Catholic Supply of St. Louis, Inc.

Serving the Faithful Since 1960

by Jeff Cavins

The Insight Journal provides Catholics with a system and a place to keep track of insights revealed through walking with the Lord. The Insight Journal keeps precious memories of God’s goodness, key Bible verses, quotes, and more from fading with time. It provides a space to write them down, remember them, and praise God for each one.

This journal is simple and personalizable to fit everyone’s style. It has the quality of an heirloom where Catholics’ insights can be passed down to their children and grandchildren. Catholics can do more than teach the next generation about the Faith: they can share precious “gold” from their own relationships with God.

This journal features:

  • Beautiful cloth-bound hardcover
  • A “table of insights” to fill in for easy organization
  • Beautiful gift box
  • Two ribbons for easy navigation
  • Archival-quality paper (100 gsm)
  • Elastic strap to keep the book closed
  • Pocket in the back cover to keep valuable items

This system is centered on an index that allows for users to place insights anywhere in the book and still keep track of them! It also includes:

  • Lined pages to allow for creativity and doodling
  • A prayer request tracker
  • A place to write special Bible verses
  • A page to write the saints that are particularly meaningful to you