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Eximious®51% beeswax Paschal Candles from Cathedral Candle Company are a tribute to the Craft and the art of more than 100 years of exceptional candlemaking.

Each and every Eximious®Paschal Candle is made-to-order, mastercrafted with the finest beeswax formulation and each candle is an individual work of art.

All Eximious®Paschal Candles are individually benchworked and handtooled to create intricate inlays, onlays and classic sculptured engravings.

Due to the unique preparation of all Eximious Candles, please allow 4 weeks for their creation and delivery.

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Price: $201.00-$231.00
Item #: CC79867 -

    The Lilium�� Paschal Candle--a name taken from the Latin for Lily--features a handsome fleur-de-lis cross at the heart of its design. An ancient and regal symbol of the Holy Trinity. The fleur-de-lis reminds us of the glorious divinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and is exquisitely expressed here in royal blue with accents of gold leaf. Adorning the ornamental bands are bees, a symbol of sacrifice so beautifully celebrated in the Easter Exsultet. Individually handcrafted, each Lilium�...

    Christus Rex Paschal Candle
    Price: $709.00
    Item #: CC79861 -

      Christus Rex - We worship Jesus as Christ the King. Tu Rex gloriae Christe.So he is said to reign in the hearts of humanity.Christ as our Lord,Christ as King. Framed as the illuminated centerpiece of a gothic stained glass rose window. This exquisite design celebrates the Kingship of Christ as King of all humankind, King eternal, King of all kings, King of the ages and Lord of all creation.Artisans delicately apply all natural, fine metal leafing to recreate the look of illuminated stained...

      Upon this Rock Paschal Candle
      Price: $223.00
      Item #: CC79864 -

        Upon this Rock™ Paschal Candle by Cathedral Candle Company.This NEW design features the rich symbolism of St. Peter. The silver and gold keys to the kingdom of heaven entrusted to Peter by Christ. Whatever you declare bound on earth shall be held bound in heaven and whatever you declare loosed on earth shall be held loosed in heaven. The inverted cross, which Peter requested to be crucified on, stating he was not worth of being crucified in the same manner in which Christ was. ...

        Evangelium Paschal Candle
        Price: $507.00
        Item #: CC797 -

          The "Evangelium™"--In tribute to the writers of the four canonical Gospels.This beautiful iconic design rendered in bronze toned wax, gilded with 24 carat gold leaf dramatically offsets the natural hues of the 51% beeswax paschal.Matthew, Mark, Luke and John--Early, traditional Christian art has long depicted, in beautiful iconic fashion, these four writers of the canonical Gospels as the four "living creatures" that surround God's throne. Centuries old, Cherubim renditions of...

          Spirit of Jerusalem Paschal Candle
          Price: $180.00-$317.00
          Item #: CC798 -

            Jerusalem - The City of Peace...of shared derivation from both Greek and Hebrew.The Jerusalem Cross - for centuries admired for its simplicity and symmetry. The four surrounding smaller crosses represent the four Gospels as proclaimed to the four corners of the earth, the large center cross symbolizing the person of Christ. Together as one, representing the Spirit of Jerusalem - The City of Peace.Rendered in deep green highlighted with bright copper/bronze leafing and bordered by two rough...

            Gold Paschal Nails Set/5
            Price: $8.95
            Item #: 115915 -

              Gold Paschal Nails Set/5

              Red Paschal Nails Set/5
              Price: $8.95
              Item #: 60911 -

                White Paschal Nails Set/5
                Price: $8.95
                Item #: 52401 -