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Friend Gray Scarf
Price: $28.95
Item #: 102646 -

    Sentiment: Friends make us feel loved and special. They are very precious people who bring joy and happiness to life. We can truly be ourselves when in the company of great friends. They know the authentic person we are and love us for all our quirks.20" wide x 75" long; Poly/Spandex

    Assorted Snowman Scarves
    Price: $8.95
    Item #: 1076 -

      These darling snowman scarves make great gifts for teachers, friends, the hostess, and co-workers! Buy 6 or more and save even more! Hurry...while our supplies last. Sold assorted, two colors available.

      Black Knit Scarf
      Price: $28.95
      Item #: 102626 -

        Sentiment: Beauty is Truth. The most beautiful people own who they are. They embrace all of their very unique and lovely quirks, because that is the essence of true beauty. We each have a story that is ours alone. It makes us truly one of a kind. Truth. Beauty.20" wide x 75" long; Poly/Spandex

        Gray Knit Scarf
        Price: $28.95
        Item #: 102647 -

          Sentiment: Courage is Heart. Courage is Strength. Courage is Bravery. The Latin origin for 'courage' is 'cor' which means heart.20" wide x 75" long; Poly/Spandex