Gosh, the tween and teen years are hard y’all! We just want to keep our girls at home in a big mama bear hug all day and protect them from every last stinkin’ pain this world wants to throw at them. But that’s just not possible (right?!). So, what’s a mom to do when we can’t be with our babies 24/7? We encourage, teach, lead and hold in every moment we do have with them, so that when they’re out there on their own, they have a compass to guide them. This is the idea behind this sweet, colorful little Kindness Necklace.

It’s a reminder that it IS within our control to change the atmosphere wherever we go to an atmosphere of love, and that love is like an explosion of confetti… it gets all over EVERYthing! Sprinkle kindness, turn someone’s day around, and make a positive difference every single day.

A 12mm glass ball filled with fun and colorful confetti for that happy little visual every day. Dangling on a 14-16” adjustable sterling silver chain. The perfect compliment to any outfit and positive attitude.

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