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Vintage Sparkler Necklace
Price: $42.00
Item #: 114019 -

    This necklace is a reminder to embrace your sparkle and to shine brightly. This small stunning vintage-inspired sterling silver and cubic zirconia braided round pendant necklace includes a 16" chain with a 2" extension. MORE LIKE THIS- CLICK HERE! ...

    Miscarriage Memorial Necklace Sterling Silver
    Price: $52.00
    Item #: 114027 -

      "To think, the first thing you saw when you opened your tiny little eyes was the face of Jesus"This baby memorial necklace was designed for an amazingly strong mommy that endured a miscarriage and hopes to help others like her to heal. What a great gift to yourself, or for any mom that needs healing.Necklace includes one shimmering sterling silver 1" disc, carefully engraved with the saying above and hammered on the edges for a gorgeous texture. Two sterling silver intertwined hearts engraved...

      Amazing Grace Necklace Silver
      Price: $59.00
      Item #: 114066 -

        The bright white sparkle of the Amazing Grace necklace was created to remind you that our agony, our shame, our hopelessness, our darkness, is all washed white as snow by God�s grace ~ Jesus� blood. Our blindness, our ashes, our want, are all met and overcome with absolute beauty.Sparkling white genuine druzy and sterling silver bar measures 21mm x 6mm x 4mm and includes a sterling silver 16-18" adjustable chain.MORE LIKE THIS- CLICK HERE! ...

        His Feathers Necklace Sterling Silver
        Price: $42.00
        Item #: 114035 -

          This tiny sterling silver feather necklace is a reminder that the God who created created you and will cover you in His feathers, protecting you and providing refuge. Tiny 6mm .925 sterling silver charm on an adjustable 16-18" sterling silver cable chain.MORE LIKE THIS- CLICK HERE! ...

          Adoption Necklace Sterling Silver and CZ
          Price: $46.00
          Item #: 113979 -

            This design and message of this necklace is versatile enough to speak to anyone that has been touched by the blessing of adoption. This adoption triad symbol represents the child, biological and adoptive parents. The interwoven heart symbolizes the endless love they share for each other. Shiny sterling silver and crystal charm measures approximately 0.5" | adjustable 16-18" sterling silver cable chain included. MORE LIKE THIS- CLICK HERE! ...

            Always Near Necklace Silver
            Price: $42.00-$45.00
            Item #: PT14141 -

              This teeny tiny sterling silver angel wing necklace is the perfectly subtle, daily reminder that your angels are always by your side. Tiny wing measures 6mm x 4mm on adjustable 16"-18" sterling silver cable chain included. Available in .925 sterling silver or 14k gold dipped sterling silver style. Both styles have a sterling silver chain. MORE LIKE THIS- CLICK HERE! ...

              Blessings Necklace Sterling Silver with Glass Charm
              Price: $42.00
              Item #: 113986 -

                What if your blessings come through rain drops? What if Your healing comes through tears? What if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know You're near? What if trials of this life, the rain, the storms, the hardest nights, are His mercies in disguise? - Laura Story A petite iridescent glass raindrop dangles from a 16-18" sterling silver cable necklace to bring encouragement during life's storms; a reminder that God remains faithful even when things don�t turn out the way we expect...

                Coffee Love Necklace Sterling Silver & Gold Dipped Charm
                Price: $45.00
                Item #: 113989 -

                  There is nothing better than a good friend. Unless it's a good friend that brings you coffee! Those are the BEST friends. This teeny tiny sparkly coffee bean necklace is a fun way to say "thank you" for a brew-tiful friendship that warms the soul. Perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life. Tiny gold coffee bean measures 10mm x 7.5mm | Adjustable 16-18" sterling silver cable chain included.MORE LIKE THIS- CLICK HERE! ...

                  Forgiveness Necklace Sterling Silver
                  Price: $46.00
                  Item #: 113991 -

                    Then Peter came and said to Him, �Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him? Up to seven times?� Jesus said to him, �I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven. Matthew 18:21-22 Elegant encouragement for those held captive by hurt or rage or resentment. No matter how deep the wound, no matter how undeserving it feels, we are called to forgive again (and again and again). Jesus didn't mean for us to only love those that fit into our idea of...

                    Hope Anchors My Soul Necklace Sterling Silver
                    Price: $42.00
                    Item #: 113996 -

                      Hope anchors my soul - Hebrews 6:19 Stay anchored with this sterling silver anchor necklace! Super gorgeous sparkle factor when worn alone, also perfect as a layering piece. A gorgeous gift for bridal parties, an inspiring gift for those that need a daily reminder of hope, or a special gift for any beach lovin' lady in your life. A teeny tiny sterling silver anchor (8mm x 10mm) is strung sideways on a shimmering sterling silver cable chain.MORE LIKE THIS- CLICK HERE! ...

                      It is Well Necklace Sterling Silver
                      Price: $46.00-$49.00
                      Item #: PT14144 -

                        A graceful encouragement for your own soul, or a sweet gift for that friend on your heart needing comfort and hope in the midst of struggle or pain. This necklace has an elegant hand-lettered design and is a great reminder that through it all, it is well. Available in sterling silver or 14K gold vermeil on an adjustable 16-18" cable chain.MORE LIKE THIS- CLICK HERE! ...

                        Here Comes a Comeback Necklace Sterling Silver & CZ
                        Price: $46.00
                        Item #: 114036 -

                          We�re all fighting a daily battle~ physical or mental health issues, addiction, financial stress, burdens of everyday life in this tumultuous day and age. When it feels like you�ve been knocked down for the last time...when it feels like you can�t put one foot forward, or face the next day, let this necklace be your reminder to be gentle with yourself and tough on the enemy. You�ve got this, because God�s got you. This .925 sterling silver boxing glove pendant is strung on a 16-18� sterling...

                          His Angels Protect Necklace Sterling & CZ
                          Price: $46.00
                          Item #: 114040 -

                            �For He will order His angels to protect you wherever you go.� Psalm 91:11 How amazing it is and comforting to know that God�s very angels are all around us, protecting us and going before us in life�s daily battles. When life is scary and feels out of your control, this sweet feather will remind you that you are under His protection.This necklace has a .925 sterling silver feather covered in tiny crystals and a 16-18" sterling silver cable chain.MORE LIKE THIS- CLICK HERE! ...

                            Worries Into Prayers Youth Necklace Sterling Silver
                            Price: $42.00
                            Item #: 114045 -

                              A light-reflecting opal worry stone hangs on a shimmering chain. Touch the cross on the back of the stone any time you feel that wave of worry coming on and literally turn those worries over to God. Chain is .925 sterling silver and adjustable at 14 and 16 inches.MORE LIKE THIS- CLICK HERE! ...

                              You are Loved Necklace Youth Sterling Silver
                              Price: $42.00
                              Item #: 114055 -

                                This delicate and simple cross necklace is a daily reminder that you are loved by God. A tiny sterling silver cross (0.5") is strung sideways and off-centered {so that it sits upright and near the collarbone} on a youth sized 14-16" cable chain. MORE LIKE THIS- CLICK HERE! ...

                                He Heals Necklace Sterling Silver
                                Was: $55.00
                                Sale: $20.00-$52.00
                                Item #: PT14149 -

                                  This necklace was designed to honor and encourage those affected by Heart Disease. Whether you are praying fiercely for a newborn with a heart defect, comforting a heart attack survivor, or battling diabetes on the daily, Heart Disease affects us all. The He Heals design inspires hope and supports the ones you love while also raising funds for one particular cause that's near and dear to the hearts of so many: CHD (Congenital Heart Defect) research. This tiny heart measures approximately 1/2"...

                                  You are Loved Necklace Silver
                                  Price: $42.00-$45.00
                                  Item #: PT14142 -

                                    This delicate and simple necklace is a daily reminder that you are loved by God. A tiny sideways cross (0.5") is strung sideways and off-centered {so that it sits upright and near the collarbone} on a cable chain. Available on a 16-18" adjustable chain, in sterling silver or 14k gold vermeil.MORE LIKE THIS- CLICK HERE! ...

                                    Hope Will Rise Necklace 14k Vermeil & CZ
                                    Price: $49.00
                                    Item #: 114034 -

                                      "But Joy comes in the morning� ~ a passage from Psalms that is everything in these dark times. No matter how tough things get, no matter how hopeless things look, no matter the lies that the enemy whispers to you, HOPE WILL RISE upon the dawn of a new day because Jesus has already won the battle and conquered death. A luminous 14k gold vermeil sunshine with crystal at its center is strung on an adjustable 16-18� adjustable sterling silver chain.MORE LIKE THIS- CLICK HERE! ...

                                      assorted little words bracelets
                                      Price: $24.95
                                      Item #: 113664 -

                                        SOLD WITH ASSORTED WORDS AND BEAD COLORS Wear this word bracelet as long as you need it. When you no longer need your word, pass it to another girl who needs it more than you do. Each bracelet has a unique tag number you can register. As you pass on these bracelets you can see how far your kindness reaches. Hand-crafted in the USA. Each crystal beaded stretch bracelet has 12K gold-plated hardware and block lettering. Prefer a specific word or bead color and we will try to accommodate your...

                                        But God Necklace Sterling Silver
                                        Price: $46.00-$49.00
                                        Item #: PT14150 -

                                          A tiny horizontal tag necklace, in sterling or 14k, designed to encourage anyone facing a diagnosis, a �no� when they prayed for a �yes�, or any news that leaves us feeling hopeless - a piece that will motivate us to hang tight because our story doesn't end in defeat. �But God� is the promise of continuation in our journey, carrying us from brokenness to beauty; the promise that He works EVERY thing together for good. Tiny sterling silver or 14k vermeil But God tag measures approx 0.75" wide...

                                          I Love You Necklace Sterling Silver Two Hearts
                                          Price: $42.00
                                          Item #: 113998 -

                                            Simply sweet I Love You necklace adds classic beauty and precious meaning to every day. Itty bitty in design, this handcrafted sterling silver heart necklace is perfect as a light and subtle everyday necklace, and an equally fun addition to your layered look. Two tiny 7mm x 5mm hearts are intertwined on a sparkling 16-18" adjustable sterling silver cable chain.

                                            Lost Without You Necklace Sterling Silver
                                            Price: $46.00
                                            Item #: 114001 -

                                              For your wife, BFF, your mama, mentor, sister, your entire girl tribe. Show them just how much you adore and appreciate them and their direction through this incredible journey that we call life! Tiny steel compass disc measures 12.5mm | Sterling silver cable chain included.

                                              Gods Masterpiece Sterling Silver
                                              Price: $42.00
                                              Item #: 114012 -

                                                So delicate, so simple, so stylish. So beachy! A sweet sterling silver reminder that you are God's masterpiece! You are His handiwork - a beautiful, perfect, totally unique masterpiece. A tiny sterling silver sand dollar (3/8") is strung on a beautiful sterling silver cable chain. A gorgeous gift for bridal parties, or a special gift for any beach lovin' lady in your life. Adjustable 16"-18" sterling silver cable chain included.

                                                Superhero Bootprints Necklace Sterling Silver
                                                Price: $46.00
                                                Item #: 114024 -

                                                  Mamas, spouses, daughters, sisters, friends - does your heart belong to a veteran or active duty military? You need this sweet piece to hold them close, and to show all of those around you that someone wearing combat boots has made an impression on your heart! Sterling silver pendant on 16-18� adjustable sterling silver chain

                                                  Breathe Necklace Sterling Silver
                                                  Price: $46.00
                                                  Item #: 114029 -

                                                    A great gift for anyone battling anxiety; a reminder amidst the chaos to slow down, seek Him, and �just breathe�. Sterling silver bar on 16-18� adjustable sterling silver chain A portion of proceeds go to Christian Music artist Jonny Diaz's label to support and encourage his beautiful ministry.

                                                    Forget Me Not Necklace Sterling Silver
                                                    Price: $42.00
                                                    Item #: 114030 -

                                                      Forget me not, although I've gone, for my memory will always live on. Instead, remember me in every special way, keep me close to your heart; we'll meet again one day. The sweet Forget Me Not Flower inside this glass pendant will keep your loved one close to your heart and serve as a daily reminder of the special memories and love that will never be forgotten. Glass pendant is backed with .925 sterling silver and includes a sterling silver 16-18" adjustable chain

                                                      You Are Beautiful Youth Necklace Sterling Silver
                                                      Price: $42.00
                                                      Item #: 114042 -

                                                        This piece was created to help you remember the truth through all of the lies... You. Are. Beautiful. As a matter of fact, �you are all together beautiful, my darling, there is no flaw in you� ~Song of Solomon 4:7. So be kind to yourself; the words you speak to yourself matter just as much as the words you speak to others. Can you think of anything more beautiful than a perfect calla lily - the symbol of true beauty - to remind you of your inner and outward beauty? This sweet .925 sterling...

                                                        Love Between Mother & Daughter Necklaces Sterling SET OF 2
                                                        Price: $68.00
                                                        Item #: 114051 -

                                                          The relationship between a mother and daughter is so powerful- full of joy, laughter, and tears. A mother is a girl�s first best friend, her confidant, nurse, therapist, and life coach. The love knows no distance and knows no end. I wanted to create a piece that shows this unbreakable bond, two circles, linked together, unable to be pulled apart. Set includes two necklaces, one for Mom and one for daughter. Both necklaces have .925 sterling silver chains included {14-16� adjustable on...

                                                          Always There BFF Youth Necklaces Sterling & CZ SET OF 2
                                                          Price: $74.00
                                                          Item #: 114052 -

                                                            When you find that friend who lifts you up, never lets you down, knows how to be honest and makes you belly laugh, grab onto her and never ever let her go! Two necklaces make up this set - one for you and one for her. The sparkly and shiny infinity symbol will serve as your promise to always be there for each other, no matter how life changes. Chains are .925 sterling silver and adjustable at 14 and 16 inches.

                                                            God Gave Me You Necklace Silver
                                                            Price: $46.00
                                                            Item #: 114069 -

                                                              We all have that person in our lives who is there through the good and the tough, through faith and lack of faith, through storm and calm. These relationships should be celebrated, uplifted and preserved. Let that love, kiddo, or bestie in your life know that you truly believe that God gave them, specifically and uniquely, to you: for the ups and downs and days of doubt, for when you think you�ve lost your way and when there are no words left to say. Tell them, it�s true: �God gave me you�....

                                                              Always Near Youth Necklace Silver
                                                              Price: $42.00
                                                              Item #: 114071 -

                                                                A sweet, heartfelt gift for any girl that has recently lost a loved one, or a gift for any special occasion where a reminder of their loved one�s presence brings comfort and encouragement. Sterling silver with tiny crystals embedded in the bottom create a stunningly simply style that can be worn daily, and a quality that will be cherished forever. Tiny wing measures 6mm x 4mm on adjustable 14"-16" sterling silver cable chain included. ...

                                                                Kindness Like Confetti Youth Necklace Silver
                                                                Price: $46.00
                                                                Item #: 114073 -

                                                                  Gosh, the tween and teen years are hard y�all! We just want to keep our girls at home in a big mama bear hug all day and protect them from every last stinkin� pain this world wants to throw at them. But that�s just not possible (right?!). So, what�s a mom to do when we can�t be with our babies 24/7? We encourage, teach, lead and hold in every moment we do have with them, so that when they�re out there on their own, they have a compass to guide them. This is the idea behind this sweet, colorful...