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High quality lace chapel veil mantilla imported directly from Spain.

This lovely traditional Spanish chapel veil frames the face with an ornate pattern of leaves and vines. It comes in a wide array of colors to suit any taste or season. This is a mid-length veil that hangs just past the shoulders on most women. Made in Spain.

Since St. Paul's first letter to the Corinthians, it has become a tradition for women to wear some sort of head covering when going to church. Early Catholic women wear chapel veils primarily as a symbol of modesty. In those days, its believed that keeping the head covered helps maintain a woman's dignity.

Today, wearing a veil - or any kind of head covering at Mass - is a symbol of reverence as women of the Church that we are the Brides of Christ and wearing a veil is meant to be a visible reminder of the sanctity and dignity of women and our devotion to the loving rule of Christ and surrender to God's will.

Similar to a religious habit, wearing a chapel veil is your public proclamation of your desire to submit to the will of God for your life. It isn't a sign that we have achieved a certain level of holiness, but rather a sign of our desire to grow closer to God.

Our high quality mantilla's are imported from Spain in a variety of designs and colors. You'll find purple for seasons such as Advent and Lent, golds and silvers for holidays and the traditional white, ivory and black for chapel veil wear.

Made in Spain.

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