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You or someone you love has just been diagnosed with a serious illness. You’re in shock, you’re terrified, and your head is spinning. What now?

Take a breath. Help is on the way.

Throughout In God’s Hands, author Maureen Cummings, a cancer survivor and mother of six, gently but candidly guides patients and their families through the life-changing experience of serious illness.

Sharing practical ideas from her own story, Maureen shows you:

You can pray even when you’re afraid.

You can be grateful even when things seem darkest.

You can prepare for what’s coming — good or bad — with the help of your faith.

And much more!

Starting today, you or your loved one can find joy, thankfulness, and redemption, and can grow closer to God by placing this illness in his loving hands.


Maureen Cummings is a cradle Catholic, wife and mother of six, and a Secular Franciscan. A homeschooling parent for over 25 years, she now writes from Janesville, WI.

"In this powerful book, Maureen Cummings shares her own struggle with serious illness and offers spiritual, emotional and practical advice for anyone who has received a difficult diagnosis."

— Lorene Hanley Duquin, Author of Fighting Cancer with the Help of Your Catholic Faith

"Met with an unexpected diagnosis or struggling with accepting a personal crisis? Breath, whisper a prayer, and then immediately pick up In God's Hands by Maureen Cummings. With good humor, practicality, and the real-world perspective of someone who's 'been there, done that', this is a perfect companion for anyone seeking trust amidst trials."

— Lisa M. Hendey, Author of The Grace of Yes

"Maureen Cummings has written the comprehensive survival guide for any person of faith facing a serious medical challenge, either as a patient, caregiver or friend. In God's Hands: Living through Illness with Faith Maureen discusses practical strategies for handling the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of facing a gut-wrenching diagnosis. She shares the ups and downs of her own experience which bring you into the mind and heart of a patient fighting for their life while trying not to lose their soul. Maureen's book belongs in every waiting room of every hospital to help inspire and uplift those who currently find themselves in the trenches of the everyday struggles serious illness present."

— Mary Lenaburg, National speaker and writer at

"You're never ready when you get that news. Maybe it's that you have cancer. Maybe it's news of a loved one's terminal illness. Maureen Cummings has given us a guidebook for facing the trauma, the sorrow, and the challenges by tapping into the graces and opportunities that the 'new normal' gives us. Whether you're facing the diagnosis or helping someone else, you'll be strengthened by what you find in this book."

— Sarah Reinhard, Co-editor of The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion and blogger at

"This book is a guidebook for those times when an unexpected bad medical diagnosis throws our life into topsy-turvy. I found reading this book very insightful and filled with hope that one can go through such period with grace and hopefulness. This book is a vade mecum (go with me) for not only the patient who is battling life threatening diagnosis, but also for family members, and event healthcare workers. I highly recommend this book to all who may find themselves wondering how to cope in those uncertain times of tough medical journey."

— Very Rev. Paul Ugo Arinze, V.F., Pastor of St. John Vianney Roman Catholic Church in Janesville, Wisconsin

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