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Mejores padrinos

Ideas y actividades para acompañar a sus ahijados

by Elaine Ramshaw

All godparents hope to form a bond with their godchild, but following through as a life-long, faith-sharing companion to a child can seem like an overwhelming challenge. How does one begin to relate to children at all their ages? And how exactly does one share faith with a child?

In Mejores padrinos, Elaine Ramshaw is encouraging, reassuring, energizing, and resourceful. Building on the idea that godparent and godchild are two Christians discovering together what it means to be baptized, she provides scores of ideas for relating at every age and in many circumstances—ideas that are appropriate for all the churches that call for godparents. Godparents will find advice that serves well when the godchild is a baby, toddler, teen, or young adult. They will learn how to relate through imaginary play, conversations, walks in the woods, reading, drawing, viewing films, listening to music together, and more.

Whether godparents can be present in the day to day at close range or must stay connected when living at a distance, they will find advice for sharing feasts, rituals, and adventures and for providing a sensitive ear and firm anchor during times of crisis. The author empowers godparents to nurture the love and faith that are at the heart of the godparent-godchild relationship.

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