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In Homeless But Not Forgotten, you will meet and learn how some people overcame street life to move on to complete victory. You will also be introduced to others who exist and etch out their lives alone and destitute on the streets. Their experiences will illuminate their real-life stories as you discover the situations that led them to the streets.

Come and explore the underbelly of homelessness. You will meet adults who, before they were even old enough to have the skills to cope with life, were rejected and thrown out by the very people who were supposed to nurture and care for them. Some are people you will undoubtedly love, while others you will be hard-pressed to even forgive. Either way, come and experience the harshness of homelessness from the perspective of a wife, mother, and grandmother. This journey is guaranteed to stretch your borders.

260 pages, paperback

About the author:

Betty McCarty is a mother, grandmother, entrepreneur, public speaker, author, and evangelist. Betty speaks on issues of homelessness and the stigma of poverty along with a plethora of issues which inevitably accompany homelessness. She has been an evangelist for over twenty years and is currently a leader of an evangelistic team in Spokane. Betty found herself homeless as a youth and struggled with homelessness until her early 20s. She is pledging 100% of the profits from this book back to ministries which not only helped her off the streets but have helped hundreds of people regain their lives.

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