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Our Lady of Grace (Italian: Madonna delle Grazie or Nostra Signora delle Grazie) or Saint Mary of Graces (Italian: Santa Maria delle Grazie)in Greek Panagia.

The Blessed Mother was addressed by the Archangel Gabriel as “full of grace.” This refers to the pure spotless vessel she was so pleasing to God. She has been referred to as the “evergreen oasis” and praised in the early church as the “all graced - holy one” (the Panagia). Through her intercession with God grace is provided to each of us.

Throughout Christian history there are many manifestations in both the Eastern and Western Church of Mary’s love and grace for us. There are countless titles as well images of Mary’s grace – some in icons and paintings as well as sculptures.

This tapestry image of Mary is a classical image – standing on a bed of roses with an aura (nimbus) around her body (showing her holiness) and “stars” ªdenoting virginity) in her halo with hands outstretched inviting us to come to her, to embrace her.

Feast Day: February 7th.

Rosary not included

3 3/4" x 2 1/2"