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1-1/8 x 15/16 inch satin finish pewter firefighter St. Florian shield medal on a 24 inch stainless steel rhodium plated chain. The pendant is shaped like a firefighter shield and features a raised figure of St. Florian, who is depicted as a Roman soldier with a bucket of water, pouring it over fire. There are words that read, "St. Florian Protect Us" on the left and right sides respectively. The back of the medal is blank with a brushed finish. Includes an elegant patriotic American flag card (jewelry attached).

Saint Florian was an officer of the Roman army who suffered death for the Faith in the days of Diocletian. His legendary acts state that he gave himself up when the government was rounding up Christians, and after making a bold confession, he was twice scourged, flayed, set on fire, and finally thrown into the river. His body was recovered by a pious woman. Since that time, he has been regarded as the Patron Saint of Fireman. Many miracles of healing are attributed to his intercession and he is invoked as powerful protector in danger from fire or water.