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The Saint John's Bible Seven Volume Set - Hardcover Editions

The Saint John's Bible is separated into seven volumes. This was done for practical reasons—each completed, bound volume will weigh as much as 35 pounds, with a combined weight of more than 165 pounds. It also produced interesting artistic results. While images and motifs repeat across volumes, each collection of Biblical books takes on its own character. We can approach each collection and discover its particular character and place in the grand story of salvation.

Price is less than buying each volume individually, when you purchase all seven reproduction volumes of The Saint John's Bible together here. This set is an extraordinary addition to anyone's library, a treasure that readers will return to again and again to explore, reflect, or pray.

Details: 9 3/4 x 15

“The illuminations are not illustrations. They are spiritual meditations on a text. It is a very Benedictine approach to the Scriptures.”

-Fr. Michael Patella, OSB,
Chair of the Committee on Illumination and Text

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