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St. Francis Borgia High School

Men’s and Women’s Pants and Shorts: Either navy or khaki slacks or shorts may be worn. These must be hemmed (no cutoffs). Shorts must be no shorter than 3 inches from the top of the knee and no longer than the knee. Shorts and pants must have inset pockets, not patch pockets. Slits or decorative stitching are not acceptable. The uniform pants must be a true (not faded) navy or a true khaki. When in doubt, always ask. NOTE: After repeated washing some material will fade to the extent that it will fall outside the acceptable range at some point.

Men’s and Women’s Shirts: Polo Shirts, both short and long sleeve, are available in royal, white, yellow, navy, and gray and must sport the Borgia logo. These are to be purchased through local vendors. No colored t-shirts or printed t-shirts are to be worn under the polo shirt. Long-sleeved t-shirts are not permitted. Shirts must be tucked in at all times, except when worn with culottes. T-shirts worn under uniform shirts must be tucked in.

Women’s Uniform Culottes: These are a blue/gray plaid and are available through Catholic Supply. Shirts are not required to be tucked with culottes in unless the student is also wearing a Borgia sweatshirt. Culottes must be no shorter than 3 inches from the top of the knee and no longer than the knee.

Leggings/Tights: Leggings/tights may be worn underneath culottes only. They must be solid black in color and must not have any alternative colored piping or trim.

Outerwear: Three styles of jackets sporting the Borgia logo may be worn. They are available from local vendors. Orders need to be placed three weeks in advance. Letter jackets may be worn, but team jackets are not allowed. Trench coats are not allowed.

Shoes: Suitable comfortable shoes may be worn. Moccasins, sandals, slippers, crocs, and open back shoes are not permitted. Shoes are to be reasonably clean and/or polished, and worn with socks. Socks must be solid color and must match.

Accessories: Other forms of apparel, such as neck scarves, bandannas, hats, extra sweaters, etc., are not permitted. Colored t-shirts and tube tops are not permitted under the polo shirts. Nylons are not allowed. Suitable belts in a solid color must be worn.