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Let’s face it: Real-life friendship is hard! We find ourselves challenged by superficial #girltribe social media posts, so how can we really achieve authentic friendship? And is friendship even worth it?

Sisterhood isn't just a trend or unreachable goal; in fact, friendship with other women is a necessity. Why? Because we’re made for it. We’re created in the image and likeness of the triune God. “Relationship” is stamped into our spiritual DNA — just as God desires to be in relationship with us, he also longs for us to be in authentic relationship with others.

Whether you’re in a steady place with the women in your life or you're not confident at all when it comes to friendship with other women, each and every one of us always has room to grow in the art of friendship. In Sisterhood: Giving and Receiving the Gift of Friendship, Catholic wife, mom, author, and friend Chloe Langr offers a practical guide to discerning, developing, and keeping authentic friendships.

About the Author

Chloe Langr is a writer, blogger, editor, and author of Created for Love: Reflections for the Catholic Bride-to-Be and Letters to Women: Embracing the Feminine Genius in Everyday Life. She hosts the Letters to Women podcast and is passionate about the feminine genius and women's ministry. When she isn't buried under a growing stack of books, you can find her in a local coffee shop, spending time with her husband, Joseph, and their daughters Maeve and Ada.

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