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San Peregrin Retablo Patron of Cancer Patients, AIDS Patients; Invoked Against Illness

Patron of Cancer Patients, AIDS Patients; Invoked against Illness.

Peregrin was born to a wealthy family in the 1200's and he became a political activist. He was anti-papal GUELPHS and in favor of the Imperials. When a papal legate came to town, Peregrine punched him in the nose. The man turned the other cheek. Peregrine was overcome by this gesture. He ended up joining the servite order. In penance for his past, he did not sit down for 30 years. He had a reputation of being a good confessor and great preacher. Later in his life he developed foot cancer. The night before they were to amputate his foot, he prayed that Christ would come down off the cross and heal his foot.

"Oh Holy San Peregrin, you endured painful cancer in your leg with such patience, fortitude and faith that you were cured by the touch of His divine hand. I humbly ask of you to intercede for me at the Throne of Divine Mercy, bringing me peace and healing in my hour of need. My gratitude will be always yours."

Specific Sizes - Width x Height

Pocket - 1 1/2" x 2 1/2"

Retablos are a devotional folk art form from Mexico and the Southwest US. They are small paintings on wood of Catholic saints and angels. To create these affordable heart-felt paintings of saints, angels and blessings, the artist has brought to the folk art of Retablo making, all the skills and passions through a lifetime of drawing, woodworking and painting. Moved by the sacred art of the retablo paintings and the santeros (saint makers) who made them, pieces are hand carved and painted on traditional ponderosa pine planks. Then a decoupage of the high quality prints are applied onto pine boards, in an old school technique used for the Italian altar screens of medieval Europe. This process has made these high quality printed retablos affordable. These unique items are ready to hang or rest about the house, in a pocket or on an altar. On the back of the retablos is a story of the saint's life. Many of them also have a prayer.


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Pocket token

Beautiful handmade token stunning artwork.