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Get ready for the most wonderful time of the year with this Nativity Story Box. Grown ups love setting up the traditional Nativity scene, why not join in on the fun by creating one of your own? Included in this playset is everything you need to make your own scene of the birth of the Messiah. You'll find 15 figures representing everyone! Mary and Joseph are here as well as baby Jesus in the manger. The three Kings have traveled very far following the bright star an angel told them to, place them on the road with their camel and put the star above the stable so they know the way! The shepherd was very kind to lend his stable to Mary and Joseph, looks like he and his animals will be in attendance to behold the birth of the Messiah. The horse, cow, and sheep are all here to be a part of this momentous occasion.

Why You'll Love It

This Nativity Scene Playset encourages kids to engage with one of the most iconic stories in Christianity. Every piece in this set is made from sanded and natural cuts of wood and safe water-based paints.

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