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Did you know God has written you a letter? It's "hidden" in the sacred Scriptures. The Scriptures are God's word for his people, the Church. But he also uses them to speak a special word to every person who seeks him there. This prayer journal is all about learning to "read" God's letter to you in the Scriptures, using an ancient prayer method known as lectio divina. In the pages of this journal, you'll get a crash course in lectio divina, and then you'll have a chance to practice it yourself.

What will God say to you? What will you say back to God? This prayer journal is meant to help you enter into a real conversation with God - a conversation between friends.

Lectio Divina for Teens: Reading God's Messages to You is part of the MISSION: CHRISTIAN Meditation Journal series, which introduces young people to meditative prayer through a guided journal format. Lectio Divina for Teens includes seven journal exercises with pre-selected Scripture texts, plus seven blank guided journal entries and an extensive list of Scripture texts to choose from. The 12-page introduction presents lectio divina as a form of meditative prayer, and a way for teens to grow in friendship with God. It walks readers through the four steps of lectio divina and places it in historical context. The seven guided meditation sessions provide readers with the following pre-selected readings: Isaiah 55:6-11 ("Seek the Lord"); Exodus 14:10-14 ("Exodus from slavery to freedom"); Ben Sira 6:5-17 ("True friendship"); Luke 1:46-56 ("Mary's song"); Mark 10:46-52 ("Bartimaeus meets Jesus"); Matthew 6:25-39 ("Depend on God"); and 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 ("Love"). The full text of each reading is provided right in the journal. In addition, the introduction walks readers through the process of lectio divina using Psalm 23, and a list of additional Scripture texts is provided in the back of the book so that readers can choose their own readings for the seven blank guided journal entries. The colorful, beautifully designed interior provides a warm and welcome space for reflection and prayer.

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