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Help your child experience the mystery and joy of Jesus’ Passion, death, and Resurrection with our brand-new Brother Francis Stations of the Cross Playset!

Accompany Brother Francis as he prays and reflects on the Stations of the Cross and invite your child to learn about Jesus’ love and sacrifice for them. Recounting the steps of our Lord’s Passion as told by Sacred Scripture, this beautiful wooden set features animated characters from the popular Catholic children’s cartoon, Brother Francis, and will invite your child to pray throughout Lent in experiential and age-appropriate ways.

With pieces made from eco-friendly and sustainable wood, this Stations of the Cross playset features 26 bright and unbreakable figures for your child to explore, strengthening their understanding of the road to Calvary. An accordion style backdrop for all fourteen Stations of the Cross will allow your child to follow along in chronological order or create a beautiful and prayerful scene for guided play.

Whether your child is playing alongside you as you pray with the Stations of the Cross or is quietly reflecting on the Paschal Mystery, this toy is sure to strengthen their understanding of Christ’s sacrifice while promoting creativity and imagination.

26 wooden pieces included in this set:

  • Brother Francis
  • Jesus being condemned to death
  • Jesus carrying the cross
  • Jesus crucified on the cross
  • Jesus being laid in the tomb
  • Jesus’ Mother Mary
  • Mary holding Jesus
  • Pontius Pilate
  • Roman soldiers
  • Veronica
  • The weeping women of Jerusalem
  • Simon of Cyrene
  • The cross
  • John the Beloved
  • John the Beloved & Mary Magdalene
  • The women at the foot of the cross
  • The two men who were crucified next to Jesus
  • The tomb & rock door
  • Joseph of Arimathea
  • Hammer
  • Hyssop branch
  • Clothes
  • Spear

Also Included:

7 double-sided accordion Stations of the Cross panels that create the backdrop and prayer aid as your child moves Jesus along the Way of the Cross.

Cloth tote bag for tidy storage of the wooden pieces.

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