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  • Does God kill people?
  • Does God want people to kill people?
  • Why do the innocent suffer?
  • Is Hell a just punishment?
  • Why would God allow Jesus to be crucified?
  • The Old Testament God vs. New Testament God - are they the same person?

If you've read the Bible, you may have had these questions cross your mind. Or, you've heard your non-believing friends ask these questions to justify their disbelief. How do we reconcile these questions with our Faith in a loving, just God?

The good news is that we CAN work through these difficult passages and arrive at a deeper knowledge of who God really is, leading to a closer relationship with him. Light on the Dark Passages of Scripture guides you through God's revelation, interpreting challenging texts, providing reasonable answers to nagging questions, and showing the mercies of a loving God.

"The best book I know that explains - and doesn't explain away - the truly difficult texts of scripture. I can't recommend this book enough!" - Ralph Martin, S.T.D.

"Guides us through the museum of 'dark passages' and eventually leads us to the display of God's love in Christ as the answer to the human messiness of redemptive history." - Taylor Marshall, PhD