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Our Lady of Mount Carmel/Sacred Heart of Jesus Brown Scapular Blessing Bracelet to be worn with the traditional brown scapular necklace.

Each bracelet is hand-made in Medjugorje using high quality Italian beads and medals.

About the brown scapular necklace:

In the year 1251 a Carmelite superior general living in Cambridge, England, St. Simon Stock, was praying for heavenly intercession for his order, as the Carmelites were facing trials and oppression at the time.

On July 16th, 1251, he received a visit from Our Lady in answer to his prayers. She handed him a Brown Scapular, saying,

Receive, my beloved son, this Scapular of thy Order; it is the special sign of my favor, which I have obtained for thee and for thy children of Mount Carmel. He who dies clothed with this habit shall be preserved from eternal fire. It is the badge of salvation, a shield in time of danger, and a pledge of special peace and protection.�

This apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary is known as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Because of her great promises to those who wear the Brown Scapular, the scapular spread to the laity as a sign of Marian devotion and consecration.

Front Side

The Sacred Heart Medal - During the 1600s Our Lord appeared to Saint Margaret Mary Alocoque. In His visits He made twelve promises to those who devote themselves to His Sacred Heart. The promises include special graces, peace, and blessings. This medal is also called a "Scapular Medal" when the image of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel is on the reverse.

Reverse Side

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel - The Scapular was given from Our Lady of Mount Carmel to St. Simon Stock who was the Prior General of the order at the time of the revelation on July 16th, 1251. The Order of Carmel was enduring difficulties, and he prayed fervently to Our Lady for help. Our Lady appeared to him, holding the Brown Scapular in her hands, saying to him, �This will be the sign of the privilege that I have obtained for thee and for the children of Carmel; whoever dies clothed with this habit will be preserved from the eternal flames."

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Absolutely beautiful!!

My sister sent me 3 as gifts for family members. They are absolutely beautiful! I'm buying 6 more for gifts for others.

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