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This beautiful pouch is an interpretation of Gian Lorenzo Bernini's famed "Dove of the Holy Spirit" amber stained alabaster window of The Cathedra Petri (Throne of St Peter)in St Peter's Basilica (Vatican, Rome). See the light (gold) rays from the Dove shift from light to darker representing God the Holy Spirit as the source of light. The image of the Dove is set on a black pouch surrounded by a red (traditional color of the Holy Spirit in the Western church) nimbus.

The verso contains the prayer "Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of the your love...Send Forth your Spirit...

This pouch is perfect remembrance of Sacrament of Confirmation/

The pouch is 5.5' x 4'. Fully lined with a Cross with the Holy Spirit on the top.

Image shows both sides of the pouch - rosary not included

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