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Little Ways to Little Sanctity: Walk the Way of Christ with Littleness and Simplicity... One Step at a Time


Growth in holiness, or sanctity, is an endeavor sought by most all the faithful in their individual journey towards Jesus Christ and to the realization of eternal salvation. Little Ways to Little Sanctity is written for the common person, motivated in faith, for he or she who seeks to improve their place in life. Countless individuals routinely ask about ways to grow closer to God the Father, how to become more pure and holy, how to be a responsible steward of the gifts with which one has been blessed. Little Ways to Little Sanctity is modeled in part after the life and "little way" of St. Therese of Lisieux. St. Therese is known the world over as a modern-day saint who was simple in intellect but a giant in humility and sanctity. Unbeknownst to many of her closest friends and family members, St. Therese sought to strengthen her relationship with Christ in all that she did. In her pursuit of holiness, her daily efforts were neither significant nor profound, but rather were focused on acts in simplicity and humility. St. Therese used a strand of ten beads, her Good Deed Beads, to count the times during her day during which she acted in holiness. Her Good Deed Beads became an important tool for her to grow in unity with Christ as she counted the times in which she acted for Jesus. This was the "little way" of St. Therese.

Little Ways to Little Sanctity is modeled on the faith and littleness of St. Therese and on her "little way". The book is focused on ten key practices each of us can implement in our daily lives to similarly grow in faithfulness and in unity with our Creator. It is written for all ages from teenager to adult. Each chapter concludes with contemplative questions to ponder and consider for each on their individual journey towards Christ. The book is ideal for parishes, for youth groups, for faith-filled book clubs, and every individual motivated to be responsible for the gifts they have and to attune themselves to the call of Christ to seek holiness.