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by John Brown
Walt Disney, Brad Pitt, Jack Dorsey, Payne Stewart. Josephine Baker. Samuel Clemens. George Washington Carver. What do these icons have in common? They were all raised in the Show-Me State.Missouri Legends, 2nd Edition brings renowned politicians, authors, artists, athletes, performers, and historical figures to life. The book profiles more than 200 famous Missourians with dozens of new entries. Each profile includes a brief account of their formative years in Missouri and how they became legendary.With the second edition, readers will learn even more about the historically significant (Jesse James, Gen. John J. Pershing, Laura Ingalls Wilder), major politicians (Harry S Truman, Jack Danforth, Bill Bradley), groundbreaking artists (Scott Joplin, Thomas Hart Benton, T.S. Eliot), business innovators (Dale Carnegie, Sam Walton, J.C. Penney), sports legends (Yogi Berra, Albert Pujols, Grant Wistrom), iconic entertainers (Redd Foxx, Steve McQueen, Sheryl Crow) and world-famous leaders in science, technology, broadcasting, and other fields.From the smallest towns to the big cities, there are legends all around us. This book is a celebration of our Show-Me State heroes who have made an impact on the world . . . and it all started in Missouri.
320 pages, paperback

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