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Protect your home, or any place really, with this detailed resin plaque featuring the powerful Medal of Saint Benedict.
St. Benedict door medal, available in four finishes, to hang above the entrance to your home. St. Benedict is known as a protector against evil. For early Christians, the cross was a badge of their faith. Door seal measures 4" in diameter and is doubled sided in design (cross on one side, St. Benedict on other).
Saint Benedict was a great saint known not only for his sanctity but for his resistance and power over devils that tried to undermine him. Tradition holds that at least twice attempts were made on Saint Benedict's life through poisoned food, and both times his blessing over his meal spared his life.

As such St. Benedict medals have become favorites among Catholic faithful. The purpose of using the St. Benedict medal is to call down God's blessing and protection upon us, wherever we are, and upon our homes and possessions, especially through the intercession of St. Benedict.

Catholic Sacramentals and Home Decor

Measures 4" diameter with hole on top to hang.

Made in Italy.

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