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This 4"x6" card explains the Emblem of the Holy name against plagues.

St. Bernardine of Siena came up with the "IHS" monogram in the 15th century, and spread cards with the image on it. During the plague, he encouraged people to put it on, or over their doors, spreading devotion to the Holy Name, and inspiring the people to trust and rely upon God in their time of crisis.

This embellished IHS monogram is surrounded by the name of God in Hebrew ("I AM WHO AM"), symbols for Mary, St. Joseph, the Papacy, and various verses from scripture.

If you wish to actually hang one of these emblems on your door or in your home, please see the resources we have available here.

It is our hope and prayer that these cards be used to spread devotion to the Holy Name and trust in God's providence in this time of crisis.