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Ours is not a culture that publicly appreciates motherhood, and it is time for that to change. Feminism, while winning certain victories for women, has wrongly left motherhood behind. Many women today, including faithful Catholics, are ambivalent about motherhood or see it as something that will compromise their careers, lives, and happiness.

In Motherhood: An Extraordinary Vocation, Dr. Kathryn Rombs invites women to enter this vocation or reengage with it, newly aware of its meaning, beauty, and power. Each chapter focuses on a theme that is essential to every woman’s interior development as she contemplates the role of motherhood in her life. Topics include:

  • The spiritual genius of motherhood
  • The many ways mothers build, shape, and strengthen society
  • How motherhood can be a path to fulfillment and even greatness
  • The biblical view of the dignity of motherhood

It is time for Christ’s message of the dignity, strength, and purpose of motherhood to prosper. This book will help you in your personal discovery — or rediscovery — of your vocation.


Dr. Kathryn Rombs is the founder of Mighty Is Her Call, Inc., a ministry that elevates Catholic mothers through retreats, a daily blog, and other resources for Catholic mothers. She sometimes serves as an adjunct professor of philosophy at the University of Dallas. Dr. Rombs earned her masters and doctoral degrees in philosophy from Fordham University. She and her husband, Ron, are raising their six children in Irving, Texas, although they are currently enjoying a several-year stay in Italy.

192 pages, paperback

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