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Progetto Arte Poli is a studio inspired by the Renaissance workshops, where still today as in the past, different techniques coexist and intertwine for the creation of unique works. The studio creates an aray of artwork such as artistic stained glass windows, mosaic art, fresco paintings, sculpture, and wrought iron restoration. Each work of art is the result of a skilled master craftsmen, artist, designer or technician. Visiting the laboratory is an extraordinary experience, a small journey through time. Here you can discover ancient values that remain unsurpassed in the field of art work. Each work is filled with manual skill, dedication, patience and passion.


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Custom Bronze Statuary
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Item #: Custom Bronze Statuary -

    Extremely refined skills, both technical and artistic, are combined with a profusion of artistic energies that fascinate the observer. Each artisian has within them the unique power to melt the metals, to create the vessels that become the sculpture forms, and the physical strength necessary to free the artwork to become its final masterpiece. The beauty of the finished artistic work, whether it is a sculpture or a relief, is always a collective achievement and a result that Progetto Arte Poli...

    Custom Church Furnishings from Italy
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    Item #: Custom Church Furnishings -

      Our studio is a reality of the past, rare if not unique. As in a Renaissance workshop, alongside Maestro Albano Poli, several artists, art masters and designers dedicate their talents to the creation and restoration of unique works such as artistic windows, mosaics, frescoes, bronze and stone sculptures, architectural elements in wrought iron, structures, and furnishings. Each work is the result of a path of creation that starts with dialogue with the client about the client's vision for the...

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      Item #: Columbarium -

        A columbarium is a respectful structure that has small spaces, or niches, to hold cremated remains of the deceased. Cremation has been allowed by the Church since 1963. According to the Order of Christian Funerals cremated remains (cremains) are treated with the same respect given to the body from which they came. The cremains should be buried in a grave or entombed in a mausoleum or columbarium.Columbaria's are becoming a popular alternative for those who wish to memorialize loved ones...

        Custom Liturgical Paintings from Italy
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        Item #: Custom Liturgical Paintings -

          From the Renaissance onwards, wall paintings bring with it the desire to create a vision, an elsewhere that captures the observer giving beauty and new meanings to an environment. In addition to creating frescoes according to the traditional method of coloring on fresh plaster, our atelier has studied and developed over the years a new technique that has the effect of a fresco which preserves all the possibilities of painting on canvas. The artistic works are thus made in the workshop on...

          Custom Mosaics from Italy
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          Item #: Custom Mosaics -

            MOSAIC ART: Mosaic art is an artform consisting of inlaid geometric, decorative, figurative, abstract, and traditional pieces of varying materials into a unique one-of-a-kind art creation. Its compositional nature makes it suitable for many design applications. Born in ancient times and originally used with functional rather than aesthetic intent, mosaic art is among the most tested techniques in our workshop. As in a portrait, mosaic art can tell a detailed story making its dramatic...

            Custom Stain Glass from Italy
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            Item #: Stain Glass -

              STAINED GLASS: A PAINTING THROUGH THE ARCHITECTURE OF LIGHT. The artistic stained glass windows is an extremely engaging artifact because it does not limit itself to soliciting the gaze of the observer but involves him in a total experience. The Italian Progetto Arte Poli Studio offers over 60 years of experience in this specific artistic field. The artists choice of mouth-blown glass, choice of linking techniques and supporting structures affects how the light shines through the color and...

              Albano Poli founded Progetto Arte Poli after finishing the Art School in Verona. He started making stained glass windows in a small workshop inside a prestigious historical palace in downtown Verona. The business developed quickly thanks to his talent and he integrated the production of stained glass windows with mosaics, frescoes, sculptures, wrought iron works and other materials that are part of the Italian art tradition. Passion, experience, traditional techniques, high quality materials: this is what characterizes all artworks made in the workshop and generally speaking, this is our Italian heritage.

              MADE IN ITALY