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Often, we don't seem to realize how precious time is until it's gone. We need someone to remind us that we are made for more than this world offers. We're meant for the greatness of sanctity, and we need help to get there. The saints who have gone before us can provide the spiritual support we need.

During his life, Saint John Henry Newman's letters and sermons testified to the far-reaching impact of his priestly ministry. And today Newman's thoughts on the Christian life still hold enduring wisdom for each of us.

Newman adopted two mottoes as guiding principles in his life: "Life is for action" and "Holiness before peace." He encourages each of us to step forward in faith so that we can accomplish great things and embrace with courage the challenges of living the Christian life in a post-Christian world.

Seeking God with Saint John Henry Newman is an invitation to receive spiritual counsel from one of the towering intellectuals of the nineteenth century. Newman's practical guidance, distilled for the reader by Newman scholar Bud Marr, provides wisdom on prayer, penance, and the path to heaven.