingle Door Opening: 9 1/2" H, 11 1/2" WMade in Spain

    Silver Oxidized Tabernacle
    Was: $1,350.00
    Sale: $1,195.00
    Item #: 51240 -

      Silver Oxidized TabernacleTabernacle is beautifully made in Italy. Oxidized and features figures from the Last Supper. Tabernacle outside measurements are 8 3/4" x 7 3/4" x 8".

      4093 Tabernacle
      Price: $24,995.00
      Item #: AS4093 -

        4093 Artistic Silver Modern TabernacleOval shaped design featuring the Pentecost (Twelve Apostles, the Madonna, the Holy Spirit and 12 flames). 15" high X 23 1/2" wide X 13 3/4" deep. Can be ordered in bronze or silver plated.

        K136 Key Chain
        Price: $19.00-$28.00
        Item #: K136 -

          K136 Key Chain. High polished. 5"L. Gift boxed. Available in 24k Gold Plate or Bright nickel plate.

          4217 Neo-Classic Tabernacle
          Price: $27,250.00
          Item #: AS-4217 -

            4127 Neo-Classic TabernacleElegant Neo-classic design with cylindrical body featuring a hidden lock behind the Sacred Heart of Jesus figure on the door. Also, featuring the Four Evangelist inside chapels around the body of the tabernacle.31-7/" Height x 22-1/16" DiameterSingle Door Opening: 13-5/8" High x 9-1/2" DiameterMade in SpainBrass Two Tone Gold and Silver Plated

            8363 Tabernacle Keychain
            Price: $30.00
            Item #: 59036 -

              24 KT gold plated tabernacle keychain with tassel.6 3/4" long

              8644G Tabernacle Key Chain
              Price: $35.00
              Item #: 51802 -

                8644G Tabernacle Key Ring24KT gold plated; 5 1/2"

                Exposition Tabernacle (Italy)
                Price: $2,450.00
                Item #: 51228 -

                  Exposition Tabernacle8-3/8" tall x 8-1/8" wide x 9" deep (including door)Made in Italy

                  K117 Tabernacle Safe
                  Price: $1,575.00
                  Item #: KO-K117 -

                    K117 Tabernacle Safe. Door becomes a folding shelf as shown. Bronze face is 10" x 12". Stainless steel box is 8-3/8"H. x 10-3/8"W. x 6"D. Door opening is 7-3/4"H. x 9-3/4"W. x 5"D. Lined.

                    K334 Aluminum Tabernacle
                    Price: $895.00
                    Item #: KO-K334 -

                      K334 Aluminum Tabernacle. Base 15-1/2"W., top 9"H. x 13"W. x 9"D. Door 7-1/2"H x 6-3/4". Satin finish, cross bright brass. White interior.

                      K653 Tabernacle
                      Price: $4,245.00
                      Item #: KO-K653 -

                        K653 Tabernacle. 24k gold plated. 7-1/2"H. x 9"W. x 8"D. Inside dim. 6-1/4"H. x 7-1/2"W. x 6-3/4"D. Wt. 19 lbs. Luna included.

                        K653-L Luna
                        Price: $375.00
                        Item #: KO-K653-L -

                          K653-L Luna. 24k gold plated. 4-3/4"H., 3 dia.

                          K655 Tabernacle
                          Price: $6,675.00
                          Item #: KO-K655 -

                            K655 Tabernacle. Two-tone gold plate. Red inlay cross and Four Evangelists on door. 10 3/4 H. x 10 1/4 W. x 10 1/4 D. Door opening: 9 3/4 H. x 8 1/2 W. Wt. 30 lbs.

                            K658 Tabernacle
                            Price: $5,965.00
                            Item #: KO-K658 -

                              K658 Tabernacle. Oxidized silver with gold rays. Four ruby stones. Bright gold plated inside. Outside dimensions 11-3/4"H. x 9-3/4"W. x 9-3/4"D. Door opening 8-1/2"H. x 8-1/4"W. Wt. 36 lbs.

                              K659 Tabernacle
                              Price: $10,525.00
                              Item #: KO-K659 -

                                K659 Tabernacle. 24k gold plate with oxidized silver rays. Bright gold plated inside. Four ruby stones. 15-1/4"H. x 12"W. x 12-1/4"D. Door opening: 12-1/2"H. x 10-3/4" W. Wt. 57 lbs.

                                K670 Tabernacle
                                Price: $8,215.00
                                Item #: KO-K670 -

                                  K670 Tabernacle. Two-tone gold plate. Cross and Four Evangelists on door. 16 3/4 H. x 11 3/4 dia. Door opening: 11 1/2 H. x 8 W. Wt. 36 lbs.

                                  K671 Tabernacle
                                  Price: $8,955.00
                                  Item #: KO-K671 -

                                    K671 Tabernacle. 24k gold plate, silver plated accents. Bright gold plated inside. 19-1/2"H. x 11-3/4" dia. Door opening: 11-1/2"H. x 8"W. Wt. 37 lbs.

                                    K672 Tabernacle
                                    Price: $11,435.00
                                    Item #: KO-K672 -

                                      K672 Tabernacle. 24k gold plate, bright gold inside with silver plated accents on side and top. Outside dim. 18"H. x 11-1/4"W. x 11-1/2"D. Door Opening 11"H. x 8-3/4"W. All-purpose luna included.

                                      K676 Tabernacle
                                      Price: $2,325.00
                                      Item #: KO-K676 -

                                        K676 Tabernacle. Satin silver plated with bright gold detailing and basket design on front. Bright gold finish on the interior, with vault lock. 6-1/2"H. x 8"W. x 7"D.

                                        K904 Tabernacle
                                        Price: $2,835.00
                                        Item #: KO-K904 -

                                          K904 Tabernacle. Wood with 24k gold plate door, base frame, and interior. Bright gold plated inside. 17"H. x 11-7/8"W. x 11-7/8"D. Door opening: 13"H. x 6-1/2"W. Wt. 35 lbs.

                                          K905 Tabernacle
                                          Price: $2,415.00
                                          Item #: KO-K905 -

                                            K905 Tabernacle. Wood with 24k gold plate door, base frame, and interior. Bright gold plated inside. 11"H. x 10"W. x 10"D. Door opening: 7"H. x 6-1/2"W. Wt. 19 lbs.

                                            Price: $20,450.00
                                            Item #: EB-61TAB30 -

                                              Ornate Bronze Adoring Angels Tabernacle with DomeHigh Quality Bronze Tablernacle - Made in the USAOven Baked finish for added durability and longevity.Two Tone Nickel plate Angels with rest finished in Combo Satin and High Polish.Automatic Action Doors with vaulted lock.Overall Dimensions: 36" Height x 19" Base DiameterDoor Opening: 14" Height x 9-1/2" WidthMade to order 6-8 weeks

                                              Price: $4,500.00-$4,950.00
                                              Item #: EB61TAB70 -

                                                Bronze Round Tabernacle with Dome and Eucharist SymbolHigh Quality Bronze Tabernacle - Made in the USAOven Baked finish for added durability and longevity. Two Tone Nickel Plated accents on Combination Bronze Finish (Satin and High Polish)Overall Dimensions: Height 29", Base Diameter 13"Door Opening: 14" Height, 8" WidthAlso available in all High Polish - add $400 ...

                                                Price: $3,990.00
                                                Item #: EB-61TAB44 -

                                                  Round Tabernacle in Bronze - Dome and Pelican SymbolHigh Quality Bronze Tabernacle - Made in the USAOven baked High finish for added durability and longevity.Finished in Combo Satin and High Polish Overall Dimensions: 29" Height x 13" Diameter BaseDoor Opening: 14" Height x 8" WidthMade to order, allow 6-8 weeks ...