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Red Aurora Borealis Crystal 6mm Ladder Rosary, gift boxed

A "Ladder" Rosary is formed by attaching beads horizontally to lengths of chain, forming the "steps" of a ladder. This Rosary is also known as "Jacob's Ladder."

"And he (Jacob) saw in his sleep a ladder standing upon the earth, and the top thereof touching heaven: the angels also of God ascending and descending by it; And the Lord leaning upon the ladder, saying to him: I am the Lord God of Abraham thy father, and the God of Isaac; the land, wherein thou sleepest, I will give to thee and to thy seed."
- Genesis 28:12-13

St. Francis de Sales, a Doctor of the Church, used the imagery of ladders often throughout his works, and of Jacob’s ladder in particular, to deepen and enrich our understanding of his spirituality and of our humanity.

There are a number of pious legends which describe the origin of the Ladder Rosary, the most prominent being that of a vision had by Saint Francis de Sales. He saw two ladders rising up to the Heavens. One ladder was very steep and difficult to climb, while the second ladder was shorter and much safer, and represented help from Mary. St. Francis de Sales heard Jesus say, "Tell your people to come to Me by this ladder, by way of My Mother." The surest way to achieve closer union with Our Lord Jesus Christ is to go to Jesus through Mary, especially by means of recitation of the prayers of the Holy Rosary, and meditation upon the Mysteries.

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