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Hail Mary, Full of Grace!

Learn the Hail Mary in both English and Spanish!

Play and pray along with one of the most beloved Marian devotions, Our Lady of Guadalupe! This gorgeous giant size floor puzzle dazzles in the colors of the desert, featuring both Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Juan Diego.

Framing the image is a rosary and the Hail Mary prayer in both English and Spanish.

The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared in what is now Mexico City to St. Juan Diego on December 9, 1531.

The beautiful lady, who appeared dressed as an Aztec princess, asked Juan Diego to go to the Bishop on her behalf. She wanted a church built on the site of her appearance to remind the native peoples that she was their mother.

Juan knew that the Bishop would not believe him, and so the Virgin Mary told him to fill his cloak with roses (which normally did not grow that time of year) and take them to the Bishop as proof.

When Juan opened his cloak, all of the roses fell out on the floor. Left behind on his cloak was the image of the beautiful Virgin Mary, just as she appeared to him!

24” x 36” inches- giant size!

48 large and sturdy pieces, perfect for little hands

Play and Learn! Puzzles are a great way to start conversations with your child as they play! By asking them questions about the things they see, you can introduce new topics and ideas!

Promote problem solving skills and eye-hand coordination

Printed using recycled materials and vegetable based inks

Ages 3+

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