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K29 Protector Top
Price: $55.00-$84.00
Item #: K29 -

    K29 Protector Top for Sanctuary Globe. 2 1/2"H., 5" dia. Available in Bright Brass or Bright Gold Plate

    K292 Sanctuary Lamp
    Price: $54.00
    Item #: 59292 -

      K292 Sanctuary Lamp. Brass plated. 4 1/2"H., 4 1/4" base. Glass not included.

      K28 Protector Top
      Price: $85.00-$125.00
      Item #: K28 -

        K28 Protector Top. Solid Brass protector top for Sanctuary Globe. Available in Bright Brass or Bright Gold Plate

        411-47 Sancturay Lamp Holder
        Price: $250.00-$285.00
        Item #: PB411-47 -

          411-47 Excelsis Sactuary Lamp HolderMade in bronze, oven baked for durability. Cylinders and globes not included. Specify high polish or satin finish.

          K179 Sanctuary Lamp
          Price: $345.00
          Item #: KO-K179 -

            K179 Sanctuary Lamp. Brass, bright finish. 7 3/4"H., 5" base. Glass not included.

            K195 Devotional Stand
            Price: $78.00
            Item #: KO-K195 -

              K195 Devotional Stand. 24k gold plated, cast base 3 5/8". 6-day candle not included.

              K202 Devotional Candle Holder
              Price: $1,140.00
              Item #: KO-K202 -

                K202 Devotional Candle Holder. 24k gold & antique silver plated. 8 3/4"H. x 9 1/2"W. Wt. 7 lbs. Candle not included.

                K203 Sanctuary Lamp Stand
                Price: $1,180.00
                Item #: KO-K203 -

                  K203 Sanctuary Lamp Stand. 24k gold & antique silver plated. 8 3/4"H. x 10" W. Wt. 7 lbs. 7-day glass not included.

                  K214 14-Day Votive Stand
                  Price: $240.00
                  Item #: KO-K214 -

                    K214 14-Day Votive Stand. 6"H.,5 1/2" base. Bright gold finish. Glass not included.

                    K248 Sanctuary Light Stand
                    Price: $135.00
                    Item #: KO-K248 -

                      K248 Sanctuary Light Stand. 5"H., 5" brass base. 7-day ruby glass not included.

                      K293 Sanctuary Lamp
                      Price: $54.00
                      Item #: KO-K293 -

                        K293 Sanctuary Lamp. Brass plated, 4 5/8"H., 4 1/4" base. Glass not included.

                        K328 7-Day Votive Stand
                        Price: $120.00
                        Item #: 52313 -

                          K328 7-Day Votive Stand. 5 1/2"H., 5 1/2"base. Bright gold plate. Glass and top not included.

                          K498-C Sanctuary Lamp
                          Price: $365.00
                          Item #: KO-K498-C -

                            K498-C Sanctuary Lamp. 6-1/2""H., 7" base. Crackled glass not included.