Catholic Supply of St. Louis, Inc.

Serving the Faithful Since 1960

Holy friends from around the world!

All different, but all united in the Body of Christ! Meet 28 different saints from 22 countries!

Interacting with Saints from different cultures helps children understand the concept of God’s boundless love for all people, and encourages the development of empathy. Children learn to celebrate differences, while still feeling connected to the larger whole.

Irresistibly cute and full of bright, cheerful colors, “Saint Stamps” is sure to be a family favorite!

24” x 36” inches- giant size!

48 large and sturdy pieces, perfect for little hands

Play and Learn! Puzzles are a great way to start conversations with your child as they play! By asking them questions about the things they see, you can introduce new topics and ideas!

Promote problem solving skills and eye-hand coordination

Made in the U.S.A.

Printed using recycled materials and vegetable based inks

Ages 3+