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Piazzas, Popes, and Pasta: Notes From a Rome Sojourn
Have you ever wished you could go live somewhere else, even for a few months, to get a feel for how other people live? Have you ever wanted to immerse yourself in learning something new? Luanne Zurlo did just that and shares her experiences in Piazzas, Popes, and Pasta: Notes from a Rome Sojourn. Acting on inspiration from the Holy Spirit, Zurlo spent four months living in Rome and studying theology at the Angelicum Pontifical University. Her heartfelt and vivid descriptions put you in Rome with her as she admires the art, music, and sights such as St. Peter�s Basilica. Through her you�ll come to know the city that is the heart of the Catholic Church, while gathering valuable insights into our faith. Part memoir, part travelogue, and part religious reflection, this book will encourage you to open your heart to God�s will, even when it seems risky, for the rewards of saying �yes� are unfathomable.
PAPERBACK, 148 pages.

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