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In Make Every Day Blessed, you will:

  • discover the significance behind each of the liturgical seasons (Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and Ordinary Time);
  • examine the ways you currently celebrate each season, and reflect on the deeper meaning behind our collective celebrations;
  • reflect on how you can live with greater intention throughout the liturgical year.

The Catholic Church is full of rich tradition, enabling us to experience the world as God intended through the beauty of each liturgical season: Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and Ordinary Time. In Make Every Day Blessed, Jen Frost explores in depth each of these seasons. You will learn the significance of the season, how and why it is celebrated, and ways you can live the season in your home. By understanding the why's and how's of living liturgically, you will have the opportunity to grow in faith and share it with those around you all year long.

Throughout this journal you'll find thought-provoking questions to guide your journey. You can record your own responses and insights right in the journal. As with all the Stay Connected journals, guided prayers and space to journal provide opportunities for you to forge a deeper connection with Christ.

Stay Connected Journals for Catholic Women help you deepen your connection with Christ through inspiring stories, reflections, Scripture study, and prompts for prayer and journaling. Each journal explores a different path to spiritual growth in seven short, easy-to-complete chapters-perfect for individuals or small faith-sharing groups!