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Purple Scapular (The Scapular of Benediction and Protection)

Article Source:
Marie-Julie Jahenny: Prophecies For Our Times Blogspot
The visions and prophecies of a Catholic mystic approved since 1875.

Q: Where did this Scapular come from and is this approved by the Catholic Church?

A: The Scapular was shown in a vision on August 23, 1878 to the stigmatist and mystic Marie-Julie Jahenny (1850-1941).
The Scapular was shown to her resting on the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Marie-Julie Jahenny was born on Coyault, but lived in La Fraudais, just a short distance north of Blain in Brittany France. She was approved about three years before then by her local bishop in 1875, Bishop Fournier, bishop of Nantes. A mystic does not need approval from the Vatican, a local bishop's approval is recognised as official Church approval. Therefore, we can safely wear the Purple Scapular as it originated from a supernatural revelation given by an approved mystic.

Q: What's the story of the Scapular? Why did Heaven reveal this relatively new scapular to the world?

A: It is Scapular was specially designed by Our Lord and Our Lady themselves, Our Lady said: "... for a long time my Son and I have had the desire to make known this scapular of benediction."
First, to remind the faithful about various details of the Passion and Our Lady's Sorrows so that they may receive their due share of veneration, and second, to protect us during the coming chastisements, for the world is already being cleansed due to its manifold sins and corruption, and it is about to get worse. Our Lady said: "This first apparition of this scapular will be a new protection for the times of the chastisements." (If you want a bare hint of what's coming, click here.)

Q: What are the images / symbols?

A: On the FRONT of the Scapular in Marie-Julie Jahenny's own words:
"It is a large scapular, larger than ordinary scapulars, it is a little larger than the palm of a hand. It is a beautiful purple, almost the colour of violet. Here is what is on it: in the middle, there are the three nails that crucified Our Saviour on the Cross, some are crossed on the others, not exactly in the form of a cross and the point of each nail, there is a drop of red blood. Above the three nails, there is a
type of large sponge that has raised ears, like those of balled oats. The three drops of blood will go to join together and fall into a small chalice painted in red, and the chalice is surrounded with a crown of thorns, and there are three little crosses engraved on the front of the chalice. This is the side of the scapular that is on the mantle of the Holy Virgin."

(PLEASE NOTE: there are some bad translations of the original texts that say the blood drops coming from the nails must be purple, but that is NOT CORRECT. The drops must be a 'ruddy' or blood red. The sponge and chalice must also be red.)

On the BACK:

"The other side of the scapular represents the Holy Virgin Mary sitting, holding her Adorable Son in her arms, the mouth and the Head of Our Lord rests on the heart of the Holy Virgin. At the lower end of the scapular, at the feet of Our Lord, is an Angel dressed in white, with curly hair, he has a white crown on his head, his belt is red. He has in his hands a white linen with which he wipes the feet of Our Lord. On the side of the Angel, to the right of the scapular, there is engraved a ladder. Behind Our Lord, to the left, the reed of the Passion painted in red, but without a sponge. The tears of the Holy Virgin fall on her breast, to the right, and they stop at the feet of the Angel."

The STRAPS and finishing touches:

"I notice that this scapular hangs by two violet straps that pass over each shoulder, and there are three knots on the left shoulder, and two on the right. (...) The scapular is edged with a red line and the straps are woollen."

Q: What do the images mean?

A: The meaning of the symbols in Our Lady's own words:
"This scapular, my children, it is supposed to be made on my heart, (i.e with humility and devotion to Her Immaculate Heart) because my heart is the emblem of simplicity and humility, and hence, the colour violet.
The nails that have pierced the feet and the hands of my Son have been little venerated and are venerable, hence my Son, in His Divine Wisdom, has made that these three nails be painted on the front of the scapular.
These three drops of blood and the chalice represent the generous hearts gathering the Blood of my
Divine Son. (I.e those devoted to the Precious Blood and gathering it for the good of the Church, conversion of sinners, etc.)
The red sponge will represent my Divine Son drinking, in a manner, the sins of His children but His Adorable Mouth refuses."
Our Lord explains the back image:
"My children, very few souls think of wiping the Adorable Wounds of My Feet when the Blood
ran and I would like this representation to be known. They also think so little of the tears shed by My Mother during My Passion; these tears are found at the feet of the Angel that wipes My Sacred Feet. By this scapular, I would like you to think on the ladder, the reed and the nails of My Passion."

Hence, the images of the Angel, the ladders, nails, the reed that held the sponge, etc. are symbolic of this devotion Our Lord wants known, they are not meant to be a literal representation of the Crucifixion scene.

Q: Why do the straps have different knots in them? What does that mean?

This is one detail not explained in the vision, but apparently, as this Scapular represents the Passion of Our Lord, we are probably expected to think this one out for ourselves. This is what I've personally speculated:
* 5 knots in total: possibly the Five Wounds of Christ.
* 3 knots over the left shoulder: the number 3 symbolises the Holy Trinity. According to Marie-Julie's visions, Our Lord carried His Cross on the left shoulder. Possibly, this is to remind us of that, and, to encourage Devotion to His Forgotten Wound of the Shoulder. (You can read about the NEW PROMISES given to the Shoulder Wound Devotion here.)

Q: Is there a specific prayer or devotion that needs to be said with this Scapular?

A: YES, there are two. As Our Lady presented the Scapular to Our Lord, He turned to Marie-Julie and said:
“I address you, My victim, and also My victims and My servant, My children of the Cross, I see and I come to give you an idea and profound thought: during My descent from the Cross they handed Me to My mother, this descent, this thought, this devotion is little known. I would like by this reproduction on this scapular, that it pass into the hearts of the children of the Cross, and that they salute Me by these three salutations:

I salute You, Jesus crucified, that you grant me life.

I salute You with all the joy of the Angels and the Saints in Your descent from the Cross.

I salute you with the sadness of Your Mother when you reposed on her heart and on her Immaculate lap.
Our Lord also asked that people meditate for at least 2- 3 minutes on His Passion, and to say r 5 or 7 times the "Crux Ave" given to Marie-Julie Jahenny in a separate vision:

Crux Ave #1: "O, Crux Ave! Spes unica! Et Verbum caro factum est! O Jesus, vanquisher of death, save us!"

(O hail to the Cross! Our only hope! And the Word was made flesh.) This first part must be said in Latin, and you must be "carrying" the Scapular for this prayer. Wearing it would be best!

A second 'Hail to the Cross' Prayer was also revealed to Marie-Julie Jahenny: Our Lord didn't specify which "Crux Ave" was to be said with the Scapular, so it would be a good idea to include this with the Scapular devotion as well:

Crux Ave #2: I salute you, I adore you, I embrace
you, O Adorable Cross of my Saviour. Protect
us, guard us, save us. Jesus loved you so much,
following His example, I love you. By your holy image calm our fears.
That I feel only peace and trust!

Q: What are the promises and graces attached to the Scapular?
A: From a close reading of the text we see there are various promises and graces depending on whether it is simply possessed, displayed, actually worn, or if you simply desire to be clothed with it.

1) It must be WORN for these graces:

Our Lady "This first apparition of this scapular will be a new protection for the times of the chastisements, of the calamities and the famines.
All those who are clothed (with it, i.e wear it) shall pass under the storms, the tempests and the darkness, they will have light as if it were plain day. Here is the power of this unknown scapular.”
2) Graces and Promises simply by POSSESSING or CARRYING it. ( i.e have it on your person, and also reverently displayed in your homes).
This extends to "ALL" for the grace of conversion of sinners and blasphemers as well as for the benefit of faithful believers.

NOTE:The words say 'possessing' and 'carrying' the scapular, but, the Church has decreed for scapulars that they must be worn to receive the promised graces and indulgences: Quote: "To share in the indulgences and privileges of a scapular, one must wear it constantly; it may be worn over or under one's clothing and may be laid aside for a short time, if necessary. Should one have ceased wearing the scapular for a long period (even through indifference), one gains none of the indulgences during this time, but, by simply resuming the scapular, one again participates in the indulgences, privileges, etc." One exception seems to be the Green Scapular as people receive graces simply from carrying it, even in their wallet. So, this may also apply to the 'carry' direction of the Purple Scapular, however the best way to 'carry' a scapular is to wear it.

Our Lord: "My children, all souls, all people who possess this scapular, will see their family protected, their home will also be protected, first of all from fires, which will never enter there.
This scapular will strike down the ungrateful which blaspheme My Name in the home where it will be displayed. If an impious person enters, they will be so completely struck that their conversion will be close. (Hence, it would be a good idea to get an extra one and frame it for display in your home.) Our Lord still adds that by reminding an obstinate soul about this scapular at the hours of their demise (i.e., death), they will awaken the Faith in it and a firm belief, (grace of conversion).

All those who will carry it will be preserved from 1) thunder, from 2) sudden death and from
3) accidents. During chastisements 4) they will be protected.
That all those who will have it and think upon it and love it, will be spared the troubles of soul.

That those who will carry it will be sheltered from any danger as though they already possessed Heaven.

That this scapular, finally, will be as a lightning rod under which the blows of Just and Divine
Wrath will not dwell.

3) PROTECTING CHURCHES: Displaying it for veneration in a Church will protect that church from impious people and from profanation.

(Place one in your Church, it might save it from being 'modernised', altars ripped out, etc. How many churches could have been saved from desecration if this Scapular had spread in time!)

4) Simply DESIRING to wear it: Our Lord: "I shall grant great graces to those who desire to be clothed in this Holy Habit." (Graces not named: to the discretion of Our Lord, no doubt depending on the state and spiritual needs of the soul of those who desire the scapular.)

Q: Can any priest bless it?
A: Yes, any validly ordained Catholic priest may bless it. Like all sacramentals it must be blessed to receive the graces.

Q: Is there a particular blessing that the priest needs to say over it?

A: As far as I am aware, no. There is no particular blessing that was revealed for it, and as it has not yet officially been made part of a religious order or confraternity, it would fall under the categoary of a 'private devotion' scapular, and so a special enrollment and blessing has not yet been formulated by the Church. We can safely assume priests may use the regular blessing for sacramentals at the present time until the Church formally decides otherwise.

Q: If I need a new one because my old one has worn out, does the new one need to be blessed again?
A: For now, yes.
Unlike the Brown Scapular, there is no confraternity or religious order yet associated with the Purple Scapular. Enrolment in a confraternity means the person is blessed with the graces of the order, e.g. a Brown Scapular is a miniature version of the Carmelite habit so a replacement does not need to be blessed, but since the Purple Scapular is not part of an order yet, and has to be blessed as a regular sacramental, it is better to be on the safe side and have your replacement Purple Scapular blessed.
No doubt this Scapular will one day be associated with the religious order that will run the promised Sanctuary of the Cross that will be built on the site of Marie-Julie's cottage as it was descibed in the vision as being a holy habit, but until then, get your new one blessed.

Q: If I want to make my own, can I use just any material?
A: The directions are specific, so NO, one must keep to the directions regarding the materials and how it is to be made.

* The main colour of the background of the Scapular must be violet purple and made of wool.

The Church has set conditions regarding the materials for the panels of large 'habit scapulars' connected with an order, and also the smaller scapulars according to the New Advent Website – so all SCAPULARS MUST BE OF WOVEN SHEEPS WOOL – i.e. wool cloth:

“The small scapulars consist essentially of two quadrilateral segments of woolen cloth (…) connected with each other by two strings or bands in such a manner that, when the bands rest on the shoulders, the front segment rests before the breast, while the other hangs down an equal distance at the back. (…) The material of these two essential parts of the scapular must be of woven wool.” (New Advent).

So, it is automatically to be understood the purple panels of the Scapular of Benediction and Protection must be of woven wool cloth. Our Lord described the Purple Scapular as a "holy habit", so it must have the same conditions as a habit-scapular, it must be of wool.

IMPORTANT NOTE about 'wool felt' and 'felted wool' - do not confuse the two. Both are different! Wool felt is a material made of wool fibers mashed together but is NOT woven. The Church says we must use woven wool. 'Felted wool' on the other hand is woven wool that has been 'fuzzed up' to look like felt, but it IS woven and can be used.

Basically, if the wool is 'fuzzy' like felt, make sure it is the WOVEN kind and not just mashed up fibers.

* The main cloth / rectangular parts must be slightly larger than the palm of the hand.

* 2nd UPDATE - INFO ABOUT THE STRAPS (Oct. 11, 2020): the vision specifically said the straps are to be of violet wool, basically matching the back of the Purple Scapular as much as possible. There are to be three knots over the left shoulder, and two knots over the right. There is confusion as to whether or not the strap material may be changed as the Church has declared the smaller scapulars do not have to have wool straps. HOWEVER, considering the colour of the straps is stipulated in the vision to Marie-Julie along with unique knots, and, as Marie-Julie says this scapular is bigger than normal small scapulars, and, has special Passion prayer devotions attached, this sets it apart from the other smaller scapulars, so it is apparent the wool detail of the Purple Scapular straps is important, similar to the Red Passion Scapular and the Five Fold Scapular in that these other two have a specific colour attached and must have wool straps. The Red Passion Scapular was given in a vision to Sr. Louise-Apolline Andriveau in 1846 with very specific details and approved in 1857 by the Church. The Red Passion Scapular straps MUST be made of red wool, for unlike the small scapulars, the Church did not change this detail regarding the wool as given in the vision. The Purple Scapular is also a 'Passion' scapular, and considering the unique details given about it directly from Heaven like the Red Passion Scapular, it is obvious Heaven wished this Scapular to be set apart and the woolen strap detail retained.

After searching online, I discovered there are French and Italian companies making woven wool ribbons / straps, and the weave looks very much like that on the Purple Scapulars sold in France, so it appears that the convent in France making them for the 'Marie Julie Association' and elsewhere have either found a company making wool ribbons, or, they have had them custom made. In all, the are making them according to the exact directions as given in the vision to Marie-Julie Jahenny regarding the wool detail similar to the Red Passion scapular. If you want to make your own Purple scapulars, you can try and source wool woven ribbons, OR, you can use the same woven material used for the main panels of the Purple Scapular by cutting out long strips as the wool in a scapular must be woven. Plain felt wool ribbons or material is not good enough as plain simple felt is a material made with 'smashed' or pressed fibres that are not woven. Make sure the wool used for the panels and the straps is woven wool cloth, or woven felted wool, not just plain smashed felt.

*The symbols of the sponge, the chalice and the drops of Blood from the nails on the front must be 'painted' in red, on a dark red flannel panel. Marie-Julie said the design was 'painted' - she did not simple say the design was red, she also mentioned 'painted'. So, this also means the material and the type of work, it must be painted. meaning paint or pant-like ink applied - the picture should not be made with embroidery.

It could be hand-done, you can use a brush or sponge the design in with the help of a stencil. (In this case, it is easier to paint all the Passion symbols on the front in red.)

The main point is the Passion symbols be applied onto the flannel material like a painting, and not embroidered.

Screen printing is applying the image with ink or paint like ink, so that might work too.

The symbols must match the description in the vision. Our Lady: "I desire that the end of the scapular, be of violet, (the background), but I desire that the nails, the chalice, the sponge and the crown be on a piece of dark red flannel." (NOTE: flannel was orginally made from wool are carded yarn, and, since scapulars must be made from woven wool according to the Church, it appears synthetic materials are not to be used for the flannel either. It appears the convent in France providing Purple Scapulars to the Marie-Julie Jahenny Association and other sacramental shops is also using to 100% wool for this section too. Until the Church decrees otherwise for this particular scapular, it is best to follow the Church's direction on wool for scapulars for the flannel panel as well.)

*The image of the Pietá must be as close to the description of the vision as much as possible. (however, there is no specification to the matieral this image must be on, so this could be printed or painted on anything, cotton, wool, etc.) Since this is a very detailed image, handpainting this would make production close to impossible, and Heaven doesn't make things impossible. Printing the image on iron on T-shirt transfers are an idea - it appears the convent in France that first started making these has used this idea. Sew them on as well for extra support.

* The Scapular must be edged in red, (although what type of material that edge should be is not specified.)

Q: What if the images fade from wear and tear, especially the painted parts? What do I do?
A: If they are just faded a bit, like the tiny little crosses on the chalice tend to fade, and you can still make out the image, they are still okay. However, if you are having big trouble seeing what all the symbols are, or they are gone entirely, then it's defintely time to repair them or get a new scapular.

As a judge of how 'faded' they have to be for this to ensure you still receive the Blessings, there doesn't seem to be a ' rule'- I suggest using the rule applied to most sacramentals and priest vestments: for instance, if a set of Rosary beads with a Papal Blessing is missing half its beads, then it's considered not fit for purpose and the blessing is no longer on the set. If a set of Mass vestments go threadbare and look really worn, then they must be replaced to be fit for the august service of the altar. So, if the images are really damaged or practically gone on your Purple Scapular, or, if the straps have really frayed to bits, I'd suggest reparing them, or getting a new one since the symbols and straps are important.

In fact, prevention is better than cure: cover the squares of your Scapular with clear plastic wrap of some kind if you can to prevent damage happening to the delicate details.

To repair the paint part in front with the Passion symbols: print off a picture of the Purple Scapular, carefully cut out the symbols with a razor blade and use the print as a stencil, or if you're artistically inclined, do your best to paint them in by hand with a very tiny brush.

For the back image: you could try taking the image of the Pietá into a place that prints T-shirts, etc, and have them print this on a T-shirt transfer for you. Sew them on as well for extra support.

If the images had to be repaired, or a new strap put on, etc., I'd suggest having your Scapular re-blessed as the Scapular is not part of a confraternity yet.

Q: Is this meant to replace the Brown Scapular? Can I wear this INSTEAD of the Brown Scapular?

A: ABSOLUTELY NOT! THIS DOES NOT REPLACE THE BROWN SCAPULAR! While there are many graces attached to the Purple Scapular, it is intended as a protection and a shelter against the chastisements and God's wrath, gives the grace of inner peace and will spare believer the troubles of soul, (i.e doubts against the Faith), etc, and is a protection for churches against profanation, and will grant graces of conversion reserved for hardned souls and blasphemers, etc., but it does not have the absolute promise of granting the grace of keeping you from Eternal fire like the Brown Scapular, which also has its unique set of graces of protection. In fact, the Brown Scapular is more imperative to give peaceful assurance of salvation, that must come first. Make sure you are enrolled in the Brown Scapular Confraternity! The Purple Scapular on the other hand is intended for the those who wish to be protected on earth during the chastisements, be shielded from God's anger during that time, who wish to be clothed as "Children of the Cross", and hopefully, sight of the Purple Scapular will convert those who happen to see it. Just be wise and wear both!

Article Source: Marie-Julie Jahenny: Prophecies For Our Times Blogspot
The visions and prophecies of a Catholic mystic approved since 1875.


Purple Scapular - The Scapular of Benediction and Protection

Mini Purple Scapular - The Scapular of Benediction and Protection