Catholic Supply of St. Louis, Inc.

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Zesty, tangy and oh so lemony, these huge truffles have been so popular every time we’ve included them in collections, we’ve decided to sell them by the box. Happy? We thought so! Wrapped in smooth and creamy white chocolate, the lemony orbs are packed four in a gift box, ready to send, savor, sample and share. Let us know what you think … we always appreciate reviews! 4 huge truffles in a 5 oz. box. Delish.

The Brigittine monks at Our Lady of Consolation priory in Amity, Oregon, live the contemplative life and "by the labor of their hands," support the community by making and selling gourmet fudge and truffles.

Thank you for your support. When you buy and share our glorious chocolate, you are supporting our small monastery and our charitable works around the world. Blessings from the brothers of the Brigittine monastery.

“...They are truly monks when they live by the labor of their hands, as did our Fathers and the Apostles.”
— St. Benedict