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In the midst of a culture that is increasingly confused about sexuality, love, life, and our very identity as persons, the Church offers us the truth of who we are. For women, this truth is rooted in motherhood — not just biological but, even more, spiritual — because women are the bearers and nurturers of life. Yet it’s difficult to understand and defend the true value of motherhood when the lies that permeate secular culture have seeped into our own way of thinking, even in the Church.

Reclaiming Motherhood from a Culture Gone Mad helps Catholics to peel back societal assumptions to understand the fundamental misconceptions fueling our culture’s attacks on marriage, motherhood, and the family. Examining current practices in light of these faulty assumptions will empower women in their own motherhood and equip Catholics to combat the culture of confusion by boldly proclaiming God’s vision for our lives.

This book offers a deep dive into what the Church teaches on motherhood and its dignity, equipping us to understand the WHY behind those teachings. It is only by living within a vision that honors the self-gift of motherhood as the pinnacle of womanhood that love, and not self-interest, can begin to reorder our lives.