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We are facing difficult times. Our society, our communities, our families, our loved ones are confronting perhaps unprecedented challenges. Now more than ever, we must lean into our faith.

God remains all powerful and ever present, ready to help us to follow the way of His Son, Jesus Christ. Change can happen. But it calls for a deep rediscovery of our faith, a renewal of our praise of Christ, and a recommitment to following the way of Jesus.

Before ascending to His Father in Heaven, Jesus told His disciples to "Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations ...." This is the Great Commission, God's invitation to each of us to change the world. And during His life, Jesus told us how to do that: "Come after me." But how do we follow in Jesus' footsteps in today's world?

In Leave No Soul Behind, the author reintroduces the reader to the fundamentals of Scripture, the teachings of the Church, and the lives of the Saints to help us rediscover the mission given to us by Christ. Through an in-depth - and elemental - examination of Prayer, Holiness, and Faith, Fred Vilbig takes the reader on a how-to journey of renewal.

Our faith is a gift! A gift we have been charged to share. It is through renewing and recommitting to our Catholic faith that we will change the world - starting with ourselves and with our family and loved ones. This is the heart of the Great Commission. This is what we must do.

In Leave No Soul Behind, author Fred Vilbig gives the reader the knowledge and wisdom to move forward and to fix the mess we are in.

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