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Rediscovering God: And Why We Never Have to Look


by Fr. Zacharias Heyes

In Discovering God, Fr. Zacharias Heyes invites us to walk a new path toward rediscovering God amid our everyday life. In the first section, our journey begins with biblical figures and the experiences they have with God. These are key experiences. In Jesus we can then see: God is not only close by, he is not only with us, he is in us, he has become man and as such tangible to all. The second section leads us on to the discovery of God within ourselves and each other, because, as Jesus demonstrates: to find God, you must seek him within. The third section is concerned with the resulting challenges for the Church: If God is within our life, in our everyday encounters, both with and within people, then that is exactly where the Church must be located. The Church must go to people, be with them. This has consequences for services, for rituals, and for the shape that the Church takes today. The central question becomes: Is Church the arbiter and manager of tradition, rite, and form, or does it respond to the conditions of our lives today? In other words, will it be rigid and stagnant, or will it seek the living God with and within living people?

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